There’ll Be No Better Angels Until We Make Ourselves Better… – Headline

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6 October 1961, two years before the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy urged Americans to build Bomb/Fallout shelters.  Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump continues to align himself with those same enemies of America, soliciting their interference in our electoral process, and now, on a headline grabbing whim, facilitating Turkish violence against the Kurds – America’s staunch ally in our resistance to ISIS.  But Trump did not just desert the Kurds, he abandoned our American troops in the region.

There will be no Better Angels until we make ourselves better allies to our friends in arms – embracing a peace that’s beyond our understanding.

Yes, increasing sinister darkness has overshadowed our vision of self, intimacy and union, widening our divide with a deceit that camouflages the light of connection with, all that glitters – one camp in blind obedience to self-serving leaders, and the other in denial that any departure of Trump/Pence will, nonviolently return America to, The Land of the Free, unscathed.

There will be no Better Angels, until we make ourselves better at facing the good, bad and ugly truth that, it’s not just Trump.

Perhaps, our heroic global stand in response to Pearl Harbor to victoriously defend the world from a vile unimaginable foreign evil, our Greatest Generation, returned home believing our lives and nation could now be, if not a Shangri La, a more Justice for All, New Deal.

Perhaps such euphoria lulled us into a complacency vulnerable to imperceptible malevolent transformation from valiant to subservient chess pieces on the avarice board of corporatism’s contorting, The Marshall Plan into The Military Industrial Complex.

There will be no Better Angels, until we make ourselves better at evolving from past assumptions to clarity regarding current enemies, foreign and domestic.

What is it that feeds the fear that fuels the hate that blunts our ability to honor our, Republic if you can keep it – from an Attorney General of religious hypocrisy, silence is consent Vice President, and a conservative Republican Senate:  proud recipients of Watergate, Iran Contra and Bush/Cheney perpetual oil wars?

There will be no Better Angels, until we make ourselves better citizens, being hereby resolved to elect better servants of the people.

Fighting among ourselves, we’ve become willing tools of the real enemies of the state, trolling our three co-existing, though not co-equal, branches of government – Congress being the only branch empowered to remove presidents, judges and Supreme Court Justices from office.

When in a 2019 reality check, we remain oblivious to the lessons of…

  • Keith Bishop’s, The Republican Bond and Slop: The Wild Boar Nation
  • More than thirty states still legally allowing Conversion Therapy to be practiced on minors
  • Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose
  • Differing points-of-view in civil debate yielding to a time out from an all-inclusive: of, by and for the people

…we remain embroiled in domestic political, racial, religious, SCOTUS and sexual wars.

Cherry-picking both Bible and Constitution, we even make war on our need for intimate communion, shaming ourselves for desiring the healing power of mutually loving, touch.

There will be no Better Angels until we make ourselves better than Citizens United and haters of LGBTQ neighbors, allowing Conservative corporate money to decay America’s lawful institutions in the manipulative power grab of an apathetic president and his morally bankrupt allies – so hazardous to the health of our nation and planet.

There will be no Better Angels until we make ourselves better to each other than servants to financiers changing our climate:

  • Fracking and gas from pipelines and cows threaten our air
  • Exxon knew and BP & Halliburton know it’s easier to drill through the Arctic Ocean than towering rock-solid glaziers
  • Governments and scientists knew earth’s warming would raise sea levels from melting arctic ice and increasingly flood low level property in 1929, but did nothing to alter our Black Gold addictions

There will be no Better Angels, until we make ourselves better stewards of earth and better electorate for America.

Heed the call from FEC Chair, Ellen Weintraub knowing elections are not the private property of Reagan’s Conservative intellectuals who, used by Russian hackers, still believe, like billionaires, they can control Putin’s puppet president.

There will be no Better Angels, until we make ourselves better at training military and police forces, to put country before a president desperately seeking an exit strategy sans imprisonment.

Saying we love, God and Country, has never proven patriotism nor human decency.  Our Better Angels await our realization that it’s not Donald Trump, but those who electorally, financially and privately empower him.

