It’s the Lack of Testing Stupid:  Spotlighting GOP COVID-19 Charade – Best of TREMR & Headline

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Whether or not White House Valet serving meals to our Commander-in-Chief, while testing COVID-19 positive, infected Donald Trump, two things are true:  because of Trump’s lying to himself as much as he does to us, most of We the People don’t have the luxury of being tested, and in fourteen days, Donald Trump will still be too sick to be president of the United States.

Notwithstanding Bill Barr’s DOJ, justice and our Constitution demand that we, petition the government for a redress of grievances:

Why are Agencies, like FEMA and the CDC specifically created to minimize public devastation in times of natural catastrophe, walking on political eggshells and revising lifesaving guidelines, instead of ensuring the public’s welfare?

Until it is immediately apparent, with plans of implementation in place, that a glut of farmers’ cows & milk, chickens & eggs, potatoes, vegetables and pigs is a solution in need of expedited transportation to struggling Food Banks, online college students, stay-at-home children, women and America’s increasing unemployed in the wealthiest nation on earth, for some, we are all in this together, like our president, is painfully offensive to all forced to linger in their cars for hours awaiting food to feed their families.

However, we cannot afford to delay until the swamp drains itself or Liberal reason balances the extremes of progression and conservative regression, nor for the legal replacement of Right-Wing Governors, or aging out of CEOs who don’t care how many gullible constituents or low wage employees get sick or die from, bigger bang for the bosses’ buck apathetic mind-set at factory farms, meat packing plants or ecommerce online storefronts camouflaging mass indifference with Coronavirus coated carboard.

When insisting automatic weapons guarantee the freedom to desert Pro-Life Conservative Right-To-Life edicts, the right to spit on masks of uniformed police and liberty to open non-essential businesses during a pandemic – who’s benefiting?

Who plays the village idiot card to perfection:  GOP PAC paid freelancers, hedging Conservative CEO bets or a pawn reinstating essential pandemic Task Force because it is, so popular?

Perhaps the root of all anti-reality evil is Trump’s fantasies-du-jour, layered in the conceit that voters haven’t a clue regarding his negligence in providing PPEs and testing?  But, suppose his McConnell enabled disregard is an intentional attempt to determine 2020 GOP victories?

Why is it that Trump/Pence think they can fool some of the people all of the time?  What if The Right Corporatism’s underbelly board members are the nemesis of inconvenient scientific facts?

Why are case and casualty numbers rising in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin?

Are elected Conservative Republicans really so short-sighted that they are willing to gamble with the lives of Americans who desperately need their employment income, no matter how onerous the work environment was pre- COVID-19 and now even more dangerous for GOP dominated states and municipalities historically more dependent on the tax dollars of America’s Left of Center electorate?

Are all of us living within America’s borders left with only one choice:  placing our faith in reason, each other, and the better angels of scientific fact or suffer the consequences of Corporatism’s Trumpism greed?

Who among us profane, love thy neighbor as thyself, by denying the connections between:

Until we evaluate human life, not by human income but by our return on investments in human kindness with a bottom line yielding human decency, our lack of emergency readiness, safe food, clean water, fresh air, affordable healthcare, protective stockpiles for all caregivers, medical professionals or not, and safe working conditions for all employees regardless of income bracket, educational level or color of skin – answers that foresee, prevent and manage emergencies before they decimate life as we know it, will be drowned out by the nonsense of the unknowing, the uncaring and the profit hoarders of Corporatism’s control of Congress and cajoled.

Believing in what the second Americans ensconced in most of our Constitution, let us manifest our exceptional potential challenged by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, FDR’s, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and JFK’s Ask what you can do for your country

Older men have always sacrificed young adults to other wars, but with Coronavirus the enemy is our complacent lack of preparation, political foresight, and equitable compassion.  It is GOP arrogance and the ignorance of those in lockstep with it that is overwhelming American democracy.

COVID-19’s warning:  we must do better.

