Despite Trump, there’s a better World A-Coming — Headlined by 5-4-17

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Most Americans, have always worked hard to get ahead, but if you weren’t as pale as Andrew Jackson, you had to run faster and slave longer to be acknowledged:  hero.

Not so for Groper-in-Chief proponent of foxy sexual harassment, walled in by conflicts of interest, threatening affordable healthcare and scientific discovery shutdown.

Whether shouting from baseball stands, religious altars, white hoods or Bully Pulpit, mocking or demeaning others is the act of cowards with horrific potential and tragic probability.

Yet, we still walk among heroes — in classrooms, hospitals and neighborhoods; in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes and floods — good Samaritans clothed as strangers, saving us from the reality of erratic humans and weather extremes.

Though a nation too steeped in denial and consumed by belly-up fear, spun by spin:  hot-air, broken promises and past glories, blowing in our face like ice cycles in Spring, no divider-in-chief can wall in American heroism, if women, children, scientists, educators, activists, surgeons general, attorneys general and peaceful protesters advocate for reason, equal justice for all, renewable energy, clean air & water, free public education and a financially secure EPA – knowing true heroes rally to save — not incite to riot.

Heroes are rarely loud or torturous or self-aggrandizing; rarely thinking themselves superior or even worthy.  They are teachers & nurses, doctors & lawyers, the insightful friend — and stranger just in the nick of time.

Yet, heroes aren’t only those saving families in trapped cars, breathing life anew into infants, but are the daily bread care propelling us forward, in melodic ensemble:  there’s a better world a-coming.

Now we petition, march and campaign to renew elections with an informed electorate.  We must be risk-taking heroes for our children because their children are depending on it.

We are the descendants of depression, inheritors of progressive winds and stewards of the immigration legacies of legends.  Heroes and immigrants, come in all sizes, shapes, shades and sexes — but where there are dreamers, there are detractors; where the best & the brightest, also fear of change; where innovative ideas, old habits; where God Bless America, assassinations in the streets; where just say nofatted calf feasts for drug lords; where genius, envy; outreach, duck & cover — for every protagonist, an antagonist and every hero, a villain – where heroes seek balance, cowards create chaos.

Despite a James Comey two-step or POTUS MIA side-stepping, Not the White House Correspondences Dinner, broadcast chambers maintain empty barrels, oblivious to America’s greatness is in the kindness of strangers, mentors and Nature.


  • White Congressional males or Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, Hetty Green, Hellen Keller & her teacher Anne Sullivan, Frances Perkins, Georgia O’Keeffe, Amelia Earhart, Marion Anderson, Rosa Parks, Martha Raye, Katherine Graham, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Reagan, Shirley Chisholm, Maya Angelou, Audrey Hepburn, Coretta Scott King, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Simone Manuel, Simone Biles and Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
  • Newborn William Billy Kimmel’s doctors, nurses and scientists who develop ways to save the lives of babies and the elderly or Climate deniers

May 1884, Moses Fleetwood Walker squatted to catch baseball fans off guard.  Seven years before Tax Day was knocked out of the Ides of March, Jackie Robinson stole bases in 1947 almost as fast as a 1936 Buckeye Bullet winning four Olympic gold medals.

Yet we still need Sam Cooke and Woody Guthrie lyrics to apologize to Adam Jones – but I know, a change is gonna come, oh yes, it is.

Since, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, the GOP has diminished equality for non-whites, non-males, non-straights and non-documented American dreams.

Caveat Emptor:  Halliburton gulf oil deaths, Pharmaceutical price hikes and Healthcare that denies covering pre-existing conditions.

We choose who we honor as heroes:

  • Mike Flynn or Desmond Doss who earned his Medal of Honor by saving 75 wounded at Hacksaw Ridge?
  • Donald Trump or Jimmy Kimmel?

MOBs don’t fire honor and too often, America’s forgotten heroes are women.

