Trump’s Father’s Day: Wagging the Dog and Foreign Hacks Hatching Kellyanne con

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To those who are, willing to march into hell for a Heavenly Cause, here goes:  Our Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address and U. S. Constitution are reduced to parchment hyperbole, the moment enough of us, see real change for the better in a reality show – then in reality, elect those who have lost all sense of moral necessity.

America’s 1775-2020 chain is only as virtuous in revolution, Lincolnesque in reconstruction and as ethical as a repentant people honor past sacrifices to our equitable law-abiding ideals.  However, following the example of current GOP’s Trump/Pence/McConnell opprobrium weakens our link to any hope of Justice for All.

Isn’t Pompeo’s Iran oil tankers attack announcement too reminiscent of the tempo with which Lee Harvey Oswald was proclaimed the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy, reeking of more recent media messaging:  mass appeal made by massaging merger with a malice aforethought Mushroom Cloud gang?

Perhaps, with boogeyman updates, the GOP/Trump/Pence, Make America Great Again puppeteers believe, the best way to an American Heartland is through its, the South Shall Rise Again underbelly.

Democrats too, have taken turns twisting truth in pugnacious political prejudice:  fleeing Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation – transforming into Dixiecrats, they, Went South, helping to create, The Solid South, for Jim Crow.  However, claiming Democrats created the KKK is as vile a lie as Trump’s, good people on both sides Charlottesville assessment.

The Ku Klux Klan, like all parented by fear and hate, was birthed by, We the white People – without reparations.  Denying our current political infamy by defending the people who people it, we emulate wheeling rodents running in circles, fighting the last war and reliving the last election campaign to be the last guinea pig standing on the dung hemp of racism, sexism and moneyed power lust.

There is no perfection in politics, no Wall Street penance for perpetuating, thirty pieces of silver legacy, nothing to be proud of in the pride of sanctimonious zealots – so our Democratic Republic hangs in current imbalance, by a silkworm’s hind parts.

Fear, especially when disguised as patriotism clothed in knockoffs of lambskin, baits false prophets with, the idle brain is the devil’s playground – trouble is, we were marched into hell before Mnuchin stole our Harriet Tubman $20.00 bill:

  • LGBT Americans Banned from Government 27 April 1953; Mass Deportation of Mexican Migrants 9 June 1954
  • 1950-1954, convinced by Joe McCarthy, Americans internalized internal combustion of government, principles and love thy neighbor as thyself – and, as with Trump, were wooed by outrageous stories to keep his name in the headlines
  • Amidst America’s Bi-Centennial Celebrations, Ronald Reagan cast all less fortunate Americans with the caste system label: Welfare Queen

Political PACs are solidifying political parties behind Red & Blue lines for profitable power.  America, however, isn’t as simple as, The Right is wrong and The Left weak.  Nonetheless, we’ve forgotten Exceptionalism’s Heavenly Cause remains, unraveling the conveniently obscured complex definition of greatness in the mindset of the people peopling popularity of all-inclusive prejudice.

Imagine what webs of deceit we could delete; indeed, what solutions we could conjure if not mesmerized by talking-heads hypnotized by con-artists dangling political puppets on Corporatism strings.

On this Father’s Day, I bid you love, wisdom, happiness and this possible bit of comfort:  one day, like earth and all life upon it, all supremacists supremely gutting voting rights; all citizens denying a woman’s right to choose, while crushing citizenship attempts with the profanity of a bigoted Census question; all those blocking Congress from legally saving our election process from foreign intervention will, like Mitch McConnell, turn to dust – unable to grope one thin FDR dime of their ill-gotten gain.

Our American Dream is meant to be shared, yet, not all of God’s children are safe from being kidnapped by the Trump/Pence/ICE administration – but passionately pursuing a life of excellence protects all children from the savages that rage against them, for, like music, peaceful assembly can also, soothe the savage breast.

Fear not for Behold, courage abounds, reflected in us to magnify:  David Ortiz, Ali Stroker, Jon Stewart, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, Paige Winter, Sara Cunningham and third grader Sara Hinesley.

On Father’s Day, thirty years ago, I took my parents to see Field of Dreams.   I hope all children of any age will seize this unifying family experience – perhaps imagining a world where our multitude of worthy causes join in one all-inclusive lifelong ensemble.

Resonating harmoniously, we compose the highest possible human life:  universal love wrapped in giving hearts, inside a Heavenly Cause – asking humankind to seek human kindness, by knocking at the door of human decency.