There’s More to America than Trump & Media Scratching Our Surface Itch Headline – Best Of TREMR

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If at 93 Her Majesty’s memory of Princess Diana and love of family has evolved Abdication, can’t Media on both sides of the pond manage to report true love truth instead of conjecture of brotherly division?  And aren’t the revelations of the most substantive Democratic debate, more important than a MIA handshake?

When will Media distinguish news from superficial gossip – perhaps when, the religious ask for salvation in places of worship instead of political rallies; when we seek more female statesmen in politics than poll disciples; and when, We the People, knock inwardly for lasting solutions.

Wall Street greed is not a surface problem, but rather as ingrained, and as old, as a third of America’s 1776 citizens clinging to the status quo of landowning white male superiority.

To understand believers of Trump’s incompetent dishonesty, Pence’s hypocrisy and the duplicity of Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunes and Mitch McConnell, we need only recall Sarah Palin’s 2008 divorce from truth, prepping their path.

Each of us must choose:  believing Trump is the root of all our evil, thus continuing to dig America a shallow grave in which to bury his destructiveness, while remaining a people grasping at the pablum of advertised homogenized banalities – or step up to the truth that sets us free.

In every age, there have been people who claim to make America great, while degrading it, for their own pleasure, aggrandizement and fortunes – like the 1933 Bankers/Business Plot attempting to replace our 32nd president with someone like Donald Trump.  Using political puppets to make us pawns was conceived by J. Edgar Hoover and bequeathed to a willingly corrupt, Bill Barr.

So, it’s not the first time America has been yanked out of our American Dream into the nightmare of magnets sticking us with immoral opportunists like, Mrs. 2016 Florida, Karyn Turk who stole $219,000 of her mother’s Social Security checks.  Nor is it the first time we’ve elected leaders who keep company with men like Roy Moore and Jeffrey Epstein.

But maybe this time, we’ll beware of the contribution of phony patriotism:  the Military Industrial Complex, Dulles Brothers, Vietnam lies, pushing Middle Class upward mobility down the slippery slope of Trickle Down, and Bush/Cheney’s Mushroom Cloud – preparing the way for Too Big to Fail Wall Street bankers and their underbelly of support in the KKK and America’s Neo-Nazis.

From Tues 21 January to Tues 3 November 2020, who will honor America’s exceptional quest for an impossible dream?  Senatorial accomplices after the fact signing a 232-year-old pledge of impartiality, an occlusion attempting to block any executive stoop to conquer con, with, period, full stop, or patriots voting to remove Citizens United and settling for less from our, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

How many times must Trump publicly declare his independence from Congress and Constitution:  I don’t know him at all, don’t know what he’s about, don’t know where he comes from, don’t know nothing about him before we believe the GAO:  Donald Trump and his Administration broke the law?

Whether, breadcrumbs, yellow brick road or hyperlinks, we need to learn to learn from the bridges connecting our past and present, if in our future, we hope to save ourselves from, what is past is prologue. 

Whether America is in the best or worst of times depends on how we treat each other in whatever times we’re in, for whatever time America has left, Americans will need allies, scientists, teachers and incoming refugees to help us reason, brainstorm and act.

Arguably, most dangerous of all:  those who believe, I’ve done nothing wrong, for Trump’s Pièce de résistance is trumping Christians and mesmerizing seekers of simple solutions when facing the complexities of racial and sexual differences, gender inequality and our planet’s loss of food and clean water resources due to Climate Change.

How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? – Proverbs 1:22

We need replace superficial thinking with in depth solution-oriented questioning:

  • Stanford study reports, normal human body temperature has decreased from 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to 97.5 for men and 98.0 for women. Why?
  • Why are parts of Africa being invaded by millions of Locusts?
  • Why is it still legal to kill the mentally ill, 57 years after, I Have a Dream?
  • Why are there now twice as many suicides as homicides?
  • What is gained by denying the dangerously destructive potential of Climate Change?

Truth is, we have been preconditioned for automatic responses to our differences.  Need cinematic cold water in our Dorian Gray face to absorb this truth, see, The Public, and then revisit any ad, news program, poll, petition or campaign of any kind – and you’ll see, seeing is believing.