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I believe when we commit to making time for reasonable Conscious Thinking, we will rediscover, it’s not just the statues, trolling congressional Pages, wide-stance men’s rooms or sharpening cue sticks with malice-aforethought, that define us.

It’s the internal struggle that makes us war with one another, believing our individual security and national stability come at the expense of others.  It’s what keeps at least a third of our exceptional potential languishing in Trickle Down and Might is Right, faith.

In a time of increased finger-pointing — denial of climate, gender and sexual justice — denouncing, degrading and humiliating accusers of conduct not becoming human decency, I invite all to fill in blanks below, in private, as article comment or social media confession – for self-reflection is its own reward.

If you embrace politicizing Evangelical Christians to narrow their vote to broaden your chances for victory at their expense, you might be a __________.

If you think moral character is not the primary goal for all religions, necessity for individual and community mentors, expectation of elected officials and essential for all heads of state, captains of industry and extended family circles, you might be a __________.

If you support collusion with foreign international powers like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Soviet leftovers, you might be a__________.

If you think the most impressive species of freedom running wild is best suited on your trophy wall, you might be a __________.

If you are a Governor more interested in turning an independent Judiciary Hard Right, than protecting American women of all ages from the twisted extremes of self-entitlements, then you might be a __________.

If you think a frank admission and apology for committing a demeaning, good oi’ boys’ club, grossly unfunny, invasion of a sleeping, and therefore non-consenting colleague, makes you deserve Moore shame and congressional censure than a Prevaricator-in-Chief who brands all sixteen female accusers, liars, then you might be a press court jester holding a predator above the law, believing, the Bible told me so.

If you choose to think all Muslims kill, all Jews are frugal in the extreme, all Catholic priests molest children, or all Christians are like Roy Moore supporters, you might be a ___________.

If you avert your eyes from Puerto Rico, one million poverty stricken Alabamians, or the menace to literacy of a four Billion dollar cut to Texas Public Education – abandoning 49,000 teachers to unemployment while allowing the future of 43,000 college students to be indentured to Wall Street banks, you might be a __________.

If, after a year of mind-boggling self-absorption, we continue to, Sieg Heil a leader possessed by the Demon of Revenge, compelling him to Groundhog Day his, when somebody hits me, I hit back – while worshiping America’s weapons of mass destruction button that puts down planet inhabitants – our mainstay of faith, hope, love and humanity’s fate is embedded with lascivious men of greed, rented by Wall & K Streets, we might be a __________.

If you’re a resigned pastor from “unpresidented” Evangelical Council, endorsing and justifying the alleged sins of a Senate candidate by selectively parsing Biblical text, beware, while no religious scholar, I’ve taught the Bible as World Literature and begin each day listening to audio of Psalms, Proverbs Ecclesiastes, and the four Gospels…

Yes, Holy Scriptures reveal how God often chooses the least among us to fulfill seemingly impossible missions, but in faith, I challenge Roy Moore’s Christianity Brand:

  • Exodus: Moses – delivers Jewish people from Egypt, in penance for committing murder?
  • 1 Samuel: Young Shepherd David, son of Saul’s servant Jesse of Bethlehem sling shots Goliath to death; becomes King of Israel
  • 2 Samuel: King David commits adultery with married Bathsheba and murders Uriahn
  • Psalms: King David writes poetic songs; in so doing, perhaps, defining a real man as one who embraces truth about himself
  • Four Gospels: Indeed, Moore supporters, the Virgin Mary may have been a minor, but rather than assaulting and humiliating her, Joseph, was a loving husband and step-father to her son

May all of us be made worthy of the forgiveness of all we’ve offended in Heaven and on earth – and live accordingly.


From Bone Spurs Trump to a Virginia Encore in Alabama — Headlined on

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Tuesday 7 November 2017 lessons:  hope vs. you can fool some of the people all of the time, but most Americans, having heard, last call for the American Dream, recognize the silver lining of Trump — inspiring persistent civics and voting for racial and Gender equality, equal economic opportunity and respect for all — no matter their sexual persuasion or political preference.

The United States is in a state of humanitarian emergency, taking a knee in the shadow of towers that threaten to crush our Democratic Republic.  So American Exceptionalism needs to include reaching out to decent people with different points-of-view, in a way that emboldens them to protect fellow citizens from government collusion with Wall Street — and sexual assault.

Then the change we seek will appear like the return of a prodigal ideal, the very moment we replace domestic in-fighting – armed with weapons of massive closed minds dug into the limitations of self-inflicted blindness – with universal truth, with joint ventures resolving difficulties securing our daily bread and stabilizing our international example, as the glow that can truly light the world, embracing

  • Harmonious gatherings that dissolve any denial of, a House Divided cannot stand
  • Support our troops by not insisting they serve at the pleasure of American Corporatism.
  • Honor for our Veterans by ending the war on women, and respecting LGBTQ Americans
  • A modernized mindset regarding how we treat females – with their personal security in school, athletic medical offices, Hollywood — and in workplaces like Capitol Hill, be a Firewall between them and groping spin

What works?  The clarion call:  Those who embrace every hue, every idea progressing all forward and upward and every culture, creed and courageous Good Samaritan act of courtesy, civility and kindness.

Let’s open hearts and minds to exceptional, all-inclusive potential, by opening doors for females of all ages, especially Millennials and first time   voters and candidates running for office — encouraging all to raise the anchor mooring any segment of our population to sinking America further into a do-over Civil War.

Let us eradicate the fake supremacy of Bannon projecting Moore sins on America, distorting faith with propaganda.  Let’s reach out to Middle and Southern America, Las Vegas and Texas with a fifty-state hope for We The People, relegating the NRA to its OK Corral past.

Let us turn the other cheek through peaceful assembly, transmitting our transition in passionate numbers, rising well above the hate of the new Alt-Right generation, Roy Moore’s sexual perversion and Jeff Sessions’ inability to recall.

During Basic Training, I was a squad leader responsible for a dozen men, mostly just out of high school, away from home for the first time, destined for Vietnam.  Drill Sergeant tasked me with, when they come to you whining about home, give ‘em backbone.  I shared a room with a squad-leader from Alabama, who, after pretending to be asleep while I tried to carry out my orders for a tearful member of our platoon, confessed, I had no idea, I’ve never met a black person before.

Maybe empathy is all in who you know.

Arguably the greatest lessons to be garnered from our history textbooks are, The Half Has Never Been Told, our national need to embrace Herstory and to deliver our deserving youth from the darkness of hypocritical zealots.

Alabama is no more replete with Roy Moore clones, than trumped thinking was defeated by a popular vote of at least three million more citizens — neither blind to America’s greatness nor failing to enthusiastically answer the life-giving call to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Nonetheless, Virginians, came, saw and conquered Trumpisms like an Attorney General with no recollection, with a resounding victory for championing wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, even transgender girlfriends against the intimidation of the powerful, powerless against their desires, and the humiliation invading Short Eyes on our capacity for decency.

Call an Alabamian you know, to save the country we love!