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All Rise:  Only Love Remains and Other Radical Thoughts – Headline and TREMR Staff Pick

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was mistaken:  our U. S. Constitution was never intended to be a Biblical Rock of Gibraltar – but more an exceptional evolution of enlightenment, reflecting and anticipating even more education through experimentation, a moonstruck tide of ever evolving humane humanity – even revolutionary female ideas of equality.

So, Hillary Clinton is really our 45th – our first Russian president, Donald Trump and we, mesmerized by a white, White House show remain hitched to an Electoral College created by One Percenters fearing mob rule in 1776 – which 243 years later, is a self-fulfilled prophecy – hemorrhaging foreign investments and bloated by anti-American rallies from Charlottesville to, send her back.

Radically I submit, our U. S. Constitution, especially regarding presidential powers, Checks and Balances and the myth that only nine Justices does a Supreme Court make, needs to rise anew.

Yielding to Corporatism’s media marketing us to buy into the over consumerism of deaf, dumb and blind, all we like sheep states of mind, we risk losing, Oh Beautiful.

Our 21st century radical truth reflects the stench of averted eyes, proving not even Bernie Sanders can successfully retrieve us, if relying on millions of Americans rising up to make it so – not if we remain willing doormats to mutual bitterness and twisted lies sponsoring forever domestic and foreign wars – though aided and abetted by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and his four conservative colleagues: Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy and Clarence Thomas on 9 December 2000.

Still even dust will rise, when shaken from bigoted, malice aforethought.

If absorbed into the universal lessons of moonlight’s ebb and flow, our hopes rise with each new dawn, whether weather is blistering sunlight or clouds flooding us with real time forecasts predicting, America’s reckoning is on the rise.

The potential to rise above the lies of maddening crowds is not in silencing them, but in self-revelation, breaking our silence:  America is neither broke – save in our lacking the unity to debunk, Trickle Down in Citizen’s United repeal – nor broken, apart from failing our Statue of Liberty promise.

Accepting, we are our brothers keepers and responsible for earth and all therein, our heads will be unbowed by the tyranny of Hedge Fund traitors, bankers corroding elected officials and the treason of exiling scientific thought, thinking banning learning will impede America’s evolution to eyes resolutely forward and vision on the rise.

Radical Truth:  some, like Americans still not into, a more perfect union, will never trust Democrats.

Choices:  fixate on those who will never love all Americans as they claim to love America, or we unite with those who are involved with all life on earth – particularly the lives of children who are even now exposed to our reckless elected buffoonery.

Trump’s Acting Cabinet can shoot us with intentionally insensitive tyrannical words.  Some authorities can cut us with their eyes until we too, can’t breathe.  Some racists may wound us with hatefulness, but as Charlton Heston, if not Moses, told Pharaoh Ramses – what happens next may have already come from our lips, for there are children alive today, even those who have school lunch money, who will have to live with the damage we have done to their expectation of safe food, air and water.

America’s real power is in the global respect and love we regain.  Therefore, neither we nor our Constitution need be enslaved, as were our predecessors, by a Justice Department opinion memo granting a sitting president, regal absolution from legal consequences.

Be not beset with gloom, for beyond Congressional Impeachment and indictment or Cabinet invoked 25th Amendment, We the People are the rising tide that lifts all boats and people in hope, to rise.

Radical assurance:  not all voting for Trump/Pence are racist supremacists; not all Caucasians disdainful of people of color; Not all rapist are men and not all eager to crush life, like Trump allies, John Bolton, Stephen Miller, Jeffrey Epstein and George Nader.  However, America’s indulgences permeate the planet, and denial is not the cure but rather the disease upon which, like McConnell’s indifference, the lives of children hang.

Character and honor demand, like air, we rise on the wings of reason to wisdom, knowing, America is our very next thought, assertion and embrace.  Only we can save ourselves from those whose mission it is to program us with lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.  Like Neil Armstrong, America’s next one step, must be a, Liberal, giant leap for mankind.

Listen, and we will hear our immigrant ancestors reminding us, what we did to the least among us, we do to ourselves.  America’s future depends on the freedom of every child to breathe free the air of renewal – so as life intended, all rise.



