It’s the Lack of Testing Stupid:  Spotlighting GOP COVID-19 Charade – Best of TREMR & Headline

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Whether or not White House Valet serving meals to our Commander-in-Chief, while testing COVID-19 positive, infected Donald Trump, two things are true:  because of Trump’s lying to himself as much as he does to us, most of We the People don’t have the luxury of being tested, and in fourteen days, Donald Trump will still be too sick to be president of the United States.

Notwithstanding Bill Barr’s DOJ, justice and our Constitution demand that we, petition the government for a redress of grievances:

Why are Agencies, like FEMA and the CDC specifically created to minimize public devastation in times of natural catastrophe, walking on political eggshells and revising lifesaving guidelines, instead of ensuring the public’s welfare?

Until it is immediately apparent, with plans of implementation in place, that a glut of farmers’ cows & milk, chickens & eggs, potatoes, vegetables and pigs is a solution in need of expedited transportation to struggling Food Banks, online college students, stay-at-home children, women and America’s increasing unemployed in the wealthiest nation on earth, for some, we are all in this together, like our president, is painfully offensive to all forced to linger in their cars for hours awaiting food to feed their families.

However, we cannot afford to delay until the swamp drains itself or Liberal reason balances the extremes of progression and conservative regression, nor for the legal replacement of Right-Wing Governors, or aging out of CEOs who don’t care how many gullible constituents or low wage employees get sick or die from, bigger bang for the bosses’ buck apathetic mind-set at factory farms, meat packing plants or ecommerce online storefronts camouflaging mass indifference with Coronavirus coated carboard.

When insisting automatic weapons guarantee the freedom to desert Pro-Life Conservative Right-To-Life edicts, the right to spit on masks of uniformed police and liberty to open non-essential businesses during a pandemic – who’s benefiting?

Who plays the village idiot card to perfection:  GOP PAC paid freelancers, hedging Conservative CEO bets or a pawn reinstating essential pandemic Task Force because it is, so popular?

Perhaps the root of all anti-reality evil is Trump’s fantasies-du-jour, layered in the conceit that voters haven’t a clue regarding his negligence in providing PPEs and testing?  But, suppose his McConnell enabled disregard is an intentional attempt to determine 2020 GOP victories?

Why is it that Trump/Pence think they can fool some of the people all of the time?  What if The Right Corporatism’s underbelly board members are the nemesis of inconvenient scientific facts?

Why are case and casualty numbers rising in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin?

Are elected Conservative Republicans really so short-sighted that they are willing to gamble with the lives of Americans who desperately need their employment income, no matter how onerous the work environment was pre- COVID-19 and now even more dangerous for GOP dominated states and municipalities historically more dependent on the tax dollars of America’s Left of Center electorate?

Are all of us living within America’s borders left with only one choice:  placing our faith in reason, each other, and the better angels of scientific fact or suffer the consequences of Corporatism’s Trumpism greed?

Who among us profane, love thy neighbor as thyself, by denying the connections between:

Until we evaluate human life, not by human income but by our return on investments in human kindness with a bottom line yielding human decency, our lack of emergency readiness, safe food, clean water, fresh air, affordable healthcare, protective stockpiles for all caregivers, medical professionals or not, and safe working conditions for all employees regardless of income bracket, educational level or color of skin – answers that foresee, prevent and manage emergencies before they decimate life as we know it, will be drowned out by the nonsense of the unknowing, the uncaring and the profit hoarders of Corporatism’s control of Congress and cajoled.

Believing in what the second Americans ensconced in most of our Constitution, let us manifest our exceptional potential challenged by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, FDR’s, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and JFK’s Ask what you can do for your country

Older men have always sacrificed young adults to other wars, but with Coronavirus the enemy is our complacent lack of preparation, political foresight, and equitable compassion.  It is GOP arrogance and the ignorance of those in lockstep with it that is overwhelming American democracy.

COVID-19’s warning:  we must do better.

