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Voter Choice: An America Built on Solid Rock Or Republican Sand – Tremr Staff Pick & Headline

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Why are so many of the Americans whose candidates won in 2016, so angry?  Why aren’t they happy with themselves, their vote and the result of their Electoral College victory?

Why in a, Land of the Free, do fewer than half of America’s eligible voters pass on the privilege?  Why do we prefer expedient indifference and over consumerism more than civic duty and good citizenship?

Why are we shocked by the darkness enveloping us when we’re increasingly riveted to the revile residue of political hacks and PACs?

Why are some likely voters mesmerized by negative ads, puppeteering on programmed devices, attempting to whitewash America’s, of, by and for the people national creed, into blinded faith devouring separation of Supreme Being and Supreme Court?

Why are the closed minded so open to closed borders – inheriting the wind of their master’s voice trumpeting red glare to remaster, we hold these truths to be self-evident?

To, the truth will set you free patriots, voting is not only our, nationalistic contract to, preserve, protect and defend our U. S. Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic – but each election is ICE cold water in our glazed over memories of, why every struggle for a perfect union has been engaged in a great civil war.

While rallying to rile up the Base of opposing points-of-view, clearly defines the great divide media and pollsters say, We the People have chosen to become, we’re aiding and abetting the resurfacing of our most detrimental historical battle lines:  hate and fear of changing evolution vs. our rainbow of colors revolution – the former for stagnating American progress with the darkness of Tiki-Torch parades, and the latter, stumbling imperfectly forward – until 2016.

At our best, voting unites our First Amendment freedoms with Freedom of Choice and Free Will to recharge our acumen to ascertain who are the false prophets preaching fear and loathing – and who, our better angels.

Caravan repudiation is as old as, no room in the kataluma – and as revolutionary as Plymouth Pilgrims vs. Native-Americans over who delivered Thanksgiving dinner.

Parties and candidates insist elections are won by polls and preemptive digital data of demographics, but voting is more – individual soliloquy, sanctified by reverence for America’s idealistic raison d’tre:  with malice toward none, diminishing the number of supremacists’ boots on the neck of American enlightenment.

However, if reason succumbs to blind obedience and reasonable debate yields to the incivility of Right-Wing Theocracy, independent thinking will be in a me first Ecclesiocracy choke-hold.

What exactly is it we wish to inspire with our vote?

Is it, factual Climate Change science or denial of affordable mental and physical healthcare?  Is it gender equality and income parity or raping #MeToo targets, all over again?

Are we voting to honor American veterans or to spend 200m tax dollars to threaten families emulating our European ancestors?

Will our 2018 elections reflect our wannabe, shining city upon a hill, or the racist abuse of presidential power?

Do we elect to vote in resounding support of a Google #TimesUp Walkout or a groper-in-chief?

Will record-breaking voter turnout recapture the essence of our Statue of Liberty global promise or fuel ever increasing cultural tensions distracting America from what’s most dear to our pursuit of happiness:  the safety of school bus children, 4th grade girl scouts and jailed refugee children.

Will we vote the Golden Rule, or salute and shoot asylum seekers armed only with the children and clothes on their backs?

JayWalking showed us, a lack of Civics education limited our ability to vote to defend America from Goliaths weaving tangled webs, to deceive us with a fifth-grade, K.I.S.S. strategy.

Our Civil War proved Benjamin Franklin’s challenge, if you can keep it, could yet result in an America of, alternative facts.

Short-term solution:  vote for Democrats in Midterm elections and make America like children again.

Then discover what American Exceptionalism really is, because it isn’t GOP dishonesty.

Walter Cronkite, that’s the way it is:

Voting is as private as one’s sense of self and as personal as our definition of character.  The only penance for our 2016 Russian Electoral College tally is to reverse it in the ballot box, Tuesday 6 November 2018, following the example of America’s first.








