Never Forget, America’s Mission is Keeping Promises – Headline

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Haven’t Americans promised to, do unto others as we hope they will do unto us, love thy neighbor as thyself, elevate tired and poor to Land of the Free opportunities, instead of duping devout, eviscerating electorate, and violating campaign finance laws?

Aren’t we here to preserve the love that trumps all evils, protect the race of all races, defend the right of life on earth to have an inhabitable planet – not abandon the less fortunate, re-enslave diversity nor shun those voting to marry whomever they love?

America’s Mission is not crystallizing collusion between Corporatism’s checks and racial imbalance, nor allowing Republican leaders to enable a, Night of Broken Glass, in our homeland.  Our Mission is not to become what is abhorrent to our founding ideals, but rather to continue the idealist journey to fulfill individual hopes, neighborly aspirations and global peace.

Are Americans Good Samaritans, or antagonists casting the downtrodden as an invading caravan advancing upon us to steal our $200m dollar presidential payoff to hush this truth:  his southern border threat, is a mirage?

Doesn’t, Home of the Brave, mean Americans symbolize the courage to transition human beings targeted by villains, from tragedy to comity?  Isn’t that, America’s Raison d’etre?

Is it American to allow fear, trolls and hackers to manufacture, then exacerbate The Great Divide?  Isn’t, Free Will the power to choose whether to descend into a new civil war or, cleansed from the ashes of Nixon’s Southern Strategy and Cheney’s twist on Trickle Down, ascend to a new dawn’s early light?

Thirty-three of our United States have elected more than 100 women and 75 Veterans.  While there were shortfalls, worthy candidates, like Heidi Heitkamp and Leslie Cockburn both reflected and illuminated:  American service that honors all in the arena – particularly nurses, teachers and women – especially all who’ve lost children to violence.

America exists as the tie that binds all to the ultimate realization of our Declaration of Independence from, Made in America tyrants – knowing our Gettysburg Address and I Have a Dream, enlist a nation now conceived as, cities, suburbs and rural households – in union.

American patriotism resists a questionable president using questionable tactics to question the legitimacy of a legally appointed Special Prosecutor, protecting Americans from those aiding and abetting America’s true adversaries.

Americans are not a welcome mat for any Bully Pulpit, nor were we born with dollar-signs in our eyes, envying a trumped family trumping common sense with the nonsense of a Trump Administration – but to forever answer the call in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

In thanksgiving, we need honor and reward First Responders and Veterans, and care for mental health caregivers, because The American Dream is more than, thoughts and prayers after mass murders – and more than confirming, what is past is prologue.

Arguably, it was not The Democratic Party that energized our 2018 Mid-Term Elections, but democratic Americans heeding the need to reconnect with our humane foundation.

  • Whether our outward uniform is military, apron or overhauls; Millennial or Senior; Laundry rooms, high heels, hardhats, power suits, or classrooms
  • Whether living the nightmare of oil shellacked beaches, pipelined reservations, life destroying forest fires or crumbling under the devastation of gun violence
  • Because some choose to deny millions affordable health-care, to reject Climate Change truth and to profit from streaming numbness to Sandy Hook, Pulse, Las Vegas and Parkland preamble to Pittsburgh Synagogue and Thousand Oaks College Country Night – 2018 voters elected our next steps forward.

We are not here to be consumed by the hellfire of an indifferent president apathetic to what trials and tragedies befall Americans from Florida to North Dakota, and Puerto Rico to California.  We are here to be the stewards of earth and the loving guardians of all life upon it.

America’s 2018 homecoming is the beginning of our new transformation:  from 11 Nov 1918 – 22 Nov 1963; from LBJ/Nixon Vietnam betrayal and Trump/Pence complicity – to a House of Representatives, filled with every American hue, gender and persuasion.

We are Americans because we care to make heaven on earth for any two or three gathering in the name of human decency – asking, seeking, knocking.

