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Have I told you Lately that I Love You? Headlined by 11/11/15

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Agenda Destroy Whistleblowers SmallThe world view is:  bare chested grand master of Olympic doping Putin is the fairest in the land, while Republicans are the greatest threat to America and world peace.  Yet, here in the United States of America, those threatened most with being ignored to death, vote their fear — electing Conservative Republicans.

So before assisting our parents with throwing out our children with Baby Boomer dirty water, let’s ask our neighbors, our leaders and most of all, our mirrors, what have we told ourselves lately?  As for whistleblowers and veterans, thank you for trying to put the wind back beneath our wings.

Have we told you lately that we need you?

America cannot sustain its exceptional pretense much longer, without imploding, and Band-Aids, like Sea World’s fishy camouflage drowning out the truth of disappearing audiences for imprisoned Orcas, won’t cut bait anymore.  So hello young voters whoever, and wherever you are, you are now a part of our national, Truth or Consequences.

With all due respect, here’s a big picture election teaching moment:  it wasn’t the peaceful demonstrations of Concerned Student 1950 or Jonathan Butler’s Mizzou hunger strike, but talking money that would be lost without football – so, enhance your Bucket List:  re-create paper trail ballots, in the digital age, and vote.

With reason aforethought, 2016 can be the resurrection of the essence of our highest ideals, intellect and unity – or our Last Hurrah!

However, there will be no $15 an hour minimum wage, no ratified ERA and no Roman Holiday, unless those under fifty years old, vote for government transparency, vote for an enlightened South and vote for an end to Red vs. Blue.

The Good Fight to recapture the American Dream is happening right now in 2015, and with more villains than heroes on the battlefield, our adult children need to vote to save our grandparents, from themselves.

Have we told you lately there is no cure for Alzheimer’s without research dollars; no help for apathy, but action; no chance for change in complacency.

While some have forgotten that America is more than memorials and statues of the long ago, we have climbed too high above the foundation of our Founding Fathers, to let the dream be trumped by unworthy jesters who think us foolish enough to be their foot stools.

Let us learn from the courage of whistleblowers and veterans, and revitalize elder memories, youthful dreams and young at heart pragmatism with the importance of compromise and the necessity for the whole truth and nothing but the good, the bad and the ugly truth.

Bridge the chasm between what is and what we’ve been told to believe, and before it’s too late, tell yourself you love you, and then tell three others who don’t look, think or vote like you.

We may never again know the pure patriotism of blood stained Valley Forge snow, but on the journey to recapture our ensemble, we could become the America we thought we were.

Truth is, a sitting Vice President targeted whistleblowers for a G. W. Bush Nixon-like hit list, and the death wish stench of Dick’s breath snuffed out truth.  Lives, careers, reputations, economies, like our children, were Left Behind, as was an envelope on the Oval Office desk.

We’ll never know what message Bush left for Barack Obama, but arguably, whatever secrets they were, began the transformation of the prince of hope, change and Yes We Can, into a political pragmatist and real-time chess playing drone warrior-in-chief, with a Department of Justice that reigned down both pin prick justice on Wall Street Financial Institutions and injustice on the whistleblowers who exposed their government, for which our veterans fought.

Have we yet told a United States Army soldier Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, or CIA Officer John Kiriakou, or NSA Senior Thomas Drake or DOJ attorney Jesselyn Radack, or even Snowden, that we love them for their sacrifice to save us and our country from Corporatism and what Corporatism has done to our government?

The terrorist attacks Americans suffered on September 11, 2001 were used

  • For NSA, CIA and General Michael Hayden domestic surveillance
  • For CIA secret torture prisons, worse than Guantanamo
  • For flagrant FBI misconduct
  • For Thin Thread, Trailblazer,
  • For Fourth Amendment violations and
  • To justify police brutaliy

Have we told ourselves lately, love of freedom requires galvanizing equality minded voters, to end the lies we’ve been telling ourselves, about ourselves.Statue of Libersty & Flag

Sweet Land of Liberty, CRomnibus and Torture I sing!  Headlined Tuesday 12/16 by

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TRV Human BeingAmerica is a nation of extremes, but with inconsistent tolerance for extremists and no dependable majority foundation for those who diminish us with torture, corrupt our sense of balance with an inequitable cluster of bullets, or overdose our electoral process with Supreme financial steroids.

As friends and family gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings on rushed buying and exchanging, during multi-cultural Season’s Greetings for holidays intersecting in monetary nod to peace on earth detour, remember those gifts stolen by man’s inhumanity to twenty elementary school sons and daughters and their six self-sacrificing guardian teachers.

Give the gift of heroes who on 9/11, rushed to save, as did Tarrant Police Officer William Stacey, hearing a voice crying out in the wilderness, I need to put food in my baby’s stomach.


Whether CIA agent or submarine shower spy, self-serving foot dragging politician or activists calling to action; Wall Street greed or Main Street need, we must honor what is honorable, and purge, cleanse and purify ourselves by holding the dishonorable accountable.

Whether battlefield military or ballot box civilian, we mustn’t link to Nazi excuse, We Didn’t Know, for lying to ourselves, we collaborate with traitors betraying our national soul.

Whether we call it enhanced interrogation or not, what it did or didn’t procure can never justify.  Torture for any reason is repugnant international behavior that defines a nation and its people, and those who order it, are as much bottom feeders as those who behead the innocent.

On 12/13/14 tens of thousands of the American rainbow demonstrated the exceptionalism of our U. S. Constitution, while proving the power of peaceful protest against the puppeteers who use Romney’s 47%, to turn their vote against themselves; against what Founding Fathers launched, Lincoln preserved, against what The Greatest Generation fought for, and for which King and Kennedys died:  #Justice4All.

Wars are rarely the best choice, and worst, when the first choice of those who don’t have to fight them. Afghanistan War against 9/11 attackers was a war on terror.

The preemptive attack on Iraq, torture at Guantanamo and all our youth who returned brain damaged, maimed or didn’t come back at all, were acts of terror by our own government — and there was no honor in it.

The ironic truth is that the names of our torturers are as representative of America’s cultural diversity as the thousands peacefully protesting torture by sexual abuse, racism, gender inequality, and gun violence – truly, America is a melting-pot of extremes.


  • If you think your vote in reaction to oral sex in the Oval was worth the lives lost in the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz invasion into a country that had nothing to do with 9/11
  • If you still think the Mushroom Cloud gang of GW Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, David Addington, Jay Bybee, John Rizzo, Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell, Alberto Gonzales, Condoleezza Rice, Cofer Black, and Jose Rodriguez served well any Americans but themselves
  • If, like General Michael Hayden, you think it’s acceptable that we knowingly held twenty-six innocent people in Guantanamo for months

Then you are among those duped by the billionaires who purchased our 114th Congress, with your 2014 vote, to erode Dodd Frank Act, and thus ensconce a Too Big to Jail security blanket for Wall Street corporate criminals, at the expense of our national stability, international reputation and individual dignity. 

The real terror comes from those who think torture is a Patriot Act, and from those who vote for them. 

Follow the money.  Speak truth to power.  Join those whose voice will no longer be muted – and make them hear you!