Change that makes a better world, allows truth to set us free from the darkness of Lincoln’s betrayers and  Emerge  into the light of Heroes.


Before the Parade Passes by Democracy

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Though no political starry-eyed novice, viewing stunning Brit cast of Parade’s End, I wondered aloud, who could lie so easily with equal measure of arrogance and hypocrisy, without a scintilla of remorse.

Reliving Hill v Thomas, watching Confirmation, I remembered the mockery of justice for all sweating out of Trey Gowdy, for senior partners behind the corporate curtain — and I asked the darkness, is winning, Left, Right and Center, the new alt-Mission.

If so, all of us, regardless of political persuasion need to pause, take a mental breath and self-impose a 24-hour moment of silence, to think — breathing out Liberal hyperbole, Right Wing falsehoods and merry-go-round media, we free both Left and Right brain.

It’s not just Trump or those who voted for him.  It’s the people who invest in the people who project their sins on We the People, believing democracy is a calculated commodity.

A national Time Out could still the nightmare and reawaken the dream of possibility thinking – including, but not limited to, pausing the current presidency’s 140-character reign.

Despite the embarrassingly awkward attempt to preempt a Trump congressional premiere, the strained, underwhelming, miss-cued, parroting duo of Thomas Perez and Keith Ellison, prompted former Palin tutor and current MSNBC contributor, Stephen Edward “Steve” Schmidt to, uncharacteristically be categorically wrong, in his assertion that the Democratic Party made a miserable Trump congressional rebuttal choice, in former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

I was in the room when seventy-five-year-old Bernie Sanders asked a standing room only gathering of supporters, to prevent a Donald Trump presidency, by supporting Hillary.

The enormous Pennsylvania Convention Hall space was overflowing with a sea of supporters, from Millennials to great-grand parents, smart phones held high over our tear-stained faces – Democrats are senior wisdom, youthful virtuosity and the power of diversity.

Monday November 7, 2016, the GOP was media pronounced DOA.  At 2:00am Wednesday November 9, 2016, talking cable heads began substituting GOP demise with, The Democratic Party is leaderless and helplessly divided?  Now the collective think is:  there’s some Russian rotting in the Trump Swamp of Goldman Sachs.

America has survived wars of adversity and inconsistent trust in diversity — not always rising above conservative hesitancy failing to see and value all humanity.  So, when our hope seems a mere slither of light Red Mapped between Wall Street and GOP leaders – our majority of minorities lifts us above the extremes of extremists.

Good is Peacefully Assemble; bad is accepting the bottom line of two, tarnished by Wall Street, national political parties; ugly is the lies we tell ourselves to justify electing the worst among us.

The union between Wall Street, Congress and Red State politicians, is a marriage of convenience that is more akin to European Aristocracy before WWI, than American patriotism – and while branding democratic All for One and One for All as Communism – it is as likely to shun its own republican support.  Self-preservation of economic elites is not individualism, it’s a prejudicial selection system.

The Democratic Party is Oprah Winfrey & Elizabeth Warren, college students & the Clintons, Khizr Khan & the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber.  We are the Women’s March and Moral Mondays, realizing Freedom of Choice is Free Will.  We believe in science, preserving the planet & all life upon it and, that the promise of our Statue of Liberty is the foundation of American Exceptionalism.

So, Democratic Party leaders need cease and desist all attempts to ascertain how to win back The Rust Belt — for Democrats are The Rust Belt and our base remains:  Out of Many, One.

Democrats comprise an eclectic UNITED States of EVERYONE Party — and the sooner Centrists and Left Wingers embrace each other in this reality, the sooner America can Lift Every Voice and Sing: Happy Days are here Again!

It’s not just real Russian hacks nor fantasy Trump wiretaps – nor even heated Town Halls for GOP tap dancers.  It’s knowing Lincoln’s government of, by and for the people wasn’t a guarantee, but a gauntlet to the future of democracy.