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For trumped Upper Financial Echelon: We the People, are Expendable – Tremr Staff Pick & OpEdNews.com Headline

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Exposure of a non-secured Kushner-Trump-Pence regime sorely lacking necessary acumen for national security and empathetic humanity (Roger Stone that) is not the only teachable moment, amidst a contrived American hostage situation.

Momentarily discharged from latest extreme Right-Wing schooling, and still understandably stunned by a hallucinatory president, can we please affirm, the last thing America needs is another billionaire with no government experience, claiming he’s the cream in our coffee.

The gold standard silver lining of Trump’s shutdown of reason is, we now know, almost a million young and senior genders, of every race, color, heritage and political and sexual persuasions, were joined together in food-lines, depending on the kindness of strangers – and, provided we cure our short-term memory loss, once the cash flow returns, we just might start talking, and doing something about America’s caste system.

For starters, let’s re-gift this cold water in our face, to myopic news media, with a resounding reunification proclamation:  deliver factual news awareness that razes to the ground all walls inciting self-fulfilling prophesies.  Thus, armed with information, not hyped conjectured opinion, we can progress beyond trumped up malicious manifested malignancy.

We, the expendable, matured now by the knowledge that the American Dream is not limited to the nightmare of a self-serving Trump organization but remains the invitation to our future to undo the horrors of our past:  a nation lacking any semblance of income parity between male and female, nurses & doctors, teachers & sports players – is no, Land of the Free.

Democrats, if we’re different from Republicans, admit America’s walls existed long before Donald Trump accidentally fell into the lap of concrete underbelly thinking, and advance our global, glacial, climate and mental health economic thinking to actionable awareness.

United Democrats can best help all Americans see beyond the Trump/Pence era, to not only stop drinking leftover Trickle-Down Kool-Aid, but to educate all, that Americans living paycheck to paycheck know more about budgets, income, taxes and economic recovery than those responsible for the Bush/Cheney Recession and Trump/Pence/Mnuchin deficits.

The ultimate lesson at the heart of our longest government shutdown is:  too much wealth collected in State Houses and Congress by Wall Street rentals, has blinded power seekers to the fact that, we are neither chattel nor pawns – when not easily distracted by the glitz of the greedy protecting their need for our over consumerism.

We are more than the soulless who crave a craven White House, and those genuflecting to a pro-Putin president.  We are what survives and thrives after the last hurrah of rogue regimes.

It’s less about MAGA capped kids and more about how we’re still abandoning our original Americans to poverty.  It’s about demeaning cabinet positions, and a Commerce Secretary who hasn’t a clue about America’s daily bread.

Nonetheless, because of Trump’s shutdown, we now must face that to America’s peril, hundreds of thousands of over-worked Americans with too little savings and too few benefits, are only two paychecks away from potential homelessness.

We’ve all made mistakes when jumping to simplistic conclusions over superficial first impressions but falling for a candidate allied with a foreign power indulges in the worst lie of all:  the lie we tell ourselves about being superior to any life-form on earth.

Yes, our Founding Fathers, expected Exceptionalism would free people of their land-owning class, gender and race to self-govern, with the proviso of an Electoral College to prevent mob rule – but America’s Founding Fathers couldn’t have imagined a Russian hack in the White House.

However, in 2019-2020, national maturity suggests we cease and desist ceding permission for any screen size to spy on, or shape our opinions and self-perceptions around, our least common denominator.

156 years after our Declaration of Independence evolved into Lincoln’s, more perfect union, we’re beckoned to, passionately live a life of excellence focusing our energetic endeavors on what’s next and new, because indeed, we are better than our current GOP debacle.

Even during holiday celebrations, when my Grandmamma spoke, raucous yielded the room to the wisdom found in listening silently.  I’ve often seen her in the inner glow and intense stare of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Speaker Nancy Pelosi – but media hyperbole is wrong!  There are no winners, and no victory for America until we stop allowing arrogance to suck our sustenance and humanity off the exceptional rainbow lite path, forward.

