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In 1941, America was attacked by a foreign power with the intent of taking over our government, brainwashing us against democracy and replacing any idea of Supreme Being, with a self-proclaimed superman.

However, united with our greatest global allies, the Greatest Generation was victorious in war and peace.

In 2016, America was attacked by a foreign power with the intent of electing its choice for our government, defaming America’s exceptional diversity with angry rhetoric, hate speech, racism, fear mongering, Muslim bans, belittling the disabled, conversion therapy and denial of environmental realities.

In the disarray of disunity reigned, apathy and claims that Free Speech was the right to succumb to a pied piper of corporatism.

Nonetheless, believing in the call of our Declaration of Independence, the evolution of our Constitution and the leadership example of our Gettysburg Address – many persisted, knowing we are most indivisible, when our Bill of Rights is free of malice aforethought — when we protect ourselves with an independent press, charged by We the People, to educate us with truth, not speculative gossip — and when we exercise our right, peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, including, but not limited to, bullies using the bully pulpit to preach Putin talking points.

As in 1941, America again needs to trust the courageous optimism of our youth, coupled with the expertise of experience.

Millennials, looking up from devices, with a momentary glance over their shoulders, need assure Baby Boomers, we’ve got this – for now they are the seers of the gateway forward – reinvigorating our I have a Dream, into the reality of its truth setting us free from the lies we tell ourselves.

Although divisive 1860-1960 political fog rises again to choke America’s life breath, the strong can still see beyond the increasing smog – resisting, despite bearing the brunt of coal ash water, food desserts and Wall Street’s forever disappeared occupations, we will survive any attempt to blind our vision for generational renewal — inspiring all, by embracing, possibility!

We, the young at heart and open-minded lift our eyes to the skies to harness the sun, and renew life on, and of, the earth with what cannot be seen — but like freedom, is discernible by the resolve of its antagonists.

We are harvesting the very wind at our back, whisking those with eyes to see and ears to hear, into the technology of thinking ahead — before the avarice festering in the towers of all that glitters without greatness, floods both reason and land with Water Wars.

Yet, wisdom whispers, stay calm and carry on, for we see correctly who, perceive our greatness is as earthly stewards from Genesis to Revelation.

I’m not certain what we should ask of those born into 1960’s assassinations, the Vietnam War, Kent State tragedy – left behind to survive Trickle Down economics – after the lessons of The Greatest Generation were largely drowned out by, Government is the Problem.

So, I listened to the wind and the sea:

  • Reread Frank Capra’s The Name Above the Title
  • Remembered the enormous cultural contributions Beethoven and Billy Wilder bequeathed after they were deaf
  • Unable to revisit Schindler’s List, again immersed mind, body and soul in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan

And discovered America’s true inheritance from April 15, 1865 and April 12, 1945.

So now, I ask, what moral infrastructure have we provided Millennials as renewable platform – for, more than preserving the legacy of Baby Boomers, it is for Millennials to protect and defend the earth from repetitive rape and pillage.

Instead of Twitter tirades, we owe Millennials debt free education, equal employment opportunity, income parity and a life sustaining environment, for only the passionately compassionate successfully resist immoral Goliaths.

Before hearing Frost and Kennedy, I was too young to know how best to talent share, but with Angelou and Clinton inaugural encore, I saw the best years of our lives begin the moment trumped thinking is solar paneled.

Sharing our foresight, humanity and thanksgiving for all life on earth, we give future generations the opportunity to inherit the wind, for the best years of their lives.

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I am the son of a Korean War Veteran and nephew of four WWII Veterans who risked their lives, praised those supremely sacrificed, felt inferior to those who returned never quite whole again, and endeared themselves to families left to endure the residue of war – never once thinking of themselves as America’s Greatest Generation.

I am a Veteran raised by veterans of wars, who in peace, were anonymous guardian angels, caregivers embracing those in need – bearing witness that bearing arms against foreign enemies is not our only necessary defense.

I am a Veteran who knows Veterans fighting the good fight by example, insisting, support our troops, include timely medical assistance and affordable housing.

True heroes defend us equally, from domestic violence and foreign cyber invasion – from ISIS inspired lone wolves and Alt-Reich Open Carry – from school bullies and pushy bully pulpit intimidation of world leaders.

We the People are the reflection pool of those we venerate every day, when the lives we live, honor their sacrifices, beyond flowers and flag waving.

Whether descendants of Native born, European immigrants, enslaved Africans, raped Hispanic farm labor, indentured white share croppers or Asians requisitioned to life in the mines or on the rails – diversity and unity are America’s Exceptionalism.

Bible read, denied or convenient prop — whether Ol’ Glory true blue or Party Politics belittling, demeaning and labeling others for self-defense – we face another, Gate, through which we see our hollowed-out sense of security – the dark side of, Follow the Money.

America is a Veteran of revolutionary birth, paradise lost, Depression, Wall Street induced tidal waves increasing gaps in income parity and, Bankers Remorse – all while enduring the ruthlessness of wars, responsibilities of peace and truth that, any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

Commemorate this:  every crumbling infrastructure is Standing Rock; every grisly glossed over DeVos is Brown v. Board of Education; every Sessions fake recusal obstruction, Constitutional assassination — and every recompense, insufficient compensation for Mike Pence hypocrisy.

The arrogance and avarice of those who serve only themselves, disgraces all we honor on Memorial Day.  Within the stark differences between civic statesmanship and Corporatism is the Veteran’s query:  for what do we live, defend and die?

As Veterans of 2016, can we not reconsider what we honor, and perhaps in honor of all First Responders, refrain from calling each other, stupid, for all listening stops after that.

Nonetheless, there’s no difference between the violence seen at Trump campaign rallies, Gianforte’s body slamming a reporter and Turkish Body Guards brutally attacking peaceful American protesters on American soil – failing to recognize that, what excuse can we offer those we honor on Memorial Day, for sacrificing their lives or mental and physical health?

We are not here to judge, nor diminish the well-being of fellow Americans, for that can only dishonor the United States of America.

Life’s breath is not our gift to choke hold clean air and quality education for all.  None have been called to undercut nutritious food for children, lead-free water for cities, nor to defund creativity or allow the wealthy to slash the intellectual development of the poor.

During the transition period before Donald Trump’s Inauguration, son-in-law, Jared Kushner allegedly told Russians he wanted to set up a secret communication channel with the Kremlin to avoid scrutiny by America’s National Security structure.

For our uniformed heroes, military, fire-fighters, police, nurses, doctors and Hidden Figures, who protect and defend all Americans, let us share a Buddy Bench, in every neighborhood.

Whether a friend struggling with addiction – a family member in need of medical assistance – a nation consumed by foreign wars – or a stranger on an Oregon train, greater love has no one than this:  to lay down his life for another.

America was not given great power to serve America first, but to serve Americans who honorably serve the equality and sanctity of humankind.

We are the Memory Keepers, who carry on.  Therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.