No Tests, No Cases? Gatherings’ Numbers Shifting! Oblivious POTUS!?! – OpEdNews.com Headline

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Yes, Beware the ides of March, but don’t choose to barhop as sacrificial lambs for green beer, when your being socially distant could spare all you hold dear.

We need get past the me first tribalism grip of pretend patriots believing only what someone we believe, in our tribe, believes.

So, to successfully reach and hopefully inspire all to wash our hands of the Coronavirus, please consider the following human stimulus, and unite:

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Absent any rancor, let us recalibrate our knowing what to believe, who to trust, when to turn off TV/Radio news coverage – while welcoming back the Fourth Estate by supporting media televising answers from medical and scientific professionals, to our pressing questions.

Being such public stewards of truth, timely information and educational updates transformed talking heads into keepers of the flame – most unlike leaders in the midst of abject failure, sending their supporters autographed charts showing fleeting stock market gains, after finally pendulum swinging from, the new hoax to, declaring the Coronavirus a National Emergency.

Results, however, bloom neither from trumped denial nor believing the president is the root of all our current evils.  Solutions are found in the middle of reason, at the center of clear thinking, from the core of wisdom – for Covid-19  is but preamble to what a declining planet has yet to teach us.

Donald Trump did not cause the Coronavirus, but his Trade Wars, disregard for his oath of office, and apathy for the wellbeing of others, has divided and, at least for The Right, conquered our effective response to a life-threatening pandemic.

Nevertheless, neither past sins nor present social distancing are the only or best defense against a virus imposed new world order, sans access to movie theaters – for no matter what hue, gender or sexual persuasion, now the only politics of survival is, United We Stand.

Additionally, devices formerly contributing to our human disconnect, are now, aided and abetted by the Arts, the best assurance that we rise above closing America’s borders to humankind, while opening our doors to the monsters within – not only at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but worse, minds closed to rational thought, the intelligence of science and the loving potential of an elbow bump.

With social distancing from Covid-19 saturation of mind, body and spirit and those too big to fail in commerce, finance and federal government, succeed at failing us, trust cooler health care R&D heads, and offer thanksgiving for their being our front line.

While recently some have failed to, beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves, let us concede, every generation has its collective face-to-face with what seems an insurmountable nemesis, and every person, a turning point in life.

So, let us remember, heed and stand atop our triumphant truths snatched from the jaws of defeat:  Pearl Harbor, sixties’ assassinations, Vietnam War, HIV/Aids, 9/11, bankers’ induced Great Recession, Pharma induced Opioid addictions – for with resurrected courage, we will survive, indeed thrive after the trials of Trump/Pence/McConnell and tribulations of Covid-19, if rising recommitted to victory over our prejudices, fears and hate.

Of course, at some point we must acknowledge, there was a White House pandemic office, until Trump/Bolton closed it.  For those who believed this was best for America’s national security, I beg of you to ask yourself, without recrimination:  what about now.

Travel bans were always more self-deceiving than even believing America can victoriously sail the ocean blue anchored to a divided Democratic Party.  Before American soil was invaded by Covid-19, we were a house divided, adrift and vulnerable to Wall Street pirates,  Needing to disentangle from a trumped Ship of State, let’s dissolve all viral bewilderment.

We must now be America’s checks and balances, because the powers that a National Emergency give a president, must never be bestowed on one who, unlike, the buck stops here Truman, vows, I don’t take responsibility at all.

So, let’s commit to helping each other.  Even if not able to lift every voice and sing, at least whistle a happy tune, knowing each individual melody, may be the perfect chord for those composing the harmony of hope.

What Coronavirus offers through our computers, cells and iPods, is the best way to fulfill our need for true unity of purpose, eye-contact communication and admitting the reality of each other.

Nevertheless, not even Global pandemic can be allowed to consume our thoughts, dreams and lives:  there will be a tomorrow, if we replace banning others with banding together.

Covid-19 will challenge both personal and national balance of power, but social distancing and self-discipline will jumpstart our health care readiness and catapult our character on the wings of reason, courage and human-kindness.



