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The truth and knowledge we miss by gaping holes in media coverage could pave the streets from Fort Knox to the Debt ceiling, while defining us as either a Betty Ford America or a Rupert Murdoch nation of source materials.  For example, what’s left out about Eric Cantor walking out on his Virginia constituents long before deserting America’s financial woes and buddy Boehner, or his Cantor banter legislation proposed for Congressional consideration that devastates his Virginia state.  Let’s just say, it hardly reaches the moral standards of Rupert, let alone Betty Ford’s leading by example.

Like despairing messages from Congress vs. President over debt ceiling, Cantor clearly frames our greatest national challenge:  Which America are we, Betty Ford’s or Rupert Murdoch’s?

We’ve always been a rough and tussle citizenry of a nation born out of violent rebellion, which once victorious became “Revolution!”  Now 235 years later, we’re once again struggling for balance.  It’s been easier with some past leaders, now forgotten by those who sat on their books in pretend classes with Palin geography, Bachmann history and Ryan math, but how did we get from “We hold these truths to be self-evident..” through “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,” to half embracing two minutes of “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” to losing sight of “Ask Not What Your Country…” and “I Have a Dream today?”

How did we go from Betty Ford’s America to Rupert Murdoch’s failed state of Cantor immorality?   BTW, if you are as vague as conservative politicians on the sources of the quotes above, then like school administrators and teachers who cheat for their students, you are definitely part of the problem.

Despite the deaths of Lincoln, FDR and JFK, there was no big bang defining moment that suddenly divided Red, White and Blue into Red tea vs. Blue coffee and plopped us all into the sour lemonade of this declining 21st century; Nor was it one President or Congress, although GW and the 107th—111th Congresses certainly were much better at doing much worse, for what’s best for America’s bottom line.

It was an ever so gradual thing, like the shifting of sand beneath our feet in the calm breeze foretelling a storm.  Of course there were and are those who chose to blow the sand in our eyes to blind us to the trend of assassinations, Kent State, Watergate, and as #41 put it, “Voodoo economics.”  If only we still manufactured worthy products, like an educated population, as quickly and easily as the money men behind the curtain manufacture manipulative slogans to herd us in the “Right” direction:  Like “Government is the problem” and “No Child Left Behind.”

Still, trusting Americans who welcome “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” I’m doing my best to imitate a Betty Ford American, and tell it like it is.



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“What do the simple folk do,” when beset and besieged by woe is me, from those miffed by Founding Fathers’ clarity?   When streams of screams pollute Constitution interpretation purposefully orchestrated by decree, from those buying GOP?

What of us simple folk caught in the middle?  Not Boehner’s “ants,” without clout, nor warped dribble from House Wamp fingering both people and out of tune fiddle, singing flat corporate refrain in shameful chorus down pat:  “Irresponsible bums waiting for a handout!”  Oh no sir from Tennessee, “We the People” are not like thee, but rather the newly unemployed, grateful to underemployed be.

2008 class cast in likeness of past, rerunning that overdone before:  Banksta bagmen collecting fees like Simon Legrees at the door:  simple folk redefined by Corporate America:  “the working poor.”

With Conservative Tea fearful of losing what they think they’ve got, in misguided self-preservation for simple folk, care not, and Liberals covering their ears blocking out media gossip din, can’t hear us over BP and Exxon Mobil spin.

How, ever do we simple folk shed our new lot? What can simple family folk do when Shell and Chevron refuse to share the pot?  What of the farmers in rural countryside and others under insured, living without much akin to Hoovervilles’ live-ins, endured.  What of simple folk with less than “The Middle Class,” because church mouse poor, must survive addicted, to  McDonald’s inflating ass.

What of uneducated youth and elderly long since forgot?  Shall we like Cigna and Merck whistle up a happy tune of “not my problem bro,” thinking it better to take than return to 98% their dough.

When CEO mazes of deception and deceit clutter our lives, what shall the simple folk do to keep homes safe from Citi-Group and Wells Fargo pies in our skies?

What do the simple folk do, to help restore heroic few now losing class war ignited by Robber Barons before, to crash New Deal’s score?  How can the simple folk fail to become a joke in this great battle, of, for and by the people against Goldman Sachs Goliaths, thinking us cattle?

Rand Paul’s heroin sniffed or not, coffee, tea and lemonade drinkers in sum, are frog in simmering Boardrooms’ pot, almost well done.  With trumped up distractions, simple folk do the dance backwards in time, when rich suppressed poor just to get more of “Brother can you spare a dime.”

Break Wall Street induced trance we’re in, and Cortes like, burn the ships, of  Phillip Morris pricks, and still Bank of America’s plan to sink USA into River Styx.

What must we simple folk do, when C Street House and Kochs rub cheeks excreting green, for enough brown to wipe out Red, White and Blue?

Stop wondering what top 2% super rich folk do.  To drugged Wall Street fatted calf bid adieu and seize the day from media sorcery coup.

United Americans in lower ninety-eight are not the privileged few, but making “Out of Many, One” is what the simple folk must do.