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All of it, is On Us 

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It's On UsAlthough, growing up in an extremely religious Roman Catholic anti-abortion patriotic Italian-American home where I never saw my father read anything but the Bible and newspapers — cover to cover – my parents insisted, it is unreasonable for anyone to tell another what they must believe, who they can marry or whether or not they must give birth, but, you could only buy American cars. 

So, it’s all on us:

What loss happened to make us transform Thanksgiving into pushing and shoving our neighbor day?

What marketing transformed seeing The Interview as the best way, since Patriot Act and Citizens United joined Jim Crow, to prove our patriotism?

It’s all on us:

What redirection is so laser beam effective at keeping us churning out Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb tweets targeting intellectually challenged Bobby Jindal, though choosing and chosen as a Republican, of saying racism comes from minorities not acting like white people?

What need makes our youth mindlessly mine for fame in Likes — as unreasonable a hope as a Belichick weather report on patriotic footballs?

What kind of love creates a Navy Seal sniper, his murder on a Texas gun range, his nature nurtured into a war solo?  What do those Americans with such a special set of skills do on the Home-Front, for the Homeland, after we take away war?

Where and on whom will their crosshair love of direct elimination be channeled, When Johnny Comes Marching Home? 

What sense of entitlement makes some youth prefer brutal rape over beautiful intimacy; and their older counterparts deny women Constitutional equality?  Aren’t both bullying acts on us?

What issue inflamed conservative Americans into giving credence and allegiance to Fox News excusing voting for lack of character and human decency:  Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and SOTU2015 sacrificial lamb, Joni Ernst?

Isn’t it on us, the empathetic Independent, the Democratic Progressive, the moderate Republican and the educated free thinker to be the purveyors of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  Isn’t it on Americans who vote and those who don’t?

It is for us rather to be putting the investigation back into investigative reporting for a media so inundated with, if it bleeds, it leads.  It’s on us to recalibrate political leaders following the dictates of Wall Street bankers at the expense of Main Street families.

Let’s let the conservative Right remain the liars who lie, and the Left be a united reasonable voice.  Let’s not sit on our hands like Republicans in an Obama State of the Union, because not voting in 2014 made all the difference, and it’s now on all of us.

Like it or not, it’s always on us, the reasonable, to

  • get real, demanding law abiding Governors
  • expose state legislators with a personal agenda,
  • insist members of Congress pass a minimum intelligence test, if not raise the minimum wage
  • Confirm some semblance of reasonable doubt of their corporate bias before allowing donning the supreme robes of the not so supreme, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Scalia Court
  • Justify Impeachment in response to supreme injustice
  • Educate those who elected California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock, that all Americans regardless of color, ethnicity or background deserve a decent wage and a free education to enable earning more
  • Enlighten corporations like McDonald’s that, Americans of all hues are here to stay, as employees, customers and judge & jury
  • Insist DOJ and NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand protect and defend the rape victim, allowing universities to be about higher education, and less an extension of law enforcement and prosecutors

The traumatic truth of Racism, Rape and Guantanamo is, both bullies and the bullied, are on us.

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2 U Who Inherit the 

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Earth 2

Now, you who Inherit the Wind, coal ash water, fired up earth — no burying heads in sand, hearts in partying, nor minds in oblivious whining – for in lost elections there is liberal education to recapture the essence of citizenship, civility and creative economic opportunity.

Free at last, free at last!  Thank Conservative dollars Almighty, #PBO is free at last, to be all we voting Yes We Can believers, hoped he’d change us into being.

You who will inherit the earth can be forgiven for thinking Obama could change American politics and even save the world single handedly, for thanks to us, so did he:  from Chicago’s Grant Park November 4, 2008, when we cried tears of joy with Oprah until, Happy Days Are Here Again faded under the residue of the Mushroom Cloud administration, with Conservative Republicans, delivering us unto Recession and Wall Street unto Too Big To Jail.

Y/Millennium, you inherit the earth from Baby Boomers, without the I Have a Dream wisdom of Thoreau, if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.  Instead, in part due to I got this, we, self-satisfied that electing a different looking president, guaranteed a different looking results, went home.

If you’re under 40 years old, you are going to inherit the earth we allow the old white predominately male bonus laden Wall Street CEO’s and their Congressional puppets leave us.

Before 140 character attention vapors evaporate, or irresistible Instagram urges plow asunder new butt cheeks discussion, let’s consider…

  • Whether a peaceful Hands Up protester or police state racist; a twenty something voter or political coaster; a misinformed or uninformed thirties Open Carry Right Wing Nutcase or Nader gator Green Energy part-time park tent Occupier — you will inherit the earth the Koch brothers and Koch heads like Mitch McConnell, Sheldon Adelson, John Boehner, Karl Rove, Ted Cruz, pork slicer Joni Ernst and pig torturer Chris Christie bequeath you — unless we expose and repudiate such earthly inheritance and vote globally.
  • When limiting individual focus to personal issues like student loans or Net Neutrality, you may inherit the earth left behind by Attorneys General Alberto Gonzales & Eric Holder DOJ designated Too Big to Fail, unless we become a part of a conversation broader than the latest bar or sports score.
  • Whether we acknowledge, or not, the impact on us by ISIS be-headings, our tax dollars bombing, military and campus rape, school shootings’ acceptance, hazing & pledging deaths, reality show of fixable gender and racial inequities in our income and prison ratios — without our electoral attention, you will inherit an earth starved of essential equity, blotted out by food, environment and even jobs that kill more people born after 1974 faster, than birthrate before Watergate.
  • Being redirected by pocket lined Republicans killing Jobs Bill or oil soaked Keystone pipeline sod, or not knowing calling it Obamacare or Affordable Care Act, it’s the Insurance Companies’ economy stupid, you will inherit a TPP Corporatism scorched earth without Single Payer, Medicare for All, Extended Medicaid but with, overcrowded emergency room panic.
  • If we can’t hyperlink our Ellis Island past and Statue of Liberty inheritance with our Immigration vs. Deportation future; if social devices prevent critical thinking, then those under 30 inherit an earth of melting icebergs, fossil fuel emissions and top heavy economic imbalance, instead of a freed from the shackles of corporate obstruction and Conservative gridlock, though neither saint nor messiah Obama – a chess player finally free, with our help, to make his game changer moves for Z/Boomlets who will inherit the earth.Z Boomlets Generation