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Trump Racism, GOP Cowardice and Climate Denial v. The Impossible Dream – Headline & TREMR Staff Pick

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As long as we allow a 24/7 corporate owned Media hooked-up with a human impeachable offense, gluttonously consuming every news cycle, our ability to think for ourselves, declines the opportunity.

However, if we must wear a media post-debate, winners and losers straight-jacket, may I propose, on behalf of, We the People, who care for all:  civil, yet passionate, substantive debate between ten mutually respectful adults, discussing a gamut of solution options, whose policy discussion not only exposed the cowardice of Congressional Republicans swamped by Trump – but also tugged at the prudent, anchor-in-place, Independents- winning the night.

Super heroes and the wealthiest among us share little in common.  The most moneyed connected are those who send the best of us into foreign wars, while tampering with our elections and ignoring gun violence, racism and sexism that remains America’s truest domestic terrorism.

If impossible to see ourselves heroes of our generation, then let us at least prepare a better future for the potential heroism of the next, realizing where we find the exceptionalism of a universally welcoming American Dream depends on where we look.  And it isn’t in the perjury of the Mushroom Cloud weapons of mass destruction inheritors.

If 2020 voters, and non, seek ballot guidance in headline hyperbole, putting America in the hands of its dividers – disciples of Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers – not only the shameless brashness of Jim Jordan, Kellyanne Conway and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), but the silence of the self-proclaimed lambs, Mark Meadows, Lindsay Graham and Mike Pence, and the treachery of Devin Nunes and arrogance of Mitch McConnell, then…

  • Homeland security will be the euphemism of racists
  • Health-care, a myth
  • Gender and sexual equality sacrificed
  • Privacy absorbed by The Cloud, Alexa, iPods, iPads, Equifax, Student Loan Bankers, cellphones, online surveys, GPS
  • All Tweets, Instagram, Snapchat, bathroom sounds, medical conversations, passionate missionary spooning – stored for marketers profiteering from collusion with Wall Street, K Street and secretly funded politically Conservative political advertising

We don’t need no stinkin’ Russian Johns.  Fingering our climatic devices, we give it away, for free!

People like Dan Coats and Robert Mueller, who seem to those needing quick and simple sound-bites, to be hauntingly hesitant, are patriots knowing their words have rippling legal and moral consequences, and so are examples of thinking carefully before speaking.

Failing to emulate patriots like these and our Founding Fathers, renders us incapable of venturing toward the impossible vision of what should be possible, thus probably failing to achieve what is possible.

Trump has no strategy beyond the last mob chant ringing in his ears, but be assured, his fear of another dawn exposing the crushing truth that, it isn’t just the words he speaks and excuses he makes, but the very life he leads that is the lie – and it’s the devastating realization:  Trump did not make us, nor the foundation upon which he stands.  We did that, and the frequent ferocity of our national political pendulum swing, is proof of our fear of forward moving change – that waits for no person, place or thing.

Mesmerized by the repetitive superficial take-aways levied by talking heads, we play a most reckless game of Roulette with the lives of children already alive in 2019.

Aided and Abetted by government climate injustice and Pharmaceutical and health insurers climate indifference – ignoring foreign children in cages as prequel to an American experience of lost habitat, stench of polluted air, nation-wide Flint-like water and deadly food that Climate Change denial bequeaths all American children.

The leaders who fail to be a shining beacon of law-abiding ethics are the direct result of those of us who fail our highest judgment call for Justice for All:  verifiable elections.

The Presidents of Russia and the United States know who the purveyors of hate, white supremacy and fanaticism are, and they make pawns of them to destroy the freedom of thought a multi-cultural American society produces.

So, The Don conveniently dons himself in the cloak of bigot racism to solidify American fascists who, unable to distinguish between Socialism and Communism, slip out of their bedsheets to dance with Neo-Nazism – because minus an, Out of Many One core, they see only a Blackhole future.

Laws alone are neither solution nor salvation without incorruptible lawmakers.  Our Civil War and first presidential assassination did not defeat America’s inner domestic struggle with racial hate, sexual prejudice and gender bias – as Jim Crow and the assassinations of the sixties proved – because the pain we’re seeking to cure is rooted in the fear that we are not good enough, unless proving ourselves better than those who differ from us.