When We Worship Those, Who Incite Domestic Terrorism – Headlined on

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When majorities begin to experience the loss of power over the consumers, minorities and voters they’re accustomed to persuading, selling and jockeying, to harvest gain, the thrill of the kill becomes a desperate conquest to retain the myths of history skewed to accommodate misconceptions of legitimacy, mis-perceptions of nationalism and misinterpretations of patriotism.

We have always rendered temporary our patches of fear, stress and strain, during the war and peace of political and cultural turmoil:  our Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 1960’s assassinations, Vietnam, 9/11, and 2017 Charlottesville hate crimes.

Anxiety and sleeplessness, however, are produced by our primal gut responses to perceived worldly impositions thrust upon us by an out of control evolution – the constant conflict between, truth hurting and freeing us – diversifying faster than some care to assimilate.

It is not only our physical and mental health-care that needs to be affordable – preserved, protected and defended from enraged autocratic commanders-in-chief, but our historical, cultural and self-examination that needs saving from individual complicity in the duplicity of radicalized Conservatism, avarice Corporatism and gerrymandered Party members – who’ve deserted promised statesmanship for a nationalistic provocateur.

Our greatest danger to trade, alliances and a United We Stand America is politicians fooling themselves into thinking, in the 21st century, we are still hypnotized by their convenient flip-flops to win elections – instead of keeping our ever-watchful eyes on what they do at rallies, state houses, Congress and the U. S. Supreme Court.

Americans do not live on alternative facts about border safety, homeland security and presidential dishonesty alone – but those who do, are embittered.

In 2018 Mid-Term elections, how we vote can recapture the essence of our American, I Have a Dream character and Statue of Liberty promise.  However, it will only be a, brief shining moment band-aid on a festering preexisting character-flaw, if we think our hour of seemingly diminishing power is just about Donald Trump.

#TimesUp on lying to ourselves regarding our past being our prologue, particularly if we continue to costume our racial prejudices, sexual bias and political acrimony in Halloween, Blackface.

Although true that our current GOP leaders are more akin to base purveyors of Jim Crow than malice toward none, the Trump family M.O. favors profiteering rather than originating.

Be assured, however, not all Republicans are among the willingly herded and corralled by the mendacity of Ted Cruz, Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, Dean Heller, Martha McSally, Dana Rohrabacher, Rick Scott and Scott Walker.  Therefore, we must be helpful to those tricked into voting for the only globalism from which Americans need to recoil:  an American Trump/Pence/Putin/Saudi/Bolton/Sessions regime.

America, and by, buried heads in the sand extension Americans, has nurtured our preexisting condition of propping up foreign despots, supporting domestic strongmen and now voting for rented career maniacal politicians – all while silently bidding for the establishment of imperial military bases, black sites and encampments for refugee children.

Whether armed assault on a fictional pizza basement pedophile ring or sending six wannabe intimidation pipe-bombs, everyone is responsible for their actions.

Nonetheless to hear a consistent hate and fear mongering racist and misogynist try to compose an harmonious tone, expecting we’ll forget his violence inciting monologues, insulting the humanity and intelligence of empathetic, mature Americans – especially now that we’re trumped into mimicking a wannabe super reunion of KGB puppeteers, mocking what they can hack, but never bury, unless with presidential cooperation – is insufferable.

Violence results when mob rule infects civil debate with the belief that while all are created equal, none are as equal as the crude and rude trouncing peaceful assembly with obnoxious rhetoric grasping for extension over extinction.

Forsaking, agreeing to disagree civility in favor of servicing treachery, fueling the minions of madmen profaning biblical guidance, defiling fellow human beings and downgrading our Land of the Free, to a Russian footstool – is massive dereliction of duty, treason.

Nevertheless, regardless of personal political preferences, instead of becoming what has become the lowest ever bottom of America’s Home of the Brave, we must elect to be and do unto others as we would have them be and do unto us – for most Americans remain above, an eye for an eye.