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Donald Trump is “the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Americans” – TREMR Staff Pick & OpEdNews.com Headline

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As William Barr mounts his already shame stained DOJ throne to squat on the rear receptacle crusted over with Trump’s executive order to defy all Congressional subpoenas, his stream of spying spin, from Russia with Love through a media too lazy to look beyond surface excrement, adds another slick of jaundice to our current seat of government.

By comparison, our 2000 coup d’état aided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and abetted by Reagan’s ultra conservative appointee, Justice Antonin Scalia – preemptively striking out Florida’s Supreme Court, was more blunt force trauma than takeover by Trump/Pence/Bolton/Mnuchin/Pompeo/McConnell – by a thousand cuts.

Domestic spies heavy laden with Koch and Deutsche Bank dirty laundry, coming in from the cold to warm their feet on ever increasing GOP, boil, boil toil and trouble for, of, by and for the people government – the Trump syndicate flips an AG middle finger not just at one co-equal branch but to the entire Land of the Free tree, including Founding roots.

Perhaps another reason to un-elect Donald Trump in 2020, is to be able to walk along 5th Ave without fear of being shot by a President of the United States – or at least, deny absolution to Trump’s Global and pre-pardons to go – as Conservatives amass attack from the female Right flank, in state legislatures’ push to pit lower courts against what they expect in a Kavanaugh v. RBG SCOTUS.

Imagine being both poor and female, whether paleface or tanned out of history:  post tax cuts for super wealthy, twisting poverty standards to adjust for fewer Americans qualifying for Food Stamps.

The Non-exonerated investigated excommunicating justice from the Department of Justice, now investigating how his private foreign parts got probed without facilitating any hired urinating sources.

Trusting Pharmaceutical Opioid pushers and health insurance ravens is as dangerous as believing in peddlers of fear herding us into desperation that settles for any ol’ unqualified leaders.  As a result, we’re being Saturday Night Massacred, again.

While many well-meaning parents remain whirling under the pressure of those who teach fear of vaccinations, fear of affirmative action and fear of true patriotism:  the courage of, first do no harm – even when thinking for oneself, remember America’s greatness has always come from collectively caring for the common good.

Repetitive Republican talking points have made an unquenchable cliché of, I’m not a scientist, so when Science Guy Bill Nye goes ballistic on those who refuse to hear the truth about what they see, is it any wonder that logic is sacrificed on the altar of needing a stimulated political Base?

Smarter to, full stop conservatives trying to pry out of our grasp on reason, the birth of a new onslaught on women’s Constitutional rights – eager to clone Alabama, Georgia and Ohio reverberation of eleven Republican dominated legislatures, with their MAGA on, for another round of:  the Trail of Tears, Slavery, police beaten Suffragettes, McCarthyism and Jim Crow.

To the peril of America’s humanity, we’ve Right-Winged patriotism, deserted the less fortunate, scorned human kindness, whitewashed dishonesty and betrayed our Constitution so much – finding our way out of the quicksand of a trumped GOP bog seems as insurmountable as defeating a raving, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, maniacal demagogue, whose practiced charisma incited in an otherwise sane and industrious people, the willingness to allow the slaughter of more than six million human beings.

Nonetheless, despite this incredibly unimaginable horror, human decency overcame, and devastated families prevailed.

Collective self-delusion emboldens lawless executive action, whether emanating from Wall Street boardrooms, bankers banking on bank induced recessions or a foreign agent occupying the White House.

Change for the better never follows voting against the best interests of union members, small businesses or farmers oppressed by the side effects of violent white supremacists and executive privilege’s trade wars against patriotic voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

It’s not the color Tim Russert emulators paint our States, but the lacquer with which we ourselves stain our souls.

It’s descendants of lynch mobs – Alt-Rightness wrongly hijacking, do the Right Thing – and the vulnerable to quick and easy fixes of false prophets without a plan.

It’s falling for the showmen of over-simplification spouting lies camouflaged by promises of coal reruns and manufacturing returns – only to recycle Blue-Collar workers, and women, to their 1898 place.

It’s failing to internalize these self-evident truths:

As conservative Republicans trumpet refueled War on Women, reason responds:  Lady Justice, blindfolded and not, our Statue of Freedom atop DC’s Capitol Building and our Statue of Liberty — are all women.



