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banner-the-7th-floor-group-250-shadow-governmentThe only wall between Donald Trump and his inheriting the power to torture, detain suspects indefinitely, disregard constitutional law, convene secret courts, capitalize on his Brand and, without any military experience, command armed forces to operate beyond the reach of civilian law – is our peaceful assembly.

As in many cities, hoisted signs by West Palm Beach protest marchers connote a democracy in action range of issues – an America Bannon and Trump will never abide.

So, let’s now focus our attention on connecting the dots to the roots, causing our 21st century, Divided We Fall state

* The Military Industrial Complex is herding America through death by a thousand cuts:

* Jim Crow, Joe McCarthy, 1960’s assassinations

* LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin lie, Nixon’s Dirty Tricks, Ford’s Pardon

* Regulation haters promoting, government as the only problem, reneging on Trickle Down promises

* Bush/Cheney’s Middle Class destroying, global shift in wealth distribution, leaving Americans struggling in Patriot Act quicksand of oil wars, Too Big to Fail, suspension of Habeas Corpus, warrantless surveillance, and Fourth Amendment violations, like Sneak and Peek

These are the poisons that have sickened America with Donald J. Trump, for nothing, not even the vilest of us, comes from nothing.

But For Comeback:

  • Resist gender, religious, racial, sexual, banking, political bigots and their corporate Demagogues
  • Resist in our purchases, boycotts, contacting elected officials, petitions, non-violent protests and, like James Madison, distrust all those in power
  • Always remember, Democrats have been proud Dixiecrats and both Yellow & Blue Dogs – but Republicans have been nothing like Lincoln’s emancipation of the union since Teddy Roosevelt Bullmoosed the Bully Pulpit

Once this civics triumvirate becomes the foundation of our collective redress of grievances, we will triumph as Lincoln intended:  government of, by and for all the people.

Then, on the shoulders of the ideals of our Founding Fathers, Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Suffragettes, the Greatest Generation, Marian Anderson, Elenore Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy and Congressman John Lewis – we march in defense of all our dreams — and all our Dreamers.

As victorious WWII veterans co-created Baby Boomers, family names like, Dulles, Rockefeller, Dupont, Hyatt, Walton, Koch, Bush, Mars and Goldman – stole the peace The Allies had won.

Those who support Trump should fear Global Economic Elites who are the birthers of the mega-wealthy 1% — and not the college educated.

The greatest enemy of the state is William E. Jenner’s Shadow-Government, that the FBI identified as, the infamous seventh floor group:  The Deep State — housed beneath the State Department building — seven floors under-ground.  Arguably this body of gold-diggers is determined to keep the entire political spectrum of American citizens, as human foot stools.  And to the degree we continue to fight among ourselves – we are their greatest allies in our demise.

Our best defense:  open hearts and minds to the salvation of different points of view — leaving alternative facts to un-presidential Tweets.  Trump is our wake-up call.

Corporatism’s 1% delights in dividing and conquering the 99% — with marketing labels, media self-blinded by ratings war and bigots exchanging their sheets for Alt-Right Breitbart/Brexit camouflage.

Our visions need envision coalition, and our marches, rallies and causes, coalesce, before peaceful assembly becomes bloody rebellion and, violence begets violence, becomes the pretext for another unconstitutional Executive Order.

While we are focused on shoving our political pendulum backward, versus forward, we miss that we’re being brainwashed by, exploitation of religious beliefs, economic fears, individual prejudices and a K.I.S.S. Fourth Estate.

Although the repulsive white-head on a festering infection, Trump is far from the first time our American Democratic Republic has been threatened by corporate greed corrupting government, false advertising, Sedition Acts or illegal bans

There are two things we need always remember:

  • Follow the Money and
  • Nothing gets an elected official’s attention more than, I am your constituent

Our victory over tyranny begins with a resounding ensemble of unity and civility.  Government, is the worst problem, only when we choose not to participate, because Freedom is not a political pin-ball, but our human



Nothing Comes from Nothing — Headlined on Sun 7/17/16

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SCOTUS Chief Justice Warren BurgerSome people are better at following through – on behalf of others – with their noble thoughts of truth, genuinely praiseworthy love, admirably giving of themselves — committed to the excellence and purity of Justice for All.  Still, there are no presidents, police, priests, candidates, lives of any color — and certainly no Wall Street Bankers who have achieved, perfection.

However, thoughtful common sense reveals the bloody truth:  the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Senator Robert Kennedy and police prove, enduring victories, whether Revolutions or not, are not sprints, but toiling uphill plods — dragging those who resist letting go of the past.

Anyone can have Faith, Hope and Charity in their hearts and minds when guns, bombs and trucks aren’t killing people, but the real proof of strength of character is holding on when life is tragic.  Real change, like healing, requires patience and perseverance — not bailing when it doesn’t go your way.

Even The Marshall Plan had $trings attached.  So believing we are not imperialistic when allowing Caesar-like leaders to build a global empire of military bases as shots heard round the world, is as self-deluding as denying melting glaciers.

America is not the best in everything any more than Americans are perfect.  Nor, as 9/11 tragically proved, are we invincible.  Nonetheless, we do have the courage to move forward with renewed hope, when we prudently investigate violent origins, for Nothing Comes from Nothing.

America has been at war for 223 of its 240-year existence, and since Conservatives in China, Russia, ISIS and America haven’t learned the futility of this lesson, they continue to turn those they’ve historically treated as worms, into multi-headed Anacondas.

We are reaping what international banking institutions, oil cravers and their political enablers have sowed:  the predictable violence of Middle East hell-fires stoked by Wolfowitz & Cheney and the repercussions of an unhealthy planet, extinguishing animal kingdoms, safe food, clean air and free water.

Such inhumane behavior inspires hate to lock and load, streaming global vengeance is mine between dueling murderous religious zealots and insatiable commercial gluttons.

Anyone with a fifth grade vocabulary can stick a political T-Bone in a VP pick P, but adult practitioners of the half-full glass, know, with knowledge of our past educating the path to our future, our cup overflows with human kindness.

Parable:  a little old Jewish lady, spending her life routing the gender discrimination and religious bias of her your, opts out of cooking and cleaning to spend her nights studying law cases, was supremely knighted, the little woman of the house, and therefore, not qualified to teach law, at least not for a salary commiserate with a man’s.  Petite, only in physical stature, and following Bushrod Washington, Salmon P. Chase, William O. Douglas, Harlan Fiske Stone, Sandra Day O’Connor, Warren Burger and Abe Fortas precedents – reserving her big legal stick, she softly speaks truth to fakery—whispering for national fact-checking.

Knowledge is the power to preserve protect and defend, so acknowledge salacious origins under-minding, Out of Many, One, with…

  • Misinterpreting Bill of Rights to restrict, at gun point, our freedom to peacefully assemble
  • International economic crisis
  • Revenge seeking Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS
  • Aiding and Abetting our acting out fears and hopelessness in road rage, rape, gun violence, police brutality, racial discrimination

From whichever immigrants we descend, European, Asian, African, Hispanic, Muslims or original Native Americans, we’re in the final stages of the old guards’ — names like Dulles, Bush and Koch — 50-year plan to finish off the last remnants of United We Stand and Love Thy Neighbor.

We can hope elected officials, on all levels, rise above gridlock gunk and that conservatives longing for a lost past desperately latching onto a ranting pied piper snap out of it, or, leading by rational example, we can elect the reasonably humane, saying, our best hope for America is, give peace, unity and civility a chance, because, Nothing Comes from Nothing.