ALL of us Need Start Listening to SOME of us

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Republicans worst types SmallIt’s easy to laugh at & ridicule each other, but smarter to pay attention to all of us – Conservatives, Independents and Liberals: time to seriously face the truth:

1) SOME Americans want a President Trump;

2) SOME Americans deny justice to minorities by shooting them;

3) SOME Americans profit from perpetual war fought by other Americans;

4) SOME Americans think owning or culling darker skinned people is Right;

5) SOME Americans believe Female Americans are not worth equal pay —

But Most AMERICANS know it’s time for mutual respect, civility and working harmoniously together —

No more Wall Street Sheep electing Corporatism’s puppets!

We The People need stand United again in Common Sense, Common Decency & Justice for ALL.

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We the Equality People vs Legislators & Governors for Inequality

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Richmond State CapitolWhen two or three are gathered in true patriotic unity, even State House Legislators listen.  Women matter and it’s time for America to benefit from, not repress, female power.  Truth is, women of any color are more in danger of being beaten, raped or murdered by someone they know in the military, neighborhood and living rooms during a Super Bowl game. 

However, when two or three are gathered in union for equal opportunity for all regardless of gender, even the Virginia General Assembly, if only behind closed Privileges and Elections committee doors, recognizes Attention Must Be Paid.

On Thursday February 20, I interviewed Patrick MacDonnell and Thomas Bunting, Legislators of Tomorrow, thirteen instrumental in getting HB-206 (for University/College Student awareness of Mental Health Services) passed in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Two days prior, it was Andrea Miller, a most active advocate for the Constitutional equality of all Americans, serving as Deputy Field Director for PDA and Co-State Coordinator for PDA Virginia, and since 2008, a leader with the ERA Three State Strategy for both Virginia and the nation.

Virginia Delegate Mark Cole (804) 698-1088 (Chair of Privileges and Elections Committee, empowered to call up or down vote with no discussion at the committee level) believes it’s illegal for Va GA to vote for constitutional equality for women, even after the Virginia Senate did.

To educate non-attorney Cole and honor our Mothers’ sacrifices, nudge Virginia’s House Speaker, William Howell (804) 698-1028 in an equality for all legislative direction.

We must educate ourselves about those, once elected, who vote against us.  Surveys suggest an estimated 25% of misinformed Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth, though the opposite is true.  Millions believe the earth was created in the same space of time as six of our twenty-four hour days, but not all fossils are found in Congress.

On Friday February 21st, many informed voters stood their ground for equality and by their numbers, educated Virginia Legislators to keep the ERA alive, at least for now.

Most Americans regardless of gender, age or political party believe, in The Land of the Free women are equal to men, and enjoy all the benefits in pay, medical treatment and personal choices, that men are guaranteed in the United States Constitution – but three Supreme Court Justices, say no penis, no way little girl, not for you, nor your grandmother’s sisters.

Whether mental depression or economic recession, failing to recognize our reflection in propped up regimes, domestic & foreign, we’re blinded to the imperialism of a denied minimum wage and the equality of justice and opportunity guaranteed all, except women.

37% of Americans believe melting polar glaziers and extreme shifts in weather disprove climate change and most believe Jim Crow is a thing in our black and white TV past, but thirty Governors and State Legislations are imposing fifty-five new voting restrictions on those who are most likely to vote for change and equality, including for our constitutionally unprotected citizens:  women.

Let’s get the low down on the House of Cards being dealt by Governors at the bottom of the deck:  Ohio cutting early voting days; LGBT awaiting service from Arizona Brewer; North Carolina Pat McCrory swimming in coal pool, while West Virginia says, drink water at your own risk and no Kansas Medicaid expansion.

When two or three are gathered behind closed doors, maybe powerful men ruled by Koch, make war on SJ78, failing to understand basic premise:  equality for women equals Justice for All.

At 8am Monday February 24th, let’s We the People for Equality enlighten Virginia’s Constitution Subcommittee about Virginia’s House of inequitable cards.