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Arguably, more female and younger voters vote Left of Center, and to varying degrees, desire to center America on the central ideals of the Gettysburg Address, Voting Rights Act before gutted by Supreme Court and, on our most emancipated days, the Equal Rights Amendment.  However, we need stop squabbling like jealous siblings, failing to comprehend the wisdom of Solomon — before we cut the baby in half.

Notwithstanding Abraham Lincoln, a Whig until Whig Party evaporated, when he adopted the newest rising political label, Republican — but in all due respect, if Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t do it, Third-Party candidates are not likely to become president, until We the Grassroots stop fighting over the soil, and replace our two-party system with a more pragmatic democratic alternative – capable of sustaining itself without our over-consumerism and financial corruption of Too Big to Jail Wall Street.

Our penchant for labelling everything from hurricanes & wars to denigrating pigmentation, lifestyle choices and economic status – separating us from a Moral Mondays’ mindset, and delivering us into the wilderness state where those who use flag and Bible as props for what they preach about church sex and state greed, drain reason.

Of course, Democrats haven’t always been the good guys, but with 2020 vision in 2018, they are the better choice, especially if female, to progress America forward — if we manage to mute, Blue Wave, and plan/think beyond Pence, as well as Trump.

Realizing impeaching Donald Trump, rolls out the Red Mapping carpet for a President Mike Pence, the real Constitutional Crisis is:  those who don’t vote, those who possess too little curiosity to vote with sufficient clarity of outcome and, those dividing Democrats into Liberals and Progressives – a categorically pointless self-mutilating nose from face tantrum.

Perfection is America’s motivating dream, but ensemble invites solution.

We can save our culturally diverse heritage, or we can succumb to the infestation of, us against them. 



Are we willing to make how we treat each other a disgusting contest to win, rock bottom?

Proving anyone’s character and patriotism ranks higher than a Nunes, Gowdy or Peter King is as easy as emulating Republicans Rod J. Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and Democrats Leslie Cockburn & Abigail Spanberger.

We can parrot media’s, Constitutional Crisis, or get involved in a system long overdue for correcting itself.  We can save our 2020 Census from Gerrymandering, by painting America’s Red, White and Blue a rainbow enhanced by brown, black and yellow.

We can crush student loan borrowers, embrace implausible deniability of $30 million dollar check and rape our environment, or we can elect, and if need be, un-elect, candidates who void agenda of Mick Mulvaney, Citizens United and Scott Pruitt – but continuing to extremely swing our political pendulum needs to cease and desist.

Not condoning Guantanamo Waterboarding, or oiling the turnstile between minority high schools and prisons for profit is a disgracefully low bar, which by comparison, might cajole some into thinking themselves morally superior, on Facebook, but to whatever degree we behave like what we abhor, we become another Kelly Sadler comrade.

We either propagate Access Hollywood’s genitalia POTUS vulgarity or auto-reject Keith Davidson’s sexual assistance, Michael Hayden’s Gina Haspel and begin anew to embody Thurgood Marshall’s Brown v. Board of Education.

We can choose Senator Grassley’s rush to misjudgment, Mitch McConnell’s young conservative republicans’ bench lineup – even as Greenberg Traurig celebrates Comey’s departure anniversary by kicking Trump sidekick to the curb, or recommit to a Statue of Liberty approved, Land of the Free.

We can sacrifice voting privileges on the altar of billionaire financed manipulative marketing to maintain perceived privilege, status, and power or be another generation making Mothers and Fathers happy they colluded with sex.

Our actions, especially how we revere days like, Mothers’ Day, define us:

  • Lovingly respecting all Mothers
  • Honoring all women, especially teachers
  • Rejuvenating hope in parents who’ve lost children to drive-bys, HS military recruitment, private prisons, addiction, food-poisoning, Flint water, gun-violence and lack of quality education

Such things have no more place in a Home of the Brave, than military deferments dishonestly acquired.

Our Founding Fathers did exceptionally well, but it’s up to us to keep it, knowing being a living example of the Golden Rule is the only light that diminishes tower darkness.