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April’s Mission Accomplished:  Trump’s Trails of Tails begetting Trials – TREMR Staff Pick

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Was Trump’s 180-degree swing from announcing, leaving to bombing Syria, a heads up, notifying Putin where Russia could avoid a lunacy induced harm’s way?

Is Paul Ryan running for president, or avoiding a Mueller impeachment gauntlet at the feet of his tax breaks for super wealthy?

Is it too radical to wonder if a deadly tragic Trump Tower fire was an attempt to destroy evidence?

Regardless, isn’t questioning our choices and ourselves more cathartic than obsessing over the urinating preferences of a sex addict’s undercover obsessions to compensate for lacking, beyond the next crotch coverup?

Are there not renewed and diverse American dreams beckoning us to come true, and emulate our better angels, like #MeToo and #NeverAgain?

Why do we elect to wallow with repeat offenders in stormy weather, showering us with gold without glitter, rather than aligning with humankind’s natural Good Samaritan impulse to embrace The Golden Rule, rekindled by, Boston Strong?

How did we become self-deceived by the self-serving, manipulating non-reasoning targets as pawns, to impede, We the People with hypocritically disfigured politics?

Does, Spring Forward program our being accomplices before and after the fact welcome mats, for conservative congressional nuptials co-mingling with untethered Too Big to Jail corporatism?

April gave us Jefferson, Hitler, death and taxes, but it was August that delivered a Census, now endanger of being taken with duress, and harassed by a rook projecting tall tales on the tattered remnants of rational thought.

April killed our bloody Civil War, but cauterized Exceptionalism with the stain of assassination indoctrination – while ignoring revolutionary women making Midnight Ride — inspiring Pony Express, Richmond’s capitulation and, #EqualMeansEqual!

The shot heard round the world, was an April clarion call, more patriotic than Colorado’s national guard answering Rockefeller Mining, a la Kent State, to arms, to Ludlow Massacre miners, women and children.

April gave world peace:  NATO; Evolution:  Clarence Darrow; America:  Dorothea Dix, Washington — presidential and enslaved, a sacrificed King, then slaughtered national conscience on a hotel kitchen floor.

What divides and defines is vision, reason and willingness to listen – so does occupying opposite Tennessee River sides, banking on no surprises, before equality prize.

Preceding, tweeting chief, did April embrace Jackie Robinson, Sandra Day O’Connor’s Chief Justice brevity and Boss Tweed equally?  No.

We can choose to be an Alexander Graham Bell seeking to save President James Garfield, or a blissful doctor’s dirty hands clinging to, this is how we’ve always done it.

Change isn’t just white supremacists using a Lee statue to conceal distain for Black Lives Matter at StarbucksChange is the lifeline connecting us with reform from within — and the lifeblood for thriving after the 115th Congress, we elected.

Since our 1776 battles between revolutionaries and loyalists to the Crown, conservatives have resisted the evolution of an exceptional constitution, preferring instead to ensconce the demagogues of Jim Crow, McCarthyism and Pence/Trump.

We cannot see our way forward, if we insist on blinding ourselves to, whyTrickle Down tricks, the Dunkirk of Chappaquiddick and ALEC prevarications of Koch-head politicians.

What lessons can we learn from gropers of treason:  sometimes we must hit bottom before we can see our lit pathway above.

The wisdom we need to progress forward hasn’t changed since barefooted farm boys fought in the snow of Valley Forge while John Adams (MA), Benjamin Franklin (PA) and Caesar Rodney (DE) Liberals argued – as Jefferson compromised — with their 18th century, Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.

When an annual march of migrant workers asking for a chance, by peacefully seeking employment, causes Brigadier General elation for the opportunity to renege on America’s Statue of Liberty promise – perhaps it’s time to protect student privacy from those who practice:  the only good reaction to non-violence, is a gun reaction.

We can settle for Camp David, or embrace our individual, Higher Loyalty – seeing ourselves as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Shangri-La.

But we can’t wait for perfect to launch anew, for perfection will forever elude.  Recognizing our youth, in our youth, let’s begin with what’s immediately at hand:  remembering, the most patriotic expression of exceptional peaceful assembly is, preserving, protecting and defending, for everyone, the privilege to vote.