Our recent past, and possible encore of a Trump induced national endurance test, chasing phantom southern border threats has gifted us this knowledge:  it is not the first time we’ve been designated, expendable by the moneyed powerful – but now we know, America’s greatness, like patriotism, is an honest overture constantly welcoming different points-of-view, while heroically walking in the skin of diversity’s justice for all. 



Hope in Sanctions – Obama v Trump – Mothers & Daughters: Headlined on OpEdNews.com

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film-debbie-reynolds-and-carrie-fisher-250When I began writing about a President-Elect oblivious to, one president at a time, rushing to make America 1953 again, Carrie Fisher died.  After Debbie Reynolds joined her daughter, I began again, because, in addition to these tragic loses – giving up on each other, abandoning the courage of civility and the wisdom that the rising tide lifts all the boats – in 2016, we lost our faith in reason.

Greed for power over the less powerful is America’s top-down malignancy, but Trumpetts cannot produce Amerigeddon without our duplicity.  However, if we seek shade in the shadows of infamy — all inherit the wind of what is past is prologue.

Anachronisms Nixon, Mitch McConnell Bush/Cheney mushroomed America’s declining health — but in 2016, the Hyenas gathered to feast.

I want to be associated with interesting quotes,” asserted Donald Trump.  Does the man who would be king, believe humanity is a three-ring circus awaiting a command performance of P. T. Barnum in Fake News Tweets?

We the People don’t need a PhD in common sense, because it’s readily available to any open mind:  2017 is neither time for silence nor physical violence; boycotting an Inauguration proclaims to the world, we will keep our Democratic Republic, with or without an Electoral College – proving we’ve lost neither our souls nor the Good Fight. 

However, putting one’s faith in, the only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun, is a good man with a gun, is a dementia not excused by a lack of formal education.

Trump is not as much the problem as a reflection of our denying our problems.  A Me First mind-set is not new to American politics, news media or elections.  Even our Supreme Court has decreed politicized opinion as the whole truth.

Also, Trump is not the first crazy elected president.  Nixon’s Madman theory, faking finger on the nuclear weapons launch button, to scare the Soviet Union into ending the Vietnam War, utilized eighteen real B-52s loaded with real nuclear bombs for a Dr. Strangelove flyover of Palin’s porch!

2016 political and moral loses are a call to action:  attention must be paid, to prevent our enslavement to centers of corruption — not just congressional seats, corporate banking board rooms or K. Street suites — corruption is also in exploding airbags & phones, over-simplified breaking news and snake oil revivalists.

Follow the money remains wisdom’s reward for intelligence.

Considering the untouchable murderous increase in Capone’s Chicago — the moral defeat of fairness, tolerance, curtesy and equality by immorality and political hypocrisy – and our losses:

* Champions:  Cindy Stowell, Gwen Ifill, Zaha Hadid, Mahamid Ali

*Heroes:  Elie Wiesel & Shimon Peres, Janet Reno & Nancy Reagan — John Glenn

* Artists:  Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Harper Lee, Richard Adams, Jim Harrison, Michael Cimino, Robert Vaughn, Anton Yelchin, Garry Marshall, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, and, with Carrie Fisher, R2D2 Kenny Baker – hope is strained…

But if an American president and Japanese PM can unite in Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor, the remnants of a vile and disorderly 2016 election can defeat Koch Red Mapping, restore Republican Moderates and fuse Democrats and Progressives.

Inspired by the love of Debbie Reynolds, we discover we’re as courageous as The Rockettes, J. K. Rowling, Senator Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama – standing tall like Standing Rock on a foundation of solid victories:

  • First woman nominated by a major political party wins popular vote by nearly three million
  • Like David standing before the Goliath of dishonesty, inspired by the smallness of bigots, armed with the torch of our Lady Liberty, we are fearlessly reignited
  • Like a feisty, wise and full of hope Princess Leia, we are free at last to love all of God’s children – male, female, gay, straight, transgender, black, white, Jew, Gentile, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Asian…

May the Force be with us:  people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances – to actively question, advocate for planet & clean air and water for all life upon it — and dust off The Emoluments Clause — to resist the union of arrogance and ignorance — Amen!