Throughout industrial/scientific human history, threats of total annihilation:  plagues, pandemics, smallpox, syphilis, Pneumonia, Polio, 1962 Russian/Cuban Nuclear Missile Crises, HIV/Aids – we couldn’t imagine how we’d survive – until we did!

Passionately pursue a life of excellence and our Better Angels shall appear, but beware, it’s not just Trump.

Defining Us: Good Samaritans, Hypocritical Evangelicals or Fanatic Zealots – Headlined

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I believe when we commit to making time for reasonable Conscious Thinking, we will rediscover, it’s not just the statues, trolling congressional Pages, wide-stance men’s rooms or sharpening cue sticks with malice-aforethought, that define us.

It’s the internal struggle that makes us war with one another, believing our individual security and national stability come at the expense of others.  It’s what keeps at least a third of our exceptional potential languishing in Trickle Down and Might is Right, faith.

In a time of increased finger-pointing — denial of climate, gender and sexual justice — denouncing, degrading and humiliating accusers of conduct not becoming human decency, I invite all to fill in blanks below, in private, as article comment or social media confession – for self-reflection is its own reward.

If you embrace politicizing Evangelical Christians to narrow their vote to broaden your chances for victory at their expense, you might be a __________.

If you think moral character is not the primary goal for all religions, necessity for individual and community mentors, expectation of elected officials and essential for all heads of state, captains of industry and extended family circles, you might be a __________.

If you support collusion with foreign international powers like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Soviet leftovers, you might be a__________.

If you think the most impressive species of freedom running wild is best suited on your trophy wall, you might be a __________.

If you are a Governor more interested in turning an independent Judiciary Hard Right, than protecting American women of all ages from the twisted extremes of self-entitlements, then you might be a __________.

If you think a frank admission and apology for committing a demeaning, good oi’ boys’ club, grossly unfunny, invasion of a sleeping, and therefore non-consenting colleague, makes you deserve Moore shame and congressional censure than a Prevaricator-in-Chief who brands all sixteen female accusers, liars, then you might be a press court jester holding a predator above the law, believing, the Bible told me so.

If you choose to think all Muslims kill, all Jews are frugal in the extreme, all Catholic priests molest children, or all Christians are like Roy Moore supporters, you might be a ___________.

If you avert your eyes from Puerto Rico, one million poverty stricken Alabamians, or the menace to literacy of a four Billion dollar cut to Texas Public Education – abandoning 49,000 teachers to unemployment while allowing the future of 43,000 college students to be indentured to Wall Street banks, you might be a __________.

If, after a year of mind-boggling self-absorption, we continue to, Sieg Heil a leader possessed by the Demon of Revenge, compelling him to Groundhog Day his, when somebody hits me, I hit back – while worshiping America’s weapons of mass destruction button that puts down planet inhabitants – our mainstay of faith, hope, love and humanity’s fate is embedded with lascivious men of greed, rented by Wall & K Streets, we might be a __________.

If you’re a resigned pastor from “unpresidented” Evangelical Council, endorsing and justifying the alleged sins of a Senate candidate by selectively parsing Biblical text, beware, while no religious scholar, I’ve taught the Bible as World Literature and begin each day listening to audio of Psalms, Proverbs Ecclesiastes, and the four Gospels…

Yes, Holy Scriptures reveal how God often chooses the least among us to fulfill seemingly impossible missions, but in faith, I challenge Roy Moore’s Christianity Brand:

  • Exodus: Moses – delivers Jewish people from Egypt, in penance for committing murder?
  • 1 Samuel: Young Shepherd David, son of Saul’s servant Jesse of Bethlehem sling shots Goliath to death; becomes King of Israel
  • 2 Samuel: King David commits adultery with married Bathsheba and murders Uriahn
  • Psalms: King David writes poetic songs; in so doing, perhaps, defining a real man as one who embraces truth about himself
  • Four Gospels: Indeed, Moore supporters, the Virgin Mary may have been a minor, but rather than assaulting and humiliating her, Joseph, was a loving husband and step-father to her son

May all of us be made worthy of the forgiveness of all we’ve offended in Heaven and on earth – and live accordingly.