Recapturing the Flag from NRA’s Russian-made MAGA – Headlined on OpEdNews.com

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The ancient histories of Easter and Passover are as true, moving and intertwined as our First Amendment is with Sister Jean, #MeToo and #NeverAgain.

Some celebrate with Sunrise Services and Easter Egg hunts; Some tune in to tune out with reruns of The Ten Commandments and Easter Parade.  Some search the heavens for falling China junk, fearing self-inflicted Trade Wars.  And some, because of their skin color, are still forced to run for their lives.

Don King is partially correct about one thing.  People around the world may laugh at leaders shackled to The Street, claiming greatness while casting a giant shadow of Holocaust, unending wars, national opioid and gun violence addiction — cuckolded by an unfaithful president, ignorant of international stewardship, achieving 42% poll numbers with Tweets that rally the under informed with alternative facts – but 2018 Special Elections prove, we who vote, still are the power grid of, by and for the people.

Nonetheless, Blinding 24/7 marketing hides in plain sight, jealousy, violent anger and desperation consuming those who fear change:

  • Congress using Terri Schiavo as a Right to Life tool
  • Taliban shooting Malala
  • Dick Cheney, John Bolton
  • Appointed heads of Government Agencies euthanizing them

But in the wake of our 2018 Valentine’s Day massacre, my mind relives my teenage questions, as inventive Baby Boomer creations bear witness to the next great political paradigm: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schoolers, 1960s students and Kent State survivors united in writing the next chapters of, FDR’s New Deal, JFK’s New Frontier and MLK’s Mountain Top.

Long before Putin tipped our electoral scales, ignoring 2.9 million more voters, America’s elections repeatedly proved Newton’s third law:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Why are We the People increasingly swinging our political pendulum further Right and Left, inciting extremes to ignore the core value of being centered, resulting in:

  • Unending wars
  • Poisonous Russian hack attacks
  • China’s Xi Jinping for life
  • Disengaging education from human infrastructure – children

Some fear, if every one of every creed, color and heritage gets everything they want, there won’t be enough.  This tether hobbles American progress to Trickle Down nothing, love it or leave it and Too Big to Jail – undermining Middle Class Blue and White-collar dreams – making us more susceptible to the violence of U. S. Army’s JROTC and NRA funded Civilian Marksmanship School Programs.

Being managed by Fox, MSNBC and Social Media, how do we recapture the flag of renewal, post 2016 elections?

  • Resist top-down manipulation crucifying thinking, to recast America as Hatfield–McCoy feud
  • Cease and Desist Congressionally Chartered Schools where children are trained to fire automatic weapons
  • Honor twenty-two female senators who’ve put their male counterparts on sexual harassment notice
  • value educators and education with dollars and cents
  • intimidate sexual harassment out of our culture
  • replace corrupted election computers with honest human calculators

Can’t we agree, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness grants all, freedom to use their talents to make a difference to both family and future?

Seeking resurrection of, a Republic, if we can keep it — mingled with my 2003 questions for Mom, as she began her twelve-year journey through the maze of Alzheimer’s – Easter morning I poured coffee, loaded favorite DVD, acquiesced being body pillow for two dogs, and reminisced about music soothing the savage breast.

Then watching War Admiral, defeated by his owner’s arrogance, I relived Mom’s 2003 answer:  indeed, Seabiscuit was the little horse for poor people.

Sustaining an American Dream that reflects our ever-evolving nation of hope, will sustain voting rights, affordable mental & physical healthcare, quality education and justice for all.

To be regenerated after emerging from our current swamp, we need embrace civil unity or risk America doomed to living tragically maimed.

It’s our duty to exasperate powers preferring low voter turnout, spewing dishonesty that rots Easter Eggs, for wisdom schools, despite underfunded education and devalued teachers, Boycotting, marching and voting remain our best Kingly resistance – because conservative financiers scripting the propaganda that people of color, LGBTQ and gun violence don’t matter, will fail before the power of truth:

  • World peace is savior of America’s soul
  • All vainglory is fleeting
  • An educated child shall lead them