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Neither Past nor Denial are Solutions in an Age with Consequences – OpEdNews.com Headline

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My grandmamma insisted, the only way to change the past is to not repeat it.  I wish that was chiseled above our National Archives, rather than the self-fulfilling prophecy, What is Past is Prologue – for what does it profit America when Americans cement Red & Blue, Black & White or Rich and Poor labels on each other, if, during ruckus, nature gains the whole world, sans us.

In November 1859, the Origin of Species was published and humankind’s eternal fight over who or what owns eternity erupted into our evolutionary crevasse between church and state.  At its extremes, demanding we choose between cross and cleavage, ultimately banning the eternal truth we are.

Through Crusades, Civil, hot & Cold war dead, denial was ensconced in western civilization.  Nonetheless, there is one thing we can do about betrayals like, Nixon, Government is the Problem and forever oil wars:  not replace them with serial presidential treason, corporate lies and water wars.

How many mega tornadoes, gut-wrenching earthquakes or super hurricanes do we need to uncloud national vision and unclog individual hearing?  How often must California – its natural beauty, family homes and American citizens burn to death before we acknowledge we’ve ignored our way into America’s age of consequences – as it follows through on, Eat, Drink and Be Merry – for tomorrow was never guaranteed.

Strolling solo through the narrow streets in the tiny farming village of Hallenberg Germany – sometime between Nixon’s Watergate and Reagan’s Trickle Down, both paving the way for a trumped land – a charming farmer lady invited me in.  This living history echoed Jimmy Stewart’s Shenandoah, only the undertakers are a winnin’ it (war) – explaining farmers had been the only hope to save starving WWII German soldiers walking back to a lost homecoming.

But what if the farms and farmers aren’t there, as we blithely allow ourselves to disengage from the reality that, moneyed power pawns us off in wars for water they’ve fracked, air we’ve polluted and food, factory farms spoil.

America, in the residue of Bush/Cheney, can we envision refilling our half-full glass after emptying Trump/Pence?

Choosing to emulate violent rioters in the streets of Paris angry over fuel prices, will prove we’ve learned nothing from, The Day After characters playing, breaking news updates, as background noise, the days before.

When I was in college, from my 9/25 birthday through Thanksgiving, to Christmas and New Year’s was one big celebration with friends, Opera, Theatre and idyllic romance.  In this 21st century, the rush to shop, to ignore flashing red lights on school buses and to judgment, our fate awaits just beyond our resilience to recapture our humane essence with our misplaced humanity.

In 2007, I suggested my wife and I marry on Thanksgiving Day, guaranteeing I’d never forget our anniversary – not realizing, that year, the transient holiday had navigated to November 22nd.

She loved the idea, and for ten years celebrated both Thanksgiving Day and November 22 anniversaries – until 2018, when, once again, murder wedded Thanksgiving anti-Native-Americans with Dallas infamy.

23 November 2018, politicizing, Nature Bats Last, Politico reported, Federal scientists warned in a new report Friday that changes in the climate will disrupt the economies of every region in the country in the coming years – but, ignoring lessons of, Black Tuesday, it didn’t put a Bitcoin dent in our worship of, Black Friday.

Interviewing Conservation Biologist Guy McPherson, PhD, in 2016, 2017 & 2018, abruptly splashed the cold water dilemma of global Climate vs. America’s convenience addiction to over consumerism – in my face the facts.

Embracing Revelation as an invitation to value loving peace on earth, we’ll naturally cherish all life upon it – whether for fifty years or the twinkling of momentary enlightenment – because tears, regrets or looking back for what ifs, misuses what’s precious.

Better our lives, whatever their duration, prove Trump/Pence administration and its critical additional offense against life on earth, is not the final definition of American character – looming forever in the eternal debrief for – whatever forever may be.

Whether a nation that gases women and children seeking their American Dream, a people living the Gospel of Wealth, or perhaps even souls welcoming a new brief shining moment – passionately pursuing a life of excellence – it’s on us.





