Question How We Bring Home What’s Been Lost? – TREMR Staff Pick – Headline

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Who taught us to focus more on rude, crude posturing, instead of distinguishing ourselves as everyday heroes sans headlines?

What will it take to shift from problem fascination to solution focusing?

When will we divorce bewildering bellowing, marry wisdom that permeates time out, and rebirth the family value of peaceful assembly?

Where, in a, land of the free, does being a patriot award the freedom to belittle with abject name calling or the liberty to assign angry adjectives to nouns of diversity?

Why do we increasingly flock like sheep to baa at behest of blah blah of over consumerism, over-zealous zealots and over-aged politicians, pimping redundancy of wolves in sheep’s clothing as, the new world order for, the natural order of things:  keeping women in their place, children seen but not heard, LGBTQ, Muslims and Mexicans banned from real citizenship – and, the South shall rise again, for real?

How can we turn a blind eye to the consequential discrepancy between an NRA Mea Culpa projecting the fault of its internal morality hemorrhage, as victim of North aggression?

Who can overlook the hourly pretension of media hyperbole accelerating Fourth Estate demise partnering with the pomposity of a pretender-in-Chief tweeting unsubstantiated, slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

What about, Democratic Socialists so irritates conservatives’ anti-inclusive short-sighted militia itch, and exposes anti-American, lock and load threat to Trump’s damaging horde and damaged objectives alike – both struggling for very different Americas in a racist presidential swamp – deposited in an inequitable economic bog?

Where is Trump/Pence sting, when those who so love the world, love it enough to save all life upon it?  Hate, as a Right Wing required acquired taste, is only a digestible family value in hearts manipulated into harboring it.

Why it is that the two thirds of these United States for whom, the natural order of things, has evolved – from Civil War mutating into Jim Crow Laws which emboldened Ku Klux Klan and, ultimately, a reality show invasion of all levels of American government – still settles for rerun of maniacal McCarthyism scare tactics?

How can we not now vote, no matter how tattered our elections and political parties, to resurrect from Trump ashes a Good Samaritan patriotism that is honor bound to elect champions inspired by a duty-bound electorate demanding an all-inclusive American Dream?

While banning Muslims, spreading presidential manure on less fortunate countries, restricting marriage licenses, gunning down each other in schools, workplaces and places of worship – we fail our Definite Major Purpose:  to, as stewards, preserve, protect and defend earth and all life upon it.

How then, do we Emerge from Slave Bible, Green Book and Faith Movies through FDR, JFK, MLK – to AOC, a ratified ERA and incorruptible DOJ?

Stand tall and deliver on the promises we’ve preached:  colorblind justice, individual eradication of sexual harassment, gender bias, racial bigotry and the religious hypocrisy of insulting Biblical lessons like, love thy neighbor as thyself, with the asterisk:  as long as my neighbor looks and thinks as I do.

Who remembers what America can do when we look for miracles in each other?

What contributions can’t rainbows mingling with LGBTQ, people of color and descendants of immigrants make to the American Dream?

When will we stop demanding Change, but voting for those who can’t yet fathom, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in a Conservative Republican’s philosophy?

Where is home for a third of Americans who reject the abundant potential of an in-depth foundation of democratic miracles?

Why do we forget we didn’t have a cure for Tuberculosis, Smallpox, Polio, Mumps, Measles, Chickenpox and the Flu – until we did:  so, what’s next, Climate Injustice.

How can America find its way home through the aftermath of Trump confirming, What is Past is Prologue:  allowing our Gettysburg Address to define each of us to all of us.

To the degree, as country and individual, we discover, and digest the direct line of America’s ascending homegrown tyranny in our nation’s trajectory through Nixon’s Watergate, Reagan’s Trickle Down, Bush/Cheney’s Great Recession, we will understand how we were bathed in the racism, sexism, religious hypocrisy and white supremacist prep for Trump/Pence.

When, if not Tuesday 3 November 2020, will we progress from our sea to shining sea troubles, and by opposing Barr/Stephen Moore/Mnuchin/McConnell/Pence/Trump vainglory mirage, end their reigning weight on our backs?