Imminent Threat to America:  Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump and Climate Change Deniers

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We remain a nation dedicated to following old angry men into fighting the last war with the next generation, instead of filling Congress, Judgeships and State and Federal Executive positions with them.  We are a people still defending freedom by oppressing those less fortunate, and citizens still confusing patriotic civic duty with, that’s not my problem.

Iranians, holding accountable their leaders, who, like Trump/McConnell think themselves above the law, reversing their approval of a, proportional response, to the precision outcome of a flippant presidential golf course order to takeout a celebrated murderer, that spared American lives, but killed 82 of their own – Trump impeachment headlines slide to third place, life-threatening Australian fires left to pleas from Golden Globe winners and Puerto Rican earthquake barely receiving an honorable mention.

The imminent threat to America is Americans transforming ourselves into separated solos, behind firewalls blinding us to the dangers of remote revenge transposing the ensemble of life on earth into collateral for Trumpism.

Yes potentially, we are better than the hypocrisy of Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell and Trump/Pence, yet we still allow their direction for America to determine our character.

Those over fifty may claim some degree of ignorance, as historically, government practiced, citizens should be seen but not heard, until stunned when sixties’ assassinations, the Vietnam War and Nixon’s exposed criminality not only woke the unknowing masses but jolted their mass appeal for, all we like sheep.

It’s not too late to save ourselves from the dragons of Corporatism who have always known the deadly dangers of their adroitly aimed addictions:  cigarettes, Opioids and fossil fuels – convincing millions, we couldn’t do without them, until we couldn’t – if seniors and Millennials unite.

Unlike the German originals and their American Neos, we cannot claim, we didn’t know concentration of love of money trading lives for lies and, being mesmerized by narrowing views, lured into tangling webs we ourselves weave with divisive chants of misinformation.

For better or worse, American births confirm, to whom much is given, from him much is expected, and everyday bears witness to how much more we’ve been given than others, despite allowing bankers, oil men & women and their political, and media, puppets to magnify economic gain as an escape clause.

In 1929 American industry, corporations and government knew, what a margarine commercial would imply fifty years later, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature, and did nothing to warn us; no industry adjustments, no Wall Street public service announcements, no government offer of freedom of choice.  Honestly, loving ever increasing convenience as we do, what would we have stopped, changed, or even slowed?

Would we have returned Mr. Olds’ Oldsmobile for a wagon train; recanted desertion of Mall Stores for Amazon packages stolen from our front porch?  Will we give up our Netflix streaming recliner when movie theaters get what Blockbuster didn’t, and lower movie ticket prices?

Blessings and Miracles, like Royal Marriages and foreign Markets, are a flawed evolutionary chain of events – and America’s tragedies and comedies, a mystery whose beauty resides in the eyes of the electorate – just as the chain of evidence links our dictatorial, practicing demagoguery imperialistic and impeached president to Iran’s conservative religious leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

America isn’t immune to Newton’s third law.  The chain of revenge has come full circle from General Solemani, through Trump’s irrational hitjob to Iranian missiles snatching life from 176 souls – and with them, too perilously and unforgivingly close to stealing the last shreds of proof of America’s human decency.

We’re not separate and apart from the government we elect.  Yet we are better than Trump/Pence and deserve better than Mitch McConnell and his GOP corroding America – but we’ll never achieve it if our thoughts, focus and energy stop at such villains, instead of embracing a collective and individual pursuit of a life of loving excellence.

Truth that sets us free:  we can never return to what we thought normal before Trump, because that normalcy, trusting gender inequity and believing Facebook, elected him.

Truth is, the earth will live longer than all life upon it today, especially if we allow a Trump infested unencumbered conservative GOP to have its way:  ignoring the Constitution, raping our environment and degrading the presidency.

We can, nonetheless, be a 2020 Revelation:  more new beginning than assumption that, on Mars we’ll be able to eat money.

What does it matter if…

  • people who see the world like Chuck Todd can’t fathom why Speaker Pelosi delayed Trump Senate trial headlines
  • Wall Street moguls lose sleep over Andrew Yang’s pragmatism
  • Mitch McConnell believes he can fool all of the people all of the time

When we see kindred souls in each other and seize this truth:  we’re not done.