Are We the People Ready for Post Trump-Pence America? OpEdNews.com Headline

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Are we ready to admit this truth?  Most accidents:  vehicle, rail, traffic, swimming pool, kitchen, cooking, window washing, weight disorders, falling cranes, hospital, senior facilities, opioid overdoses, house fires and being left in overheated cars, resulting in serious injury or death – are due to human error:

  • Rushing too fast to get it right the first time
  • Preoccupation with personal problems diminishing common good focus
  • Cutting corners, whether corporate ordered or individual work ethic
  • Texting, cell phoning, iPod, radio distractions

Are we not yet ready to unchain ourselves from things, places, people, elections and corporations inciting an abundance of:  Digital mob mindset, being herded beyond group speak into gratuitous global screen fixation?

Can our Exceptionalism survive voters…

  • Without Civics Education for election participation
  • More consumed by student debt than, Big Picture
  • Defending not voting, or voting for the greater of two evils
  • Proving the fallacy that perfection can be achieved without first doing the best we can, to be better

Aren’t memory lapses of historical lessons flashing red warnings to get ready, or does self-absorbed over consumerism dim our ability to deny perfect the freedom to handicap better?

Are we less ready than Robert Todd Lincoln, or any American, for President William McKinley’s September 14, 1901 death by bullet infection, after the lesson of President James Garfield’s September 19, 1881’s death by medical arrogance?

Was America’s military and civilian oversight ready for 1963 Dallas after Good Friday 1865 Lincoln assassination?  Perhaps then, America’s not being ready for WWII twenty-four years after WWI’s mustard gas ending, is not surprising.

Is being blind-sided by an administration determined to destroy our environment for profit, prioritizing internment camps over post hurricane rescue – a joint venture in, My Bad?  Is continually shifting from headlines du Jour, defense for our forgetting lead-poisoned children in 2014 Flint Michigan?

According to a new report by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, some 3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available water at home, and 6 in 10, or 4.5 billion, lack safely managed sanitation. 

Whether self-preservation or, our brother’s keeper – are we ready?

IF:  not my problem, love it or leave it, anti-immigrant conservatives – are we fact check ready:  of the 327.16 million Americans, 63 million are exposed to unsafe drinking water in 2018!

Is being ready, insisting:

  • Our oceans are our protection
  • More guns, equal safer schools
  • Not even God can sink our Stock Market & 401Ks
  • Our nuclear facilities, Fracking, Grid, Utility Companies keep America safe
  • Texas is better without Helen Keller & Hillary Clinton

Is repeating, thoughts and prayers for September 11, 2001, Sandy Hook December 14, 2012 and Parkland’s 2018 Valentines’ Day, being ready?

Electing Trickle Down economics empowered an anti-Checks and Balances Dick Cheney power grab for presidential superiority.  So, are we ready to stop believing the lies we tell ourselves about perpetual war, Alzheimer’s, the gutting of ACA/Obamacare, FEMA – and Republican senators willing to install a second alleged sexual abuser to our Supreme Court dais?

Were Americans in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts made ready for late night gas explosions, house fires and, after the fact, mandatory, run for your lives evacuations – caused by years of neglecting leaky old gas pipes?

While no generation is responsible for the world it inherits, each successive generation is America’s best hope for the reconstruction of truth.

Too Big to Jail Banker’s Great Recession, dehydrating Americans with Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and his Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s 2013 water shut offs and intentional Coal Ash 2014 North Carolina water contamination diminished American readiness!

It is ludicrous to expect perfect candidates, tolerate huh responses to voting or permit elected officials to renege on our supremely chiseled promise:  Equal Justice Under Law.

As a people, we’ve readily accepted the superficial, over in-depth investigation – mesmerized by the dramatic effect of standups in hurricane winds and floods, over advocating for our interior – insisting on FEMA, Environmental and Climate reality checks.

Are we ready to let go of denial and stop accepting government propaganda as patriotism, religious bias as family values and corporate marketing as truth – and proclaim:  there is more patriotism, hope and heroic honesty and definition of America, in athletes and first responders, taking a knee – than trumpeting we’re ready, willing and able, without each other.