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With all due respect to Tom Brokaw, saying Trump’s firing an FBI Director heading an investigation into the possibility of both election and administration corruption, is nothing like Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre — is like saying 1950’s Korea was nothing like WWII because Truman designated it a Police Action.

Are we Isolationists or Globalists, because Trump can’t seem to get past:  the specifics are quite sensitive, to serve the American people with some degree of honesty.

So, shall we applaud agency decapitation, sacrificing truth and justice on a presidential chopping block or be examples of Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage?

In May 1934, a major dust storm swept across where the buffalo roam, to engulf our Eastern states.  In May 2017, a Twitter storm heavy-laden with manure for Base consumption – blindsided American Intelligence to wall in American character.

So, who is rotting the state, and why?

K or Main Street?  Red State Governors v. Democratic Legislatures or the outfoxed vs. Big Picture?  Is it the President’s home or the marionettes occupying it?

Are we insightful stewards or blind tourists?

Can what makes us feel safe, be safe:  knowing our self-governing experiment still fires up a sense of unifying homeland security, or being victimized by Russian hacking distracting us from an inside job of white washed money blacklisting power speaking truth? 

Are we pawns monopolized by the Checkers speech, feigning chess mastery or just cherry picking news cycles from a media vulnerable to its own myopic redundancy?

Who exemplifies, Strong and decisive action and, Safety & security of the American people — a ten-year-old girl stuffing the nostrils of an eight foot nine-inch alligator to survive, or a messianic Mike Pence?

Who restored the trust and confidence of the American people, Sally Yates or Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Is it the liars who lie for, a very active President, or whiz-bang flip-flopping masquerading activity, making it impossible for Trump surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy?

Is America First and Middle East trip camouflage for uniting church and state, or resurrection of the old empty wheel barrel cliché?

Are more troops, more wars, more open carry, more racial, street and domestic violence inspiring both lone and loan wolves?

Have we, not so much sold out, as allowed ourselves to be rented, by leaders who auction futures for The Big Short?  Is the science of climate change all we deny, or do we too often turn up the noise to veil patriotic frauds?

From the ashes of Trumpism, can we reaffirm what is exceptional and perhaps embrace what is visionary:  the ideal that there is more to life than a paycheck, more to family than those who live and look like us, more to faith than parroting white supremacy – but little more patriotic and heroic than the millions marching in demonstration for Justice for All.

Now, with American healthcare, racial, religious, gender and generational battle lines defining, The Home of the Brave, let us courageously embrace what it means to be descendants of European immigrants in a nation increasingly evolving into the land of free to be non-European looking descendants.

Andrew Sullivan theorizes, Americans voted for Donald Trump because, ‘immigrants make them desperate for a reconfirmation of their national identity.’  I pledge allegiance to the fact that America’s awesome diversity is the magnetic proof of its greatness – and with two steps forward and one back, we are becoming the polar-opposites of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Now, as truth sets us free from the core rot of Breitbart Good Ol’ Boys, we’ll see, the greatest threat to America’s greatness is, a colluding GOP.

Just as in 1938 some feared America had been overrun by Martian Aliens, in 2016, states of panic over aliens voted believing a bankruptcy king would save America from immigrants.

The only invaders we need fear are those who use our fear to divide us.

Lincoln didn’t just say, let us confidently hope that all will yet be well, he led America through its first era of, a house divided.

Now, it is for us to, add or detract!


American History:  Winners – Losers – Labels – Decisions – Traditions! Headlined on 10/18/15

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Why should we care who wins Presidential Debates, as if our arbitrary categories, discriminatory labels and arrogant classifications like, blue for boys and pink for girls, matter?  Or, is it, black lives matter only if others don’t?  To labels like Red and Blue States, I say, off with their heads!No Labels and me

Our best humanity is rooted in the passions of intellectual dreamers, like John & Abigail Adams, Jefferson, Dolley Madison and James Monroe.  From such come prophets who open our minds to protecting fresh air, so we can provide foundations for those who ask why not, like Frederick Douglas, Eleonore Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Bobby, Maya Angelou, Obama and Bernie.

Nonetheless, like the unwavering labor of nurses and administrative assistants, we need pragmatic centrists, as caregivers for our shared village of cultural diversity, like Benjamin Franklin, Thurgood Marshall, Lincoln, FDR, Alice Paul, JFK and Bill & Hillary Clinton.

Without the dreamer’s passion, the constant balancing acts of political pragmatists and, as needed, the additional seasoning of all-inclusive nuance, we and our dreams stagnate.

Soiled by Wall Street, internally damaged by tobacco lies, pharmaceutical greed and the bias of food deserts, we fall victim to the ignorance of jealousy, and without a lifeline to global education, our reason is breached, and desperation makes us vulnerable to the ramblings of anti-humane political nonsense, climate change denial and drone collateral damage.

It’s not about who wins or loses a debate.  It’s not even about choosing sides or side arms.  It’s about making rational choices that recapture and embrace our national helm with a one for all and all for one keel.  It’s about helping each other get the wind back beneath our wings.

If, just to make the point that our comfort zone feels threatened, we opt for a state of the union that is multiple Kent States, then we are accomplices after the fact challenged media and politicians.

In the life of a nation blessed with much to give, do and be, there are repeated opportunities for life determining decisions which redefine, center and realign.  Life has demanded no less from African Queens, Egyptian Pharoses, citizens of Rome or Romanoff serfs.

So auto manufacturers, bankers, candidates, CIA, civil servants, elected officials, families, oil companies, governors, Guantanamo torturers, judges, law enforcement, non-voters, NSA spies, racists, Secret Service, terrorists (ours and theirs) and bunkered drone operators, it’s your turn to heed what’s MIA from our history books.

Shall we rewrite our Constitution?  Shut off all alarms and play dead?  Elect the enlightened and crew The Ship of State ourselves, or just fill our sails with more hot air?

Either way, we’re blowing in the wind unless we fact-check:

  • Communism and Socialism are not twins
  • Exceptionalism would be not resembling Putin’s foreign policy
  • America has left behind troops after most of our military engagements
  • Democrat, Republican, Independent or Socialist, most of our Boots on the ground and the kids providing a Good Kill in our name, are the children of middle class and poor families, ordered to do the bidding of one percenters

President Obama’s decision to return troops to Iraq and leave troops in Afghanistan is upholding American traditions inherited from past administrations and current corporatism.  However, voters can revolutionize decisions by evolving to, winning without labeling.

Winners of the first Democratic Presidential debate, are the mirror image of the losers in the Republican debates:  America, thinking for ourselves, young people, women, especially seniors, immigrants, Immigration Reform, children and all Americans who daily live the civility of The Golden Rule, believing, all life on earth matters more than any drones heard round the world. GOD, Next Time by FIRE 250