Never Forget!


Ask Ourselves: Who-What-Where-When-Why and How Trump!?!

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Resist being duped by the dancing red laser beam programmed by talking and Koch heads, and start asking, the five W’s and How our news media is failing to see current Trump administration events through the lens of First Amendment and Deep Throat, lessons.

Before Trump/Pence, we could occasionally rely on newspapers and radio, if not always TV media, to give us, Jack Webb’s, just the facts, ma’am, regarding how the How and five W’s corroborate the truth – albeit reminiscent of the forgotten Fourth Estate standards, honored by Edward R. Marrow, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and the man who, like Rachel Maddow wept for our nation on national television, Walter Cronkite.

You want answers?  Sadly, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup was correct, we can’t handle the truth, if we’re in lockstep with herd mentality, allowing marketing ads to successfully brand us madmen fighting among ourselves – relentlessly ignoring, a House Divided cannot Stand, instead of following Putin’s Russian Rubles.

Admit the damage that our repetitive voting pendulum’s pinball machine approach to elections, both reflects and incites radical Newton’s Third Law mood swings – from keeping our Democratic Republic, to rippling democratic calls for an Arab Spring – to backlash swinging toward the comfort zone of what’s forever, Gone with the Wind.

Centuries after Sodom and Gamora and Amnon raping his half-sister Tamar, we’ve almost learned from #MeToo and #TimesUp how to indict the aggressive harassing predator of sexual assault, rather than re-persecuting those assaulted – regardless of gender.

Before Bush/Cheney’s endless oil wars, we protested LBJ’s & Nixon’s Vietnam geographical, death, maimed and brain damaged War escalations – ultimately confusing Americans in uniform whose lives were put in Harm’s Way, with the lies of the presidents who sent them.

Following precedent set by Mark Foley’s assault on Congressional Pages and Larry Craig’s wide stance, pickup line, we’ve endured Republican hypocrisy:  publicly bashing LGBTQ Rights, while men like, Ed Schrock and RNC Chair Ken Mehlman, secretly experimented with their sexuality — possibly even ignoring the pleas for help from sexually abused Ohio State students.

Too soon after the gun violence of Columbine & Sandy Hook flung open America’s identity extremes:  accepting Blue on Black shootings and Pulse, Las Vegas and Parkland mass murders – the NRA partnered with Russian spies to raise Putin’s puppet above our Old Glory.

Before Little Miss Maria Butina offered entry to her curds and whey, for access to an alleged sex offender accused of raping a thirteen-year-old girl, President Warren G. Harding invited little Miss Britton over to the White House for more than a lap dance.

Before AMI, Manhattan Madam and Roger Stone reveal, we were mute when our freedom to, take a knee, to honor lives cut short by racism, bigotry, hate, and vehicular murder – was maligned by a fake patriot.

Before 45 chose a poisonous murderer over America’s Intelligence Agencies, voting Democrats, by 65,845,063 to 62,980,160 valiantly attempted to defend the Land of the Free, from a Russian takeover of our electoral process – to implant a Groper-in-Chief and his selectively Christian Vice backup, our FBI & CIA led by example:  brining to justice American KGB moles, CIA’s Aldrich Hazen Ames and FBI’s Robert Philip Hanssen.

Since 1776, reasonable Americans have borne the weight of those clinging to past comfort zones, and now we must resist becoming, some of the people all of the time who believed claims of baby trafficking in a pizza shop basement were true

Before SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage, a rainbow of Americans defeated AXIS powers – and our votes, alerting Putin and his USA allies, will defeat the trumped GOP with, This far but no further.

In 2018, it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – electing to embody an American Dream, for all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, by supporting Americans who are the answer to our call for reinvigorated thinking, and Justice for All, like Abigail Spanberger, Leslie Cockburn, Danica Roem, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris.

After 6/16/15, my friends, dogs and cats inspired my hope to – Make America Kind Again.