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In Thanksgiving for Ferguson Tragedy

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PurposeMom said you get smarter the more you think for yourself, so be thankful for tragedy; Dad, when stopping at an intersection, look at the driver of the other car, not the car; when things broke down, Uncle Gino explained, it’s gone Republican on me.

Grandmamma haunts with, each of us has a definite major purpose, but timing is Divine.

Whether plopping down our money, our votes or on our sofa, we’re always falling for corporatism’s sales pitch and politicians promising Change, as if change eluded the masses, but the favored few could capture and deliver it at the bottom of a pot of gold.

Rarely conceiving, it’s we who change the direction, not the car, we who make the magic, not the stars; we who are both instruments and music not financiers conducting bottom lines of tone deaf members of congress.

Grief stricken, we believed America was changed forever on 9/11.  Then came Katrina flyover, screams of Sandy Hook children, and Christie tucking away millions of Hurricane Sandy relief, with little evidence of change.

But despite GW’s Great Recession, Boston Marathon bombers failed to keep us from crossing the finish line.

And though politicians fearful of equitable affordable healthcare for all, accepted millions of election dollars to change it, and voters went Republican on us, thankfully, they lost legal ground on Voter ID laws, Same Sex marriage and preventing Executive Orders.

As we lift ourselves up out of the ashes of attempted suicide by midterm election, change we can believe in, materializes.

Whether turkey sandwiches or moonlit belly bird filled, racing to preempt Friday hangovers before stuffing shoppers the day after taking from Indian givers; whether manhandling our way through pretend sales or being stepped over by bargain hunters, the almighty dollar keeps We the Consumers, at the top of the food chain.  Thankful yet?

Thankful for hands raised, hearts full, Immokalee farmworkers and president unshackled from frightened corporate conservatives contributing billions to obstruct America’s future?

In their rut, Conservatives beckon us downward, with manipulative TV ads, questionable prosecutors, sportsman like wife beaters and lawless law enforcement without nametags or body cameras, to assist in our national burial.

Ferguson, 2014 Midterms and mud crawling immigrant children show us the way up:  over-consumers discover non-consuming power overpowers fire consuming riots.

Something has changed:  finally a hint of national repulsion, over raped daughters and gun downed sons.

For a nation, no longer quite dipped in the economic sauce of, by and for the turkeys at the top, who, with malice aforethought based our American Dream with massive foreclosure fraud – I give thanks.

In thanksgiving for Moral Mondays, Giving Tuesdays and all those recognizing the good still outnumber the bankers, let us be grateful.

Thank migrant workers harvesting our food and Pope Francis embracing communion between evolution and Eden.

Anyone can keep the faith when there is no rape, racism, violence, police state, abduction with intent to defile, corporatism or O. K. Coral style gunning down of our youth in city parks.

If it was easy, anyone could maintain strength of character, but our measure is revealed whether we’re leaving unarmed gunshot victims in the street for hours, burning police cars or peacefully facing the root cause of our dissonance:  those who benefit most from dividing us.

The eminence of a nation is determined by the humanity of its people – not by life’s roller-coaster ride, but in how well, helping each other, we navigate the comedies and tragedies in our pursuit of solid rock on which to stand.

If we allow, tragedies Ferguson, 2014 voter ID shame and Sabrina Erdely’s Rolling Stone revelation will ignite in us the wisdom to turn ourselves around, to boycott perpetrators, rather than demonize the persecuted.

When Main Street rises above the manipulation of Madison Ave, we regain balanced and principled footing.  Then we will Occupy the high ground, and give notice to corporatism’s political puppets:  We have overcome.CIW LOGOCIW Tomatoes




2 U Who Inherit the 

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Earth 2

Now, you who Inherit the Wind, coal ash water, fired up earth — no burying heads in sand, hearts in partying, nor minds in oblivious whining – for in lost elections there is liberal education to recapture the essence of citizenship, civility and creative economic opportunity.

Free at last, free at last!  Thank Conservative dollars Almighty, #PBO is free at last, to be all we voting Yes We Can believers, hoped he’d change us into being.

You who will inherit the earth can be forgiven for thinking Obama could change American politics and even save the world single handedly, for thanks to us, so did he:  from Chicago’s Grant Park November 4, 2008, when we cried tears of joy with Oprah until, Happy Days Are Here Again faded under the residue of the Mushroom Cloud administration, with Conservative Republicans, delivering us unto Recession and Wall Street unto Too Big To Jail.

Y/Millennium, you inherit the earth from Baby Boomers, without the I Have a Dream wisdom of Thoreau, if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.  Instead, in part due to I got this, we, self-satisfied that electing a different looking president, guaranteed a different looking results, went home.

If you’re under 40 years old, you are going to inherit the earth we allow the old white predominately male bonus laden Wall Street CEO’s and their Congressional puppets leave us.

Before 140 character attention vapors evaporate, or irresistible Instagram urges plow asunder new butt cheeks discussion, let’s consider…

  • Whether a peaceful Hands Up protester or police state racist; a twenty something voter or political coaster; a misinformed or uninformed thirties Open Carry Right Wing Nutcase or Nader gator Green Energy part-time park tent Occupier — you will inherit the earth the Koch brothers and Koch heads like Mitch McConnell, Sheldon Adelson, John Boehner, Karl Rove, Ted Cruz, pork slicer Joni Ernst and pig torturer Chris Christie bequeath you — unless we expose and repudiate such earthly inheritance and vote globally.
  • When limiting individual focus to personal issues like student loans or Net Neutrality, you may inherit the earth left behind by Attorneys General Alberto Gonzales & Eric Holder DOJ designated Too Big to Fail, unless we become a part of a conversation broader than the latest bar or sports score.
  • Whether we acknowledge, or not, the impact on us by ISIS be-headings, our tax dollars bombing, military and campus rape, school shootings’ acceptance, hazing & pledging deaths, reality show of fixable gender and racial inequities in our income and prison ratios — without our electoral attention, you will inherit an earth starved of essential equity, blotted out by food, environment and even jobs that kill more people born after 1974 faster, than birthrate before Watergate.
  • Being redirected by pocket lined Republicans killing Jobs Bill or oil soaked Keystone pipeline sod, or not knowing calling it Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, it’s the Insurance Companies’ economy stupid, you will inherit a TPP Corporatism scorched earth without Single Payer, Medicare for All, Extended Medicaid but with, overcrowded emergency room panic.
  • If we can’t hyperlink our Ellis Island past and Statue of Liberty inheritance with our Immigration vs. Deportation future; if social devices prevent critical thinking, then those under 30 inherit an earth of melting icebergs, fossil fuel emissions and top heavy economic imbalance, instead of a freed from the shackles of corporate obstruction and Conservative gridlock, though neither saint nor messiah Obama – a chess player finally free, with our help, to make his game changer moves for Z/Boomlets who will inherit the earth.Z Boomlets Generation