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After the Arab Spring, Americans claimed, 9/11 notwithstanding, it couldn’t happen here; Brexit, never in America!  2016 Election:  The independently fed-up, aided and abetted by Putin, allowed a product of commercialized isolationists, branding The Monroe Doctrine as convenient totalitarian international threat — to wipe Donald Trump’s shoes on Lady Liberty’s welcome mat, enticing the underside of democracy with performances depicting the stain on his soles would, Make America Great Again.

If media action chose more investigative activism than myopic regurgitating, America might have recognized Trump’s fifth grade hyperbole illustrated an inability to discern reality from show.

The question is, do we.

When Chuck Todd introduces a news story that has been trending everywhere for over a week, not as Breaking News, but rather, you probably know, there is hope that American media may once again be The Fourth Estate, before smart phones, Social Media and failure to read beyond 140 characters, finalizes its expiration date.

However, golden April Showers from rainmaker Russians, make for mangled election flowers, choking from lost rainforest paradise — tangled in first 100 days’ action pretense and deceptive activities behind Mar-a-Logo walls.

What is America’s expiration date on giving the trumped a chance, while Arkansas races the clock with human life expectancy against drug expiration?

What is the value of Supreme unction, if self-inflated Trump’s trial balloon Gorsuch chooses GOP Southern Strategy over America’s merciful soul?

Don’t incidents of Domestic Violence increase when corporate and government leaders use bully pulpit to incite violence?

What happens when Governors, Cabinet & Congress members act against LGBT Community, Equal Rights Amendment ratification, gender income parity, minimum wage and budgets of organizations that nurture mind, body and soul, like:

  • Medicaid, National Endowment of the Arts, After School Programs
  • Planned Parenthood, NPR, The Affordable Care Act
  • Social Security, National Endowment of the Humanities, DACA

Aren’t we going in the wrong direction, when a president doesn’t have the sense of direction to know in what direction a very powerful armada is headed?

Where is gun violence activity destined when an increase of easily available guns exceeds our financial support for research to cure Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Schizophrenia, Cancers, Heart disease, Stroke and perhaps even, closed minds?

National decay revels in actions that encore history’s greatest shames, rather than endorse unlimited vision of scientific enlightenment, affordable healthcare and the value of funding quality public education.

Russian/Trump seeding new growth theory, risks reason’s extinction by denial.  Both gardens of thinkers, and thoughtless stewards, too pre-occupied to cry out from the hacked wilderness, fail to hear, this last call: the most essential life statistic is the tally of our contributions to fellow soulmates, before inevitable expiration date.

I’m a fan rarely in disagreement with Andrew Sullivan, but if his theory suggesting Americans voted for Trump because, ‘immigrants make them desperate for a reconfirmation of their national identity’ is correct, then unless we radically change course between 2018–2020, our next historical date of note will be the expiration date of our Exceptionalism Experiment.

In April 1564 Shakespeare was born and for more than five centuries his work has enriched the soul of humankind:  Art, Culture, Education, History, Music, Politics and Theatre in all their global diversity.

In April 2017, a dozen years after a five-week old proved, actions speak louder than words, by leaping from her crate, past the gloved Vet attendant, running up my arm and, perching on my shoulder, immediately purring, Soulmate, born with only three good legs, a bad liver and questionable kidney functions, unbeknownst to either of us, took our last drive together, Thursday April 20th.  Staring up at me with eyes eternally grateful, having never forgotten what her life could have been on the streets, she marked me, one last time.

America still has time, if not to save itself from self-inflicted Truth Decay, then at least to delay extinction via Trump – but, only if we can distinguish the difference between self-serving activity and Justice for All – and act like it.  Climate Change denial is no match for an expiration date.

Soulmate taught me, it’s not roots, but how we flower.


Questioning Getting Our Act Back Together

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One Nation IndivisibleWe’ve got some ‘splaining to do to our debt-ridden children and health polluted grandchildren…

What knocked us so far off balance?!?

Why have we turned our backs on all those fathers who, filled with hope, faithfully brought their families through Ellis Island believing in the Promised Land?

When did we redefine Exceptionalism as reneging on our Statue of Liberty boast, by arresting children crawling out of the mud with no hope of undocumented reform?

How did We Built That become America’s inhumanity to children?

Where is Lincoln found in us this Father’s Day?

What if, all the world’s a stage and We the People merely players, then don’t we need to get our act together and stop cheering extremes, and current obstructionist cast of congressional characters with voting ovations without following the money?

Why are we reelecting a Congress to whom we give only single digit approval?

When do we acknowledge, citizenship is not a spectator sport, and play our leading role before the curtain falls?

How did we become guilty by association with the art of gerrymandering and politically manipulating Benghazi, Bergdahl, and Baghdad, into weapons for flip flopping politicians?

Where is the truth behind the headlines that bury the secrets of strangers and needs of children and, yes, where have all the flowers of The Greatest Generation, The Best and the Brightest and Compassionate Conservatism gone?

What My Truth Is:  I love NPR and Terry Gross, and prefer Elizabeth Warren for President over Christie or Hillary, but in primary vote, it was Hillary, not Obama I chose.

Why then, in 2014, do we continue the argument over, that for all his corporatism compromised soul, President end wars, bring them home, healthcare chess player Obama’s reform endeavors surpass those of most administrations since November 22, 1963?

When will we admit what every American knows — the tragic shame of the Iraq crimes dwell in the secrets and lies of the Mushroom Cloud death panel:  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Wolfowitz?Bush Iraq Art

How then can we allow McCain, Boehner & Mitch to continue their blacktracking denial of a Nobel Peace prize almost finally earned, going to the imperfect bi-racial Hawaiian for his acting out our very best American dreams.

Who and where are we when media circles its redundant wagons for self-preservation of myopic gossip, without our protesting?

How is it you, Touré Neblett, and we don’t see the larger issue here is that self-important counterfeit products like you, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Rand Paul and Eric Cantor seem to regard the newsworthy truth as the enemy…and the media is going to have to learn to pretend that the media doesn’t think that the public is the enemy?

Sacrificing Flag Day 2014 on the altar of, by and for the battles between Black & White, Rich & Poor, Left & Right, LGBT & Narrow, Red & Blue and worst of all, war on women, enables self-destruction of United We Stand, and disables, One Nation Indivisible.

Life, like voting, is neither guaranteed nor a Constitutional right, but a privilege to be cherished before time runs out.

Life is as fleeting as a guided-missile launched from cruiser USS Philippine Sea, constantly course adjusting to the new ISIS threat to corporate oil cash flow.

Life creates in impromptu moments and improvises amidst the best laid plans.  Life is not cliff notes, but a banquet from which too many are being starved out of representation.

American life is an incomplete constitution, askew from the sum total of both documented and not.  So to recapture our sense of ensemble, fasten your seat-belts.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride to give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but we can and must get our act back together!

Join us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.cropped-image002.jpg