Trump’s Media Assisted Grift v Mothers Like Susan Bro and Aretha Franklin – OpEdNews.com Headlined

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The evidence of our never being completely a united people, is undeniable – particularly every time a segment of the population confuses patriotism with, Space Force grift and belief in a supreme being with faith in a pied pipping carnival barker.

There are truths we must finally face as self-evident:  the ideals of perfection enlightening our American Dream, in mere mortals is, like evolution, in constant motion – sometimes seemingly blind ambition following the yellow brick road with no guiding beacon of light from The Hill.

Hope’s truth is, our journey to perfection doesn’t require perfection, only effective peaceful assembly.  Our dreams of unity, civility and humanity are nonetheless justifiably encouraged by our courage to learn from our past without repeating it – extending joint ownership of Justice for All, to all.

Living in a trumped America, where a towering fee allows firmly ensconced organized crime in private enterprise and multi-layered governments – there is little value in media headlines and political talking heads unless serving to ignite truth seeking citizen sleuths.

When a people are both poised and tainted by nefarious Branding as prerequisite for infectious misconceptions, understanding is bombarded by cravings for the convenience of, obvious villains and marketable heroes.

Dispatching Andrew Jackson racism, John Wilke Booth hatred, Trump/Pence/Sessions bigotry, Ivanka, Laura Ingram & Dana Loesch ruse, and denying access to hacks like, Putin, Sheldon Adelson and their Koch brothers – is Best Evidence of American greatness.

Being Newton’s equal opposite reaction to evil genius, let freedom ring from sacred parchment through us, to Native-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans Latino-Americans and Puerto-Rican Americans regardless of sexual preferences, reassuring America’s New Deal Reconstruction.

Rescuing abused refugee families seeking asylum, we rescue ourselves.  Stoking righteous indignation for leadership elected for the proposition that all are created equal, having disappeared hundreds of innocents – we receive the fruits of an administration unhinged from morality.

Now we rise!  Demanding all political parties melt the frigid grip of ICE on families running from abusive governments as abusive as our own, we eject Conservatives choosing KKK residue of white supremacists, as a family value.

In a child’s distress, mothers are a healing balm.  America is now in distress and Mothers, whether married suburbanites or single Millennials, whether Caucasian or full of color, believers in a universe beyond themselves or going it alone – regardless of political affiliation – mothers remain the too often overlooked power necessary for America to heal itself.

Mothers, and the women they elect to rebuild community, neighborhoods – fighting the good fight for a better future for all children – including mothers too often invisible to us because of their color, who like Susan Bro – snatch hope from the jaws of tragedy.

Although seldom heralded for their heroism over America’s 242-year war with itself, daughters, wives and mothers of all colors, all beliefs – all with their own dreams of service to national and individual ideals – have prevailed on the battlefields of preserving children, protecting family and home and defending every women’s right to income parity.

Courage isn’t a smearing louse with a Tiki-Torch, and Charlottesville is no more ground zero nor frontline in America’s infighting over racial equality and gender justice, than any town USA.

Like Virginia State Troopers, Berke M.M. Bates and Lt. H. Jay Cullen – Alesia Thomas, Malissa Williams, Miriam Carey and Tanisha Anderson probably didn’t plan on being another tragic, but temporary headline.

Historically, Liberals have been battling Conservatives with one arm tied behind our backs – not only by the cold and timid avoiding the arena, but by our own duplicity regarding women and people of color.

Headliners and heroes are chosen for their eye-catching potential for convenient media resale, because we are addicted to, if we can label it, we can shelve it without expending any energy for internalized comprehension.

Charlottesville’s August 2017 was not about Confederate statues, but proof of what can happen when our institutions’ top-down ringleaders betray the essence of, The Land of the Free – choosing to grant Carte Blanche to those fearful of losing supremacy over others – whether possessed by the evils of NRA gunmen, corporatism’s sexual predators or government bigots.

Neither paralegal Heather Heyer, nor her Mother, Susan Bro began August 12, 2017, expecting or hoping to become media sensations, but unlike the dozens injured that day in Charlottesville by a hate driven car – death snatched a daughter and enlisted a mother – for the work yet to be done.

Like mothers everywhere, knowing the fear hate breeds clings desperately to the defense of its Last HurrahSusan Bro, nonetheless persists.

Let us sing praises for and follow the example of Mothers!