The freeing truth that hurts most is, ignorance is not bliss, denial is the Opioid of cowards and change is terrifying – but progressing forward anyway, is the courage of unsung heroes – for without the valiant, humanity and its planetary home are doomed.

So now, let us invite the wisdom that comes from investigation, making We the People, affirmation, to never again tolerate what we ourselves have wrought.



Great White Hope and MAGA v. Great White Shark: Deep Blue and Female – Headline

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The political promises of a presidential inauguration can reflect, With malice toward none, with charity for all, Ask what you can do for your country, or with trickle down camouflage, blind Americans to coming treason.

Truth is, those, like Cheney and Trump who seek omnipotence through the potential power of the presidency, have raped, of, by and for the people, and left it profaned in the gutter, clinging to whatever shred of Exceptionism Franklin challenged, we keep.

So, should we desire to save both girls and boys from the razor burn of, traditional masculinity, perhaps it’s time to put away childish things and shake off the dust of bigoted men.

Better we share the Deep Blue of America’s female future than be repeatedly devoured by the marketing sharks of Madison Ave, K Street, Wall Street and Social Media herding people with blind faith in those for whom we are merely dollar signs.  It’s not Capitalism, but Deal no Deal Wanabes, needing high walls to hide lowest places in the heart.

Let us now listen for the whispers of reason beckoning us to follow the path of probable truth, to possible wisdom:

  • Both Buzz-Feed’s report and Mueller’s rebut bear witness
  • Russian spy Maria Butina seals together forever GOP and NRA
  • Men like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, following Cheney and GW examples, will one day seek neither to be seen nor heard again, because of the courage of women marching from the streets to seats of power

Aware of the commonality of dishonest and twisted political twins Boris Johnson, from across the pond, and an American president who would gladly drown America in the Volga River – seemingly oblivious to the Trump family gaining the whole world, is not his iso-profit line, let us eject the pretender.

While the whole world is watching, without subjugating itself to the whims of the self-serving arrogant, love it or leave it residue of trumped conservatives, we, in alliance with #MeToo, #NeverAgain and yes, NATO, can resurrect the America that unites nations in a state of Parisian perceptions, Canadian courage and European unity.

This week, while continuing to focus all Americans on the value of all humanity, let’s be particularly mindful that the ratification of The Equal Rights Amendment is still kept at arms-length by the sexism of only two men in Virginia’s House of Delegates:  Kirk Cox and Mark Cole, who like Mitch McConnell can, and do, suffocate the power of legislative voting, by keeping women in their man-made place

Remembering we’ve been settling for rhinestones, since our 2017 inaugural of America First infamy, I Have a Dream betrayal and presidential treachery – cherish since 21 January 2017, each Women’s March has proved, America will never go away again!

It was a 100-degree bright sunny day in Times Square, when I noticed a woman, obviously using her choice of chapeau to hide her face, while trying to get a cab.  Sensing it would be a mistake to startle her – though I did – I nonetheless approached close enough to whisper, I’d be happy to get you a taxi Miss Channing.

Following a momentary start, she whispered in that unforgettable voice, oh, would you?  Securing a yellow rolling air-conditioned miracle, and helping her inside, she asked how she could ever thank me.  My mother, a huge fan would be thrilled to know I kissed the hand of Carol Channing.  Without a beat, she extended both, adding, here kiss them both.

Before our Republic was Franklin’s, if you can keep it, our immigrant ancestors were welcomed by first responding natives, in thanksgiving.

However, since collectively inspiring Burdick’s and Lederer’s, Ugly American, we have made all physically unlike Pence and Cheney, suffer the, Vice of indigenous, racial, financial, sexist and gender violation.

Let’s restore:  celebrate the lives of Carol Channing and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, by honoring the cultural descendants of Wounded Knee, Harriet Tubman, Japanese-American Internment Camps and, like Alice Paul, stand tall, before the parade passes by, for Dreamers, women and all who believe the American Dream, like justice, is for all of God’s children – to keep America, still going strong.