The torch has been passed to a new generation – run with them, or get out of the way.



Memories & Memorials – Maestros & Madmen – Missives & Miracles – TREMR Staff Pick OpEdNews.com Headlined

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The truth that hurts:  America’s character decay neither began with our 2016 election, nor will end with our 2020 Census and election duo.  The truth that sets us free:  most of America’s problems have come from placing too much trust in leaders in both public and private sectors, who think, act and look like Trump/Pence.

So, this Memorial Day weekend, may our memories of mothers memorizing faces of missing children and loved ones in uniform snatched away, let us honor all who have been subjugated by men believing themselves masters of all, promising them, never again.

Haunted by what’s been sacrificed, who best reflects American Idealism:  Representative Justin Amash, Machiavellian Barr or Madman DJT?

Who suffers in the dissonance of missives tweeted to distract coal miners and manufacturing workers from broken promises, if not family farms and small businesses traded to death by a money launderer?

What’s trending with Trump/Pence administration for people of color, affordable health care and women and children?  Will a president, allowed to evade subpoenas, honor decisions of federal judges?

If Justice Anthony Kennedy, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller weren’t America’s heroes, aren’t We the People all that stands between American democracy and mob rule?

Why are Americans at Trump rallies hypnotized into following, an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul?

How does America survive McConnell’s Judiciary take-down, Barr’s DOJ Intelligence Agencies invasion and Trump’s projecting his ignorance of Constitutional Law, particularly High Crimes, Misdemeanors and Treason onto his political enemies:  The American People?

Before December 7, 1941 most American citizens and their elected officials had little desire to enter a second world war.  So, we waited and hoped for a miracle.  However, we learned, while there is good in most people, some, only emit moral bankruptcy.

Before September 11, 2001, most American citizens and our elected officials thought oil barons and gas guzzlers more praiseworthy than Henrietta Lacks.  However, Bush/Cheney/Rice/Wolfowitz Mushroom Cloud manipulation, of both facts and Congress, denied us the hard truth, except that of young 1% volunteers marching off to war for the one percenters too big to fail, or jail – depositing all of us into the, Friends of Dick Cheney’s 2008 Recession Club – yielding madmen making derivative memories, yearning to maximize a new Iranian chapter of memorials.

In 2019, we’re left engulfed in needless trade wars because of the madness of a mischievous Juvenile-in-Chief motivated in Roosevelt Room to master intimidation of clingers on, magnetized by malfeasance.

Memories of 5th Avenue, the Halls of Congress, city Food Deserts, rural neighbors without high-speed Broadband and Americans living in Puerto Rico deserted – confirm our Land of the Free, is overshadowed by a prince of darkness.

However, while much of America’s history has been maneuvered for personal gain by older Caucasian men, there are fewer men maddened by the fear of the 2045 missive:  muffled memories will suddenly manifest with a mighty righteousness propelling all Native Americans, people of color, LGBTQ and Constitutionally locked out female Americans to lavish on any face paler than their own, bearing a penis, the same maltreatment they received from wannabe masters of greed and oppression before December 31, 2044.

But fear not, for most Americans are not petty like Trump, hypocritical as Pence, hateful as McConnell nor small as Mnuchin.  Most presidents don’t rip children from their parents.  Most VP’s don’t ignore Jefferson’s separation of Church and State wisdom.  Although admittedly, too many political clones, drunk on McConnell’s magic potion, put Party before 99% of Americans, most aren’t bigots who financially honor murderers of Native Americans over lifesavers like Harriet Tubman.

Now on this Memorial Day 2019, let us ask ourselves:  when will our short-term memory memorialize the bait and switch from Garland to Gorsuch & Kavanaugh – and adjudicate operatic mood swinger Lindsey Graham, First Chair Grassley, Super Hatch and their masterly Maestro Mitch McConnell?

Most men are neither rapists nor pedophiles, and most in public service,  put their lives on the line to save others.  Most Americans, particularly teachers, first responders and Trump maligned FBI agents and news reporters, are pro-life for all lives from Alpha to Omega.

Most Americans never stop hoping for the best life ever for their family and friends.  Most know Planned Parenthood doesn’t murder anyone, and most American administrations have rarely locked children in cages – knowing perhaps, Guantanamo and Quantico notwithstanding, most Americans abhor torture – and know an extremely stable genius wouldn’t make Trump’s Access Hollywood tape.

Most of us know, when a potentially treasonous target under suspicion, feels cornered and trapped, real patriots miraculously defend America, memorializing, Ask what you can do for your country.