Humanity and World Peace​


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Stock market up, Civility down, Emanuel oppressed but Mandela like rebounds; Leaky Social Network Links inspire justified rebellious grounds.  Year three President reclaims that,  “we do big things,” but Conservatives sacrifice children’s education and nation’s future to Grand Old Party blings.

Conservatism by nature is slow to move, resisting change, believing in status quo, wallowing in the lifestyle of the rich and famous, while waiting to see how “trickle down,” trickles tricks on financially unsound.  Government by Conservatives is difficult at best, for governing a nation is love test, for government of, for and by all the people.

It’s raw deal, squeezing Middle Class out, reacting to “New Deal” pout and Whikileaks twirling dervishes are Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt following England Conservatives’ slash of citizens’ services.  Not originating with The Dick’s Bush League takers, still they chiseled steeple graffiti in Wall Street granite which took “We the People,” and dumped on our planet.

Following expansionists Tyler (1841), Polk (1844); Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico and foreign US state: Hawaii McKinley until 1901; Teddy’s Panama and “Great White Fleet” gaff; “Our Little Brown Brothers” tub of lard Taft — our government carved out a world view keeping tight grip of “Land of the Free” on accelerated empire and corporate greed intact, with Republicans calling their dung pile of snuff, the banner proving what’s real American stuff.  Ah, those were the days when Imperialism was “Progressive,” with few tax delays.

Scratch the surface of current global cash lack and the FB & Twitter inspired winter of discontent of oppressed millions, and you’ll find political PACs responded to both Party attacks.  To the government victor, the spoils, Teddy damaged corporate control, but FDR’s death freed comeback takers’ big boys, taking back what Teddy had wrenched from papa’s Robber Barons’ joys.  Then with gunfire, Dallas birthed New World Order of The United Corporate States of America, thus secretly aided by Conservative government, 2008 melted and burned like grill cheese left unattended, securing top 2% takers vs. the 98% of the taken.  Twas in tea leaves for us to be upended.

For at least sixty-five years Conservative thinking of now legal tenure “in greed we trust” Bankstas and government allies, preached fear to convince, that every populace was on Communists’ fence.  Now C Street House Conservatives’ empire Uganda to kill the gays, beating out Roman Church, leaving Peace Corps only raped women for lays.

Merciless dictators crushing their citizens, dismissing human rights with the same casual fist wave, as GWB’s Democracy for all lip service served, for pre-emptive justification to save with “Mission Accomplished” murder of 100,000 civilians enslaved, and thousands of Americans maimed or in Arlington graves.

After decades of empowering non-communist bad guys, Americans watch through Conservative eyes the real reality show exposing our lies, of propped up dominos taking the fall, and “WTF,” not WMDs, is the best we get from Palin, Bachmann and Paul, failing to measure up to ability or civility of Silver Backs standing and walking tall.



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Words Have Consequences:  Law of Attraction and Action/Reaction :

This is not about Sarah Palin, but nor is it just about yet another deranged lone gunman. It’s about two things, the victims and “We the People” allowing our Media, Corporate America and Government to divide and conquer us into two warring camps of self-loathing and hate. We’ve encouraged our Media to evolve from news worthy to overly repetitive unsubstantiated gossip instead of “just the facts.”  In a race to beat the competition and stroke the masses, many untruths were all over the internet, cable, radio and network TV.


Our transformation from The UNITED States of America to “a House Divided Against itself” did not start with a bloody weekend in the Tombstone State, but this transformation definitely gave young Christina Green short American life was bookended by Foreign hate on 9/11 and domestic hate on 1/8/11.  Humankind has tried “an eye for an eye,” shootouts at the OK Corral and “the war to end all wars” and none of them have worked, and still in August 2009, town meetings became shouting matches for the loudest extremists – some for hire, some afraid, angry and frustrated, but most true patriots trying to get someone to listen to them, by shouting at the top of their lungs.


Pima County Sheriff Dupnik was not branding all Arizonians with any labels, but rather warning all Americans if we don’t relearn the art of reasonable conversation, factual debate and open two-way communication of all ideas, then we will in fact become the most extreme and the least mentally balanced among us.  In this post Christina Green era, may we find the courage to listen and to recapture our essence as a united people.


The fix must come from those at the top who have the means to influence the masses, but it is time for the masses to stop acting like sheep and demand with petitions, calls, emails, peaceful sit-ins to require responsibility and accountability from all leaders and from ourselves. Scrubbing websites after the violence to which they contribute is too little too late.


Not since Lincoln have we been told of the conspiracy to commit murder, and while it certainly seems this American/Tucson tragedy resulted from one mentally unstable person pulling the trigger, I’m weary of the constant rerun of “deranged lone assassin” sounding more and more like a redundant movie script each time the government, media and their financial & oil branches trot out the programmed news conference.  It is secondary who shot or even why, what is primary is what, as a nation are we ready to do to prevent it. How about more mental health research and insurance coverage and how about no more cross hair targets on anyone’s district or state?

Everyone needs to communicate responsibly, but most especially ALL Radio & Cable Talk Shows and Politicians need to realized both sides are being talked into a second Civil War. All must reach out in peace, but without a major mind-set shift in political & media “man up” nonsense equating our Americanism with cowboy gun toting abroad and at home, the next war will be an all American production for destruction.