Trump Racism, GOP Cowardice and Climate Denial v. The Impossible Dream – OpEdNews.com Headline & TREMR Staff Pick

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As long as we allow a 24/7 corporate owned Media hooked-up with a human impeachable offense, gluttonously consuming every news cycle, our ability to think for ourselves, declines the opportunity.

However, if we must wear a media post-debate, winners and losers straight-jacket, may I propose, on behalf of, We the People, who care for all:  civil, yet passionate, substantive debate between ten mutually respectful adults, discussing a gamut of solution options, whose policy discussion not only exposed the cowardice of Congressional Republicans swamped by Trump – but also tugged at the prudent, anchor-in-place, Independents- winning the night.

Super heroes and the wealthiest among us share little in common.  The most moneyed connected are those who send the best of us into foreign wars, while tampering with our elections and ignoring gun violence, racism and sexism that remains America’s truest domestic terrorism.

If impossible to see ourselves heroes of our generation, then let us at least prepare a better future for the potential heroism of the next, realizing where we find the exceptionalism of a universally welcoming American Dream depends on where we look.  And it isn’t in the perjury of the Mushroom Cloud weapons of mass destruction inheritors.

If 2020 voters, and non, seek ballot guidance in headline hyperbole, putting America in the hands of its dividers – disciples of Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers – not only the shameless brashness of Jim Jordan, Kellyanne Conway and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), but the silence of the self-proclaimed lambs, Mark Meadows, Lindsay Graham and Mike Pence, and the treachery of Devin Nunes and arrogance of Mitch McConnell, then…

  • Homeland security will be the euphemism of racists
  • Health-care, a myth
  • Gender and sexual equality sacrificed
  • Privacy absorbed by The Cloud, Alexa, iPods, iPads, Equifax, Student Loan Bankers, cellphones, online surveys, GPS
  • All Tweets, Instagram, Snapchat, bathroom sounds, medical conversations, passionate missionary spooning – stored for marketers profiteering from collusion with Wall Street, K Street and secretly funded politically Conservative political advertising

We don’t need no stinkin’ Russian Johns.  Fingering our climatic devices, we give it away, for free!

People like Dan Coats and Robert Mueller, who seem to those needing quick and simple sound-bites, to be hauntingly hesitant, are patriots knowing their words have rippling legal and moral consequences, and so are examples of thinking carefully before speaking.

Failing to emulate patriots like these and our Founding Fathers, renders us incapable of venturing toward the impossible vision of what should be possible, thus probably failing to achieve what is possible.

Trump has no strategy beyond the last mob chant ringing in his ears, but be assured, his fear of another dawn exposing the crushing truth that, it isn’t just the words he speaks and excuses he makes, but the very life he leads that is the lie – and it’s the devastating realization:  Trump did not make us, nor the foundation upon which he stands.  We did that, and the frequent ferocity of our national political pendulum swing, is proof of our fear of forward moving change – that waits for no person, place or thing.

Mesmerized by the repetitive superficial take-aways levied by talking heads, we play a most reckless game of Roulette with the lives of children already alive in 2019.

Aided and Abetted by government climate injustice and Pharmaceutical and health insurers climate indifference – ignoring foreign children in cages as prequel to an American experience of lost habitat, stench of polluted air, nation-wide Flint-like water and deadly food that Climate Change denial bequeaths all American children.

The leaders who fail to be a shining beacon of law-abiding ethics are the direct result of those of us who fail our highest judgment call for Justice for All:  verifiable elections.

The Presidents of Russia and the United States know who the purveyors of hate, white supremacy and fanaticism are, and they make pawns of them to destroy the freedom of thought a multi-cultural American society produces.

So, The Don conveniently dons himself in the cloak of bigot racism to solidify American fascists who, unable to distinguish between Socialism and Communism, slip out of their bedsheets to dance with Neo-Nazism – because minus an, Out of Many One core, they see only a Blackhole future.

Laws alone are neither solution nor salvation without incorruptible lawmakers.  Our Civil War and first presidential assassination did not defeat America’s inner domestic struggle with racial hate, sexual prejudice and gender bias – as Jim Crow and the assassinations of the sixties proved – because the pain we’re seeking to cure is rooted in the fear that we are not good enough, unless proving ourselves better than those who differ from us.

The real 2020 question is, will we hold these truths to be self-evident:  all are created equal.