All Lives Matter

Slow Down, I’m Conservative – Op Ed News Headlined 7/27/15

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Time was we could anchor our faith to our wars, as flashpoint benchmarks, spotlighting our transitions, glorified with cheering parades andDon Segelman Small flags waving in the brilliant sun, even as Death, like a Pied Piper, diminished our rainbow.

Still, since gun violence slayed nine black civilians in Charleston and five white military personnel in Chattanooga:

  • A Tea Party member, and emulating disciple of Hitler, who thought women should be silent in church (except Westboro Baptist Church membership crying out sexual slurs that would make a Kenyan President stand in ovation), shot to death two, wounding nine, in a Louisiana movie theater – in the state governed by the NRA’s #1 choice for Guns Rule, in the White House.


  • Citrus Florida Road rage: fifty-one year old white Robert Doyle in jail for shooting to death forty-four year old Hispanic Candelerio Gonzalez in front of his wife and children.

It seems Death no longer waits for us to catch up with the need for reasonable background checks or the realization that, racially, some are still in the midst of an uncivil war, employing sneak attacks and killing too fast for the media droned, to keep score.

Nor will Death compromise with, ALL Lives Matter, without our first acknowledging:  even before 1776, darker skinned lives mattered far less, to far too many – especially when even now, Windows 10’s edited TV ad, predicting a great future, features only white babies.

Still think Atticus Finch is the problem? Donald Trump the hero?  Father’s teaching their sons how to be snipers, the solution?

President Uhuru Kenyatta scoffs at Gay Rights, proclaiming human rights is really a non-issue in Kenya, while standing next to Kenya’s Favorite Son, the man John Russell Houser of Phenix City, Alabama hated most, Barack Obama.

Still can’t see our reflection in Kenyatta and Houser?

Behold the Pale Horse comes also for haters, domestic terrorists, bullies, voter ignorance, rapists, arrogant bigoted political leaders and trumped up self-promoting loud mouths.Small Karl Rove

As I know Americans involved in special opts, only recently did I manage to watch American Sniper, the biopic about Chris Kyle, coincidently in the same week I inhaled the six CDs of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.  Having experienced the reaction to the former and anticipation of the latter, I fear we’re not sensing their connection to our national essence – the truth about ourselves.

My Uncle Gino taught me how to shoot with deadly accuracy well before Boot Camp, but he also taught me not to succumb to the thrill of the kill.

Arguably, many American lives would have been lost without the sights and trigger finger of Chris Kyle, but if fewer adults of all nationalities, ethnicities and religious beliefs taught fewer children that guns are the solution, maybe, to more lives, more lives would matter.

Truly, all colors, shapes and life preferences matter.  All deserve more than a Johnny come lately NRA Governor’s hypocritical prayer request.  All deserve more than flag waving inspired war.

Only two opposing points of view are needed to make war a perpetual success for Conservative Corporatism, Conservative Politicians and non-partisan morticians.

Southerners are the only Americans who, our American Government admits, ever lost a war, but despite dwindling support and symbols, their war against Northern Aggression wages on.

I’m not suggesting America slow down to a conservative tempo to encourage voter ignorance to vote for Trump before The Extreme Right can catch up with our 21st century transformation, but is it not possible to appreciate what’s Gone with the Wind, while we Go Set a Watchman for those who gerrymander our electoral process or abuse their uniformed power to protect?

Perhaps then, we can spare a Mockingbird with a civil, Hey Boo.

Martin Sheen




Transforming Hope – Headlined by Sun 6/14/15

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Despite anchor abuse of “Breaking News,” “exclusive report” and WWII vision-entrenched Senators John McCain & Lindsay Graham; despite transforming political straw Pauls into a Romney good ol’ money bags club where Koch heads genuflect before The Bronze Bull; despite Citizens United Supreme electoral transformation; despite non-voters and Americans too self-absorbed with hand held devices to avoid light poles, manholes and train tracks long enough to notice P3s tax bankruptcy connection — transforming from white to black or Bruce to Caitlyn, and we’re all atwitter.Transforming Hope

Though not transformed by Labor Leadership chest pounding over small temporary House TPP procedural vote, nor the male challenging, by my favorite House grandmother, still for one brief, shining moment, when hope nourishes, as it is nourished, each victory will help us, some other to win.

On either side of Fast Track argument and both sides of TPP Party aisle, few know enough to practice the necessity for making choices as global citizens, without sacrificing Americans on the world stage.  Hope is seeing a person, as both his friends and enemies see him.

Hope, is a multi-racial Constitutional Attorney with community organizer experience being overwhelmingly elected president.  However, it’s not hero worship, assigning divine powers to Reagan or a candidate’s smile that beckons us back to the future, but rather, hope for all Americans to embrace the privilege of automatic voter registration.

When, during the slowest recovery in history from the worst recession in history, a black looking president is re-elected, that’s Main Street hopes trumping Wall Street billions.

Proportionately, when Congressional gridlocking gerrymandering and non-confirmations are set aside temporarily to embrace African-American president in favor of a mostly top secret international trade deal, America’s best hope demands we judge the motivations of the strange bedfellows keeping company behind closed doors.

Hope inspires:  The number of Americans duped by the derisive Right are increasingly flushing Rush-like hate down the slippery slope realizing a house divided against itself doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Congress to intelligently solve 21st century challenges.

Hope, is discovering the balance between transporting toxic fossil fuels through pipelines and over rails, by transforming American over consumption of oil, gas and nuclear energy, into a nation basking in the renewable freedom of each sunrise, gentle breeze and Coal Ash free shower.

Although aspirin kneecapped Conservatives Duggared by the hypocrisy of politically inconvenient family values and other non-patriot acts, still deny reality of forever digital video, those dishonoring Law Enforcement Oath of Honor to protect and serve, star in street videos, as violent antagonists for those smart enough to tap Smart Phones, and aim like Michael Slager’s weapon – hopefully our response, though Wall Street, Madison Ave and Cable TV consumer dollar motivated, is finally veering toward All Lives Matter.

Hope, is what drills out the Truth Decay of Citizens United, giving hands up for families like those of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, John Crawford III, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and all law abiding police.

Hope transforms us:

  • Second University of Virginia student accosted by Virginia ABC armed force; like Elizabeth Daly in 2013, all charges dropped against Martese Johnson; Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s appointed panel considers lack of need for an alcohol SS
  • Municipal Court Judge, investigation reveals special justice for police injustice, decrees “probable cause” in the Cleveland Park Timothy Loehmann shooting death of Tamir Rice
  • South Carolina Grand Jury indicts ex-police officer for the murder of Walter Scott.
  • Ten year veteran Texas police corporal resigns after enforcing unnecessary force on bikini clad female teenager, post pool party. Hope is, Eric Casebolt will have his day in court

Hope is in the love expressed to the families of all those lost, all too soon, to Bullying, Brain Cancer, Alzheimer’s and the lies we tell ourselves about war and gun violence.

Let us go forth together now, in the hope of transparency.