The Baseball Lies We Tell Ourselves about Congress – Headlined: OpEdNews.com & PoliticusUSA.com

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Question is, where is the true hypocrisy — the public face of antagonistic vitriol polarization or the behind closed doors secret negotiations?

Is the lie, bitter Congressional partisan, Media assisted, mob-rule manipulation, or the foul line, An Attack on One of Us is An Attack on All of Us!

Does all of us include African-Americans and first Native-American physician, Suzanne LaFlesche Picotte or is the Speaker’s umbrella, all, while shade for the congressional boys of summer – a retractable roof for women who prefer women?

Is Paul Ryan’s all of us, a ballpark paragraph 5 for children needing school food programs and seniors depending on Social Security for choosing between prescriptions or food?

Who is all of us to a political party deserting Lincoln, trending through Nixon and Tickle-Down, rounding the bases with obstructionism, and walked through the swamp by the trumped?

Is the lie we tell ourselves, that before Ted Nugent’s come to Jesus moment, the man from Nazareth, preached, hate thy neighbor with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your narrow mind words?

Are our lies, defending those believing the NRA is more a family value than safety in schools, church and workplaces?  Has the diamond’s limelight and sandy bloodshed finally enlightened Right brains – or are on camera talking points getting talking heads to second base, merely a swing and a miss at civility?

Is the Congressional play within the play, sincerity attempting to snatch a modicum of decency from decades of bi-partisan neglect?  Or, is it possible, personally feeling the burn of attempted murder, exposes wounds of past targets, ignored?

Have the Ides of Congress finally been opened to the reality show of, it’s how you play the game — closing hearts, minds and pockets to corruption — or is it just an inning of gut-wrenching embarrassment for ignoring record breaking scores of domestic violence, rape trial hung juries and strike outs on mental healthcare legislation and climate justice for the generations next at bat?

Like any decent human being, I hope Congressman Steve Scalise and Tyson Foods Lobbyist Matt Mika, win their fight to recover from gun violence, and I pray for all the personal and political families represented on that Alexandria ball field.

As an American, however, I’ve grown weary of the dishonesty of a new normal pitching, it’s more blessed to throw wide ones to Open Carry misrepresentations of our Bill of Rights.

In this era, in which anger, hate and desire for revenge are incited by the most publicly powerful and privately influential, easily accessible weapons and, failing to tag up on our humanity, we shutout our ability to think and our willingness to reason.

Arguably, more Americans are now hoping for another batter up for honor.  However, honor is not produced by incivility, gender bias, hating LGBTQ, pillage, rape, racial prejudice, religious intolerance nor presidential arrogance — especially at gun point.

If thinking outside the batter box, we cease our practice of scorching American unity with reckless rhetoric, we may yet avoid kissing our exceptional season, good-bye.

Historically, we’ve misinterpreted our Constitution, misplaced our trust, and tragically underrated American citizens who are not straight white males.  Choosing to elect managers who gnaw at our national soul, for the sole purpose of satisfying a Base hit, pitched by Homophobia, for the supremacy of bigotry — if we don’t knock that out of the park, it’s back to the minors.

However, when we quit fouling out on diversity, clean air/water and safe food, we will free ourselves from internal demons and external demagogues.

Truth is:

  • Most of what ends our days in fear, has been wrought on us by the envy, revenge and violence of older white men
  • What Nixon, Trump and James Hodgkinson have in common – age range, race and hit lists
  • Lives of congressional Conservatives shot in Alexandria Virginia, were saved by people they vote against.

Donald Trump didn’t fire the starting pistol for how negatively some play the game.  However, more than its symbol, he’s the product of those who think our historic Dorian Gray picture, is a home run.


Dying for the Good Ol’ Days – Headlined on OpEdNews.com 11/22/16

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times-square-marcelloI miss my Grandmamma, especially the day after Thanksgiving, when the smoking multitude of boisterous Italian-American family and friends take their uproarious debate, home.  Those were the Good Ol’ Days – an outhouse downwind, being the favorite grandson and helping Uncle Gino find the perfect Christmas Tree, deep in the woods – never fearing what might lie in wait for us.

My Grandmamma taught me, we mustn’t allow America to pay the ultimate price of the distortion of once upon a time.  Touching my forehead like ET, she’d add, the Good Ol’ Days are the devil’s trick on those who live looking backwards.

It’s easy to keep the faith, hope and love in your heart and cherish all, when all is well:  plenty of friends & money, bright future, fulfilling occupation – that Joie de vivre, when you feel you are the positive difference, embellishing the inhalation of every living thing.  However, the character & temperament, courage & strength, stability & security and even power & might of a nation is translucent in how its people treat one another.

My first NYC employer, Holocaust survivor, Mr. Weinberg, was forced to divide masses of incoming Jewish prisoners by deciding who went to the workers’ barracks, and who entered the line for showers.  This is the Good Ol’ Days for people like David Duke, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn.

Will this Thanksgiving remake America First into Restricted skyscrapers hotels & clubs, like the good ol’ days of Jim Crow & Operation Wetback?

College degrees don’t make elitists, but degrees of greed do.  Not having a university education doesn’t make one uneducated, but following someone just because, he speaks his mind, defeats freedom as much as, The Patriot Act.

Potentially, We the People are the sum-total of the biblical Abraham & Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul & all the forgotten African-American suffragettes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Tammy Duckworth and all those male, female, gay and straight people who, in uniform, preserve, protect and defend the future of education, equality and justice for all — the very freedom for which we stand at Standing Rock.

Yes, it’s easy to create a registering system for keeping an eye on those Muslims.  Just follow the well documented example set by 1930’s Germany, or ask Carl Higbie or for an insider POV, George Hosato Takei.

We are not the divided nation Media & GOP preach:  the popular vote elected the first female President of the United States, Democrats narrowed the GOP obstructionist margin, and, the sun rose on Wednesday November 9, 2016, with Trump still facing multiple lawsuits.

With American optimism, let us move our nation and national mind-set, forward, as the right direction avoiding man’s inhumanity to man, knowing common sense and common decency require more than emailing, tweeting, blogging and carrying protest signs.

While street violence is illegal, every American has the right to peacefully assemble in the office of federal, state and local elected officials – to petition government.

It’s not just the bigotry, misogyny, Islamophobia and Homophobia – it’s the ineptitude around which the inept surround themselves in times of mass hysteria.  Towering misinformation feeds desire for revenge in those for whom seeing beyond their back porch is neither a manageable feat, nor feasible concept.  You do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn USA around, is what the good ol’ days are all about.

Sadly, minds closed by the good ol’ days, need another trip down short-term memory-loss lane, chocking on America First, blinded by the smog of climate denial, before realizing, there is no greatness in a me first nation.

The only wall we need focus on preventing, is the wall of bluster the self-absorbed have built between themselves and what’s best for all.  Even prime-time television, fueling our soul with humor, reflects greatness in America’s diversity – but freedom’s oxygen, is action.