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To What are Americans Entitled? OpEdNews Headlined Sun 1/31/15

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Akemi Pipelines SmallNot a Day Goes By, that I don’t remember how Watergate had So Many People shocked to discover American presidents, like Communist dictators, maintained hit lists – and still we’re shocked that cutting costs, at the expense of the health of children, can result in their city water supply being poisoned by its state government.

Can we all join Mona Hanna-Attisha, Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton and Andrea Miller in, Not While I’m Around?

Not a Day Goes By, that I don’t wonder how conservatives insist patriotism is emancipation from the federal government, while drowning America in too many Food Deserts, too few school nurses and too little awareness of how many lead water pipes exist, undisclosed, from sea to shining sea.

Denial is a terrible disease for a nation, or people, because Children Will Listen.

Take Me to the World, where assuming earth’s resources are limitless, and overconsuming our constitutional right, and I’ll show you a Good Thing Going, going, gone.  Anyone Can whistle, My Country tis of Thee while occupying Oregon, Congress or even Governors’ mansions, but must 47% of us vote like Sooner or Later never comes?

Not a Day Goes By with peace on earth if in our past, we have already left behind our children’s future.  On Main Street or behind the wall of The Street, No One is Alone in failing to be responsible adults accountable for our greatest infrastructure:  children.

Maybe not Everybody Ought to have a Maid, but imagine We Built That CEOs taking the road less traveled by.

Not a Day Goes By, without my pondering why America has transformed from Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley to, over the top Steve Kornacki, condescending Luke Russert and know-it-all Chuck Todd – but Send in the Clowns:  Glenn Beck, Matt Lauer and Bill O’Reilly, and the laughs are on us.

Why is it, Not a Day Goes By, without emerging Koch head Governors corrupting our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with substandard handling practices and Emergency Manager Laws?

There Won’t Be Trumpets November 8, 2016 for those who take the elderly Into the Woods, abandoning them to Alzheimer’s, and calling it Family Values.  We are defined by how we lift up our fellow human beings, for that is the Love I Hear missing through feet of snow, flooding cities, and racial slurs.

Is not Ol’ Red, White and Blue Glory, only as exceptional as Flint, Ferguson, Cleveland, Detroit, Harris County Texas, South Florida and the Supreme Court of Wall Street?

From declared independence to slavery, to congressionally inspired Draft Riots, saving the ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch types from being bloodied by war – not a single day, is American harmony limited to one Francis Scott Key.

From the Harlem Renaissance to 9/11, America is those who first respond by voting; those standing up for equality in the face of a Nixon used and Trump abused silent majority chanting for an imperfect work in progress to recapture its greatness in reruns of Father Knows Best about Gunsmoke

Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for people like, immediate past Chair of Albemarle County Virginia Board of Supervisors, Jane Dittmar, who campaigns for Congress to Get Connected to We the People, rather than descend to depths of Buckingham County supervisors’ choice to entangle its constituency in the octopus of Methane Gas pipelines.

America is as complex as our Native, African, Latin, Asian, European immigrant Her & History, and as potentially tragic as West Side Story.  So now is never the time to right step our way into a Sweeny Todd nation, cutting out All Things Bright and Beautiful.

America, You Could Drive a Person Crazy, but whether Sunday in the Park with George or Poor Thing, we must remain Together wherever we go!


Not All American Lives Matter

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Jefferson Shadows & RotundaLet our 2015 preproduction caucus of the few selected, begin anew to cast beyond those we got elected, guaranteeing no first brother of the nation twice ensconced in 1600 will ever again be resurrected.

We are the fog of Foggy Bottom, the bonus protection from DOJ shareholder paid fines – the ones who keep you in the long blue lines, for our freedom to commit Wall Street crimes.

We few, we greedy few puppeteering the asses, from our shadowy passes, now call our New Year lows to order, to keep disorder among the masses.

With each prelaunch of annual potential, we sync our stopwatches, knowing we are the simmering pot the watchers neglect to watch — now to concoct a new low plot.

Tis the season for taking victory laps for vow of media silence in post Ferguson protest coverage, and the populace proudly imposing North Korea into umbrage.

While it may be patriotic to stand your ground for laughably bad acting, you’ve tipped the bottom line to the tune of the tiptop one percent, which is America sacking.

Under our thumb you will ever succumb, beyond year end reviews of goody two shoes all aplomb, it’s you who permit us to make America dumb.

Controlling non-news media trolling with conniving ads and talking heads, we keep the hordes focused on the Feds, while we in the wings prep the world stage, heaping financial reward on puppets playing the role of saving sage.

Still secure without need for bail, our stolen cache chiseled in too big to jail, we split the races violently, trusting rented Congress to behead your Social Security.

Matters not that you know, it’s our playing field and show in which both puppet and puppet master race for dough.

Whipping Middle Class to Right deluded, keeping mere millionaires delusional, we swarm for trickledown, shootings and patriotic funeral — denying any image of your own, save that which we, on The Street, condone.

Whether Fascism in Michigan Courts or 5-4 Citizens United ammunition, we few Dark Side shadows fuel Koch condescension.

We stroke the minions with holiday sales, puppy dog tails and whimsical gasoline prices, but it’s our money power that separates Blue & Red by Black & White, which Corporatism slices and dices.

Thanksgiving shoving aside, replacing peace on earth with manic shopping, ever wonder what you’d receive if instead of credit card deal flip flopping, you’d share the wisdom of knowing, it’s we at the top who determine direction you’re going?

Remotely granting instant gratification is our key, to keeping the roulette media ball spinning its cliché chorus in circles repeatedly.

We few direct your culling the brown and black tanned, limiting our exposure throughout the land, for without transparent light we can continue manufacturing your rage to solidify our might.

Troublesome though it is to see police giving gifts in Lowell and throughout the nation, we’ll erase the image with news cycle of police assassination, rendering Don’t Tread on Me and Multi-cultural celebration into mutual confrontation.

As conduit of misinformation and Middle Class elimination, in disproportion we imprison African-Americans but limit gerrymandering prosecution.

Ignoring laws designed to environment and equitable pay save, we bury poorer neighborhoods and minimum wage in early grave.

As long as banners of Blue Lives and Black Lives Matter wave in opposition, murder is murder regardless of color of shooter or victim, will never gain a We the People united position.

We oppose Pope, Santa and Herstory in White House press conference, and though “it was a mistake” was no presidential SONY dissonance, with a twist of public opinion we’ll blacklist all Progressive preference.

You see, on our balance sheets, lives matter only on some American streets.Too Big To Fail