Embracing the Power of The Crowd

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Consider the Arab Spring, Egyptian elections, deadly Syrian streets and Iranian inspections; Consider the non-collapse of Murdoch & Rush but Lieutenants entombed, evaporating sponsors and exposed tarnished occupational brands;Consider how low the low will go to dilute “United We Stand” and embrace the power of the crowd.

Consider FB’s limitless greed, groups and petitions, LinkedIn discussions, Klout of Stumbleupon and Tweets all atwitter preaching to the choir; consider the disunity of ‘so many causes, so little time,’ vs. the reality of only one war over money; Consider rebirth of “Out of Many, One” and embrace the power of the crowd.

Consider the numbers: theirs in dollars, ours in souls; Consider friends, relatives and frienemies all citizens of the 99%; Consider “job creation” is not a product of political party or trickle down corporate thinking, and only a bit of small business and government intervention; Consider ‘We the Customers & Shoppers:’ are the magic that creates the jobs, then embrace all of “We the People” as the power of the crowd.

Consider the recession driven Greek & American link to Bank of America, CITI and Wells Fargo bound by Bush League and embrace the crowd who pushes SEC investigation of past transgressions, present JPMorgan Chase losses and future Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley insider selloffs; Consider we are a people treading and trading in a red sea of nation drowning lies, and embrace the power of the crowd, before we disappear before our eyes.

Consider Romney Trump chain and claim we expected Obama’s almighty reversal of corporate induced tragedy, blinded by Oprah’s tears our fears hoping out loud, we bowed out feeling unneeded, unheeded and having done what’s needed; Consider a President juggling dozens of balls way over our heads, easily doubling as White House Correspondents’ Dinner “Stand Up’ while ordering century’s most important hit before bed.

Consider our choices: cut taxes for rich using debt ceiling as Capone bat, or end our Left Right civil war with peaceful revolution, embracing the power of the crowd as best solution.

Consider when Left, Right and Center begin working on that which we can agree, we’ll rehearse the process for future work on that which we are strongly opposed, and embrace the power of the crowd.

Consider “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand,” and pledge to amend our laws with lawmakers favoring feminine equality, voting rights without picture ID suppression and an end to bullying everywhere — embracing the power of the crowd to forbear.

Consider the power of humanity in silent parade through the streets, into the dens of those who would make us obsolete and embrace the power of the crowd to unseat:

# convincing employees of offending corporations to strike on the first Friday of each month, or at least walkout as the 99% parade encircles their building

# refusing every Wednesday to buy gasoline anywhere

# Social network announcing and holding Town Halls two Thursdays a month in a corporate lobby, entrance way or parking garage entrance

# using peaceful protesting rallies for voter registration, picture ID assistance and ex-felon rights restoration

# boycotting Corporation and financial institutions that caused our 2008 economic collapse

# embracing crowd power of Tea Party, Churches/Synagogues/Mosques, Moderates, Independents, Women, No Labels, Progressive Democrats of America, all races, Occupy and LGBT

# invading the halls and offices of Congress with monthly visits

# continuing money transfers from corrupted banks to Community Credit Unions

# once a week peacefully encircling offending corporation’s regional HQs withpeaceful marches for justice”

And embrace the power of the 99% crowd.


Spoken like a True Red, White and Red State aspirin packin’ cowboy fearin’ same sex probes

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Yep I’m uh proud Right Wing Extremist; any other kind of American ain’t worth a bucket of spit. I’m armed with the second amendment and full of the KKK spirit that’s savin’ America from Communist Liberals and their Socialist Hawaiian. Before Lincoln, there weren’t no immigration problem. We just brought in what we needed, and had a brownie for dessert from the Missus: equal pay for play makes women equal, right?’

Convincing Progressives all Conservatives are Neanderthals and Conservatives, all Liberals, Godless homosexuals is the easiest part of our formula — manipulated perception. We atop the Right pillars aren’t hicks, hillbillies or showbiz bigots, like Beck & Rush. Though there’s a need for such to keep our 99% half: Right.

The cream rises to the top, so when Supremes join us for cocktails the joke’s on Liberals thinking Americans love each other with justice for all in their hearts. Like Mitt says, the 99% envy us so much, they walk all over one another to protect what little they have from those who have even less.

We feel your pain caused by the greed of our financial friends and your lazy regulators looking the other way, but that’s just the cost of doing business. As soon as we believe we can make a profit, we’ll join our little brothers in small businesses and hire you, but for now, we need to protect ourselves with a government more profitable to the bonus lifestyle to which we’ve grown accustomed.

We never promised you anything. We’re in it for the thrills & girls, the perks & boy toys, the adrenalin that comes with the power and the glory of the game.

We’re like submerged wolf packs herding millions with misinformation, spreading marketing excrement in media and political potted plants, where reps blossom into disinformation, filling living rooms of the thinking they are free masses, who wander through life without knowing what’s really going on. With gain, there is no shame.

We’re not the 1%; we’re the top one percent of the 1%. We’re corporatism without boarders dissecting the world with our own post WWII plan. Wake up! Why would a corporation want to be American, when internationally we have more financial & military power and higher security clearances than most governments?

Who do you think builds and sells the Pentagon all those multi-million dollar weapons of mass destruction, like Obama’s Drones? Talk about repeat business! War is heavenly to us. And whose banking partners provide the loans to educate your college students. We never were in the helping our neighbor business. We practice the golden rule of quid pro quo, with interest.

True, Right Wingers are a necessary tool to maneuver free will our way, and Murdoch being one of us helps us own the media. Though not so happy with Dimon’s new JP Morgan tactic of apologizing for what we do best, we’re making up for it with our new voter picture ID project that protects our left flank. So “Voldemort” messed up with OPM. We live in a Global economy with a bottom line that is the balance sheet of Europe, America and China.

As long as we keep “patriots” believing “government is the problem,” they’ll go right along with what’s good for us, no matter how bad it is for them. Separation of Investment and Commercial banking died with FDR and separation of church and state with GW & Cheney.

Before you can celebrate this 4th of July, our Congress will guarantee our independence from the Vokcher Rule and Dodd-Frank law. It’s not personal, it’s profitable.

We the Wall Street royalty earned our palaces, for we are the greatest power on earth, spawning in-fighting between the fatter, lazier and stupider until “We the People” are obsolete and “We the Corporations” are regulation free.

Your American nightmare is our international wet dream. Revelation: Like Bain Capital, we are who you allow us to be!