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Heroes, Demons and Hellfire – Trump and Kim Jong-un – Headlined on

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Suppose heroic global grownups, take seriously the balance of power now in the hands of White House and North Korea?

What if Iran-Contra saint had blessed Donald Trump’s invocation to advocate the art of the nuclear deal between the Soviet Union and Government is the Problem creator?

Imagine a self-serving Congress, dominated by men terrified of a shady dealing vengeful dictator of an Obstruction of Justice email, hellbent on launching a missile attack on congressional healthcare, erected a firewall of invested investigations to cure ALS, Alzheimer’s and Medicaid for America’s human bookends:  children and Seniors.

Maybe Frank Capra’s DC existed periodically, but World Wars and a Cold War produced a New World Order with a Foggy Bottom evacuating with abnormal frequency, a Military Industrial Complex.

So who wouldn’t be concerned about an ‘unpresidented,’ president sipping ‘covfefe’ atop the throne of our Democratic Republic – evidently 30% of us!

After 1917 and WWI Mustard gas, a call for morality, even in war, began its long journey on the, we can’t beat God giving, road to glory.  A hundred years later, however, Good Samaritans are out gunned and every hero, demon challenged — nonetheless, we persist.

Even in the age of, Swamp Thing, we have heroes:  Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski; Congresswoman Maxine Waters — Sally Yates, Marilyn Nance, J.K. Rowling and Ida B. Wells.

However, knowledge is still Intel:  In July 1950 of The Unknown War, American soldiers killed hundreds of Korean civilians near a village called No Gun Ri — and throughout Truman’s Police Action, over two million North Korean civilians were killed – thus, as the Treaty of Versailles created Hitler, we created Kim Jong-Un.

Arguably, we hold these truths to be self-evident:  a nation’s Moral Code is only as strong as its people’s weakest link…

  • Alt-Right, hellfire bent on spinning Obama global view off our world stage
  • Those insisting America is for only white Christian men, honor flags that dishonor our Constitution, while genuflecting America before statues of anti-America Americans – savoring memories of the inhumane owning and defiling of fellow human beings
  • Denying ratification of Equal Rights Amendment; twirling Elizbeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul like trinkets on display, then laid to rest in gender inequality
  • Diminishing LGBTQ while they preserve, protect and defend, non-existent full citizenship, income parity, voting and pursuit of loving happiness privileges
  • In a land where prisons are for profit, from classrooms to cells is too great a student debt – and banning former felons from voting booths, an American defining moment

Yet, for a century, life at war with itself has tried to bestow this wisdom upon us:  there is little sustainable profit in the business of anger and oppression, but where there is individual fear and envy, anger and oppression cannot be silenced – merely inconsistently, contained

Whether Wall, K or Main Street; rich or poor, rural, suburbs or inner city, gay, straight or undecided — Americans, citizens and non, have been herded to the pinnacle of, Trump ordered brutality Bluff – and staring back at us across the abyss, are Kim Jung-un clones, toeing the line for suicide by dictate.

Vision blurred by pride and miss-placed loyalty, each side has forgotten, world history is replete with shortsighted leaders threatening all life on earth — each side shadowed by real and imagined demons, risk being thrust into the void, to control a planet we’ve rendered, out of control.

Imagine our moral call is the last call to save us from a hell fire inflicted by demands for, unchartered waters, while denying the warnings of melting icebergs and rising oceans.

In 2017 America, who can we expect to make the moral call, American Mayors or Trumpcare?

Timing is Divine and often, auspiciously, makes heroes, even saints, out of mere mortals…

PS:  Rest in the peace of God which passes all understanding, Sam Shepard.


The Lost Wars:  Poverty, Drugs, Slavery – Headlined by Mon 4/20/15

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Hanging Tree Lest We ForgetShould we invite her in, Wisdom proves a most dutiful senior partner.

Are you shocked at academics who’ve just discovered descendants of slave owners and the enslaved are still waging war, or that corporate owned media has suddenly cast itself as Captain Renault – shocked, shocked to find that police brutality is going on in here, the Land of the Free, when, in the Home of The Brave alone, man’s inhumanity to humans of color has been going on in here, since our forefathers lied to, stole from and murdered the first Native American.

After our Civil War transformed us into superficial emancipation, warmongering turned its sights on subtler means of class-warfare.  Though the Gettysburg Address was a conscious attempt to fill in historical gaps in our Declaration of Independence, women remained second class citizens without the right to vote and former slaves, propped up as pretense of equality, served at the pleasure of We Built That carpetbaggers – as prelude to LaPierre’s Demographically Symbolic.

Celebrating the Civil War’s 150th and WWI’s 100th or seventy-four years since Pearl Harbor; or fifty-two since JFK while forty-seven for King & Bobby; Kent State Four 45th, twenty since Oklahoma children, fourteen since 9/11 and two since Boston Marathon — has commemorating violent death and destruction brought us to an appreciation for Article 1 Section 8 Clause 12 of the U. S. Constitution, or are we a canvass for campus Open Carry?

Wars, like hearts and minds, are not won by blood in our streets; nor by profit manipulated multiplication of prison populations, militarized law enforcement and Corporatism’s need to empower the good life on the backs of the new slavery:  harvesting food, sweat shops and minimum wage.

In a region replete with ancient animosities, a NATO ally in the war against ISIS has probably massacred (1822-1904) well over a quarter of a million people.  Few nations, including our own, are blameless in a world where poverty and war claim the ignored lives of millions, even as they try to flee Africa aboard inadequate boats for the chance of both life and safety, in the west.

Yes, all lives matter; words matter; ideas matter; mutually created solutions matter.  However, if we are to progress from repeating past human peculiar institutions, militarized police and failing to connect the dots between community intimidation, drug lords, obese poverty and government arms deals, we must retire rhetoric and employ listening to the truth of reconciliation.

I beg academic writers, commissions and study groups to pause long enough to listen to those we claim we are saving, before producing any more textbooks, findings and whitepapers of half-truths, because the whole truth is, we know much too little about the Middle East to invest so much war power to educate such a culturally complex region, in slavery and torture western style.

Better to listen to our own bully targets tell their stories of teen induced suicide by other teens.  Give the mic to beaten wives and girlfriends.  Grant those who know firsthand the horror of rape a chance to speak without condemnation.  Give Stage to those who have directly suffered from human trafficking, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment, gun violence and lynching.

With unprecedented undivided attention, acknowledge all historically enslaved people:  Native Americans, Chinese & Mexican immigrants, Immokalee Farm workers, Japanese-Americans remanded during WWII – in addition to Africans brought here against their will, to be bought & sold as property.

Offer a listening challenge to both the decedents of irreparable damage and those instilled with the expectancy of privilege and entitlement, still benefiting from the Jeffersonian model of institutional slavery:  having it both ways.

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