The real 2020 question is, will we hold these truths to be self-evident:  all are created equal.

Knowing Where We Are and Who are the Real Halloween Monsters – OpEdNews Headline

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Knowing why we’re addicted to Horror Movies, hung up on how others enjoy sex, defining each other by our bank accounts and loving easily accessible guns, our 2018, October Surprise – wasn’t.

Bombs sent to those with whom we disagree; bonus smirks from bankers possessing, stay out of jail cards ten years after Bush/Cheney’s Corporatism co-created a Great Recession for 95% of Americans – and Pittsburgh gun violence, reminiscent of Charleston, reaffirm, our need for self-reflection.

Those now seemingly possessed by a heightened, more easily radicalized, sense of powerlessness, empowered by residue of foreign hacked election stealing, aided and abetted by social media platforms as bottom-line focused as international financial institutions masquerading as American – are addicted anew by the highest ranking self-proclaimed, Nationalist, in America.

No, Tom Bossert, Gun Violence is not a political issue, but a life-threatening one – and if we can’t purge ourselves of Open Carry, cleansed our politics of trumped idolaters and purify America of the dirty money masking demons as heroes, then we must at least become champions of electing to diminish the rising anti-American fear of Jewish-Americans, anti-diversity hate of African-Americans – and anti-cultural differences still branding Native, Asian and Latino Americans with the hypocrisy of anti-female Republicans.

The Trump Family didn’t originate avarice, any more than their clan leader originated what he needs Americans to become to impregnate America.

Until we internalize, it’s not banks but bankers protecting non-empathetic Boards; not just the self-deluded propelling tragedy with Second Amendment misinterpretations interrupting life with murderous gun violence and intimidating bombs – and it’s not just Donald Trump who is responsible.

All are accountable, not just marionettes droning nonsensical conservative talking points about, we need safe boarders, with little concern for those living within our borders enduring limited means.

Let’s not be Mike Pence taking the 5th on the sidelines – supreme clones of self-righteous supremacists – Congressional Republicans thinking themselves gods, controlling an administration of cuspidors spitting back onto the innocent, the vile rhetoric of fear and hate mongers.

Whether uncompromising Left or radicalized Alt-Right – both elevate Donald Trump.  The former as demagogue we can beat like a misogynist Piñata filled with Party bigotry, and the latter, a Johnny-Come-Lately Ku-Klux-Klan second coming, profiting off Americans, on both sides of centered civil debate.

Twitter Trump, despite teleprompter performances, is not remotely worthy of being hailed as the American Dream come true, for he cares no more for those who elected him than he does for his fantasized Caravan adaptation.

Every earthly hue has long believed in an America peopled by a saving grace, refugees, migrants and immigrants have sought, since the Pilgrims invaded the home of Native-Americans.

Time to admit where we are and that We the People got us here.

While there is little doubt that those among us who are, whether willfully or helplessly, more susceptible to a throw-back of Europe’s 1930s despot rallies, our real Halloween monsters are pawn manipulators costuming inhumane themes to justify righteousness as ordained exclusively for Caucasians – like Mitch McConnell’s Kroger constituent proclaiming, Whites don’t kill whites – unless, it seems, they are Jewish.

The deadliest attack on Jewish-Americans in the history of a united America aligned in globalism seventy-three years ago to defeat the fear fueled hate that still, in 2018, emboldens violent racists, self-aggrandizing bankers and villainous politicians.

On Tuesday 6 November 2018, we can choose to elect the America we insist we are:  a melting pot magnet simmering with justice for all – perhaps embracing more Emma Lazarus, than Reihan Salam.

Beware, however, our Mid-Term results may ignite more violence.  How we respond to it will determine where America is and from where our monsters have come.

On 12 September 2001, I drove to Gettysburg, not knowing why I was drawn to do so.  Since Donald Trump’s escalator descension of us and ascension to the presidency, I’ve realized the purpose of my journey:  at arguably the greatest violent expression of American division, there was cathartic motivation for unity and justice for all.

God knows where we are and who Trump is – it’s time for America to embrace this wisdom, knowing that it must begin with the reasonable, and forgiving, among us – exposing the money funding fear and hate into Domestic Terrorism.