Open Carry

Swinging American Pendulum out of Trump Pit – Headlined on

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Delivering too much show with too little command performance, is Donald Trump assuming a Korean Peninsula finale that garners global applause for a premature curtain call?

Will mutual discourtesy deliver a goose-stepping boot during Trump’s Alec Baldwin imitation, or like Trade, Climate Change and Gun Violence, is victory another flip-flopping pie-in-the-sky blubbering promise?

Can we see effect of first sister, Kim Yo Jong’s Olympic Mission Accomplished two-step diplomacy behind the redneck of a Pence closed mind, — before First Daughter’s inappropriate disclaimer regarding questions about inappropriate daddy’s overnight cravings for Hooters’ cheeseburgers?

Will 45 smother USA via Fourth Estate spinning his fantasy of a hard landing, before balloon payment for mammary gland?

With stormy encore banned by a secret restraining order in a private arbitration, is Trump’s hope to receive the, all the world’s a stage spotlight, after, tell him I’ll do it, audition? 

Will Trump-Un duo Spring Forward World Peace or will infamy take stage, sans rehearsal, in Der Fuhrer caricature of, I Do, I Do? 

Can, Be a Clown squared, register with a world no longer watching emotionally drained Americans deprived of intellectual leadership, bidding us, bye-bye America, Goodbye?

With Freedom’s vision impaired, is clinging to, trade wars are good and easy to win while cowering in Dorian Gray shadow of LaPierre’s NRA, spitting in the face of, a child shall lead them — where Sandy Hook holds all accountable for The Pulse, Las Vegas and Parkland?

Yielding to preferences for affirmation of low information, embeds in us the danger of blinding ignorance to truth:  there is little union advantage in the imbalance of, me first, because individual expressions of mutual respect remain the measure of human dignity.

Isn’t our humanity begging us to rise from the dead scourge of both Left and Right Trumpisms?

Doesn’t, treated unfairly excuse, insult courage when we fail to, walk the walk that holds both money changers and ourselves, culpable?

In 2018 will we choose wisely between the American Dream and a recurring nightmare of Tiki Torch night terrors, trumped by the superficial glitter of Kochs and Kushners, tossing We the People, while turning more than a few on the spit of derision, embroiling Good Samaritan diversity with ruthless ICE ignoring Russian sauce on Seychelles rotisserie, to burn DACA Dreamers?

Trump’s manipulators are global puppeteers, hiding behind benign sounding patriotic names — hovering above presidential title, anti-American agenda.

Isn’t that why our Founding Fathers replaced the Articles of Confederation, with our Constitution — because investing too much power in state governments, was froth with American suicide potential at the hands of localized mob-rule?

Who, besides Caucasian men, were spared the worst, before April 12, 1945 and November 22, 1963 were disappeared by manipulated non-thinkers, embracing Open Carry, to thrust America’s new majority into, August 12, 2017?

Isn’t it time for reason to summon, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, to resist smirking media’s beckoning us to believe, The Right is peopled by fools, rather than moneyed wizards projecting, and protecting, their almost out-of-control Court Jester?

After more than thirty years of GOP Trickle-Down MIA Manna, has isolationism desperate for supremacy, raged past world peace to mortally wound the United States?  Or can America resurrect its exceptional definition by honoring the sanctity of all life, including, huddled masses yearning to breathe free?

America needs the ACLU and Mueller probe to release us from the lies we tell ourselves, but our elections never needed foreign thieves in the night.  We have Citizens United, non-voters and splitters splinting the Democratic Party to do that.

Red Mapping and Gerrymandering have delivered America the Beautiful into national chaos, in which Trump is the natural extension for a New World Order, keeping us ignorant of the merger between felonious treason and Corporatism’s international agenda.

America is being hacked by computerized voting machines whose lack of transparency calculations are more reminiscent of our three-fifths compromise than Putin’s intoxicating effect on GOP politics and media ratings chasers.

To recapture our, with malice toward none essence, we need acknowledge murderous secrets and lies, ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, restore our better half discarded in historical oblivion, and elect their gender specific descendants.


Black, White and Blue All Over Again – Headlined on Sun 7/10/16

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MY Zoe & SoulmateIn the aftermath of sniper murder in Dallas Texas, public reactions have been what we’ve come to expect:

  • Conservatives, largely silent about street weapons of mass destruction
  • Governor and Mayor pass out pabulum band-aide as soothing, consoling patch for a horrific wound to those drowning in grief before funerals and moving on, without
  • Police shootings of black men in Baton Rouge and Minnesota largely pushed to back burners to simmer while the main Media course Terror in Dallas is brought to boil, repeatedly
  • MIA, Wayne LaPierre’s madness, Only Way To Stop A Bad Guy With A Gun Is With A Good Guy With A Gun all five Dallas police officers were good men with guns, protecting good Americans in Peaceful Assembly

The commonality of sniper fire, mass shootings, gang bangers, foreign wars, police brutality, community fear and NRA bottom-line, lining political pockets is:  guns.  The cure:  hope, trust, faith voting political backbone to overcome special interests.

In unity, we party then weep; play then pray – longing to wash away the epidemic violence of a ranting few with the generous voting common sense of the many.

It’s not just Dallas, Minnesota and Louisiana; not just police killing African-Americans; not just African-Americans shooting police.  It’s a constitutional mind-set derived by agendas addicted to profiting from destructive human behavior.  It’s not just Conservatism’s Dark Side, but programmed biases ingested into our Hedonic Hot Spots – from handheld devices.

It’s not just about the Bush/Cheney Wall Street induced Great Recession, it’s about defining ourselves by the number of dollars at our disposal.

It’s not just about bigger, better, faster, for what value is being the most advanced country technologically, if our global communications fail to embrace different cultures and points of view.

It’s about getting beyond being statistics:

  • More white people killed the twenty-six police who died in the line of duty in 2016, while 136 black people were shot by police in the same 191 days
  • More black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow

America is not just about statistics for media hype, The Census for Gerrymandering, Madison Ave analysis for addictive ads that hook us on over consumerism – and while elections are not just about exit polling, exit polling is about our Media trampling over, those who are first will be last.

It’s not just about Texas Open Carry and Paul Ryan’s GOP tap dancing to an oldie but baddie NRA refrain.

It’s about political leaders being elected for solutions, but too many, like Congress and retrograde Roberts & Alito justice, are offering up a pittance of lowering the flag, moments of silence and condolence clichés, while gutting the Voting Rights Act, voting for Citizens United and ignoring this truth:  the shared commonality between Newtown’s Sandy Hook, Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Richmond Virginia’s TV reporters, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Terror in Dallas is:  guns.

It’s not just violence of any kind is more than political opportunity to huddle and scramble for the perfect words, because for multiple death from gun violence, there are no words.

It’s either about being color blind, preserving the mental health, economic stability and individual security of all human life, or being accomplices after the fact to numeric few attempting a takeover of The Land still trying to breathe Free.

It’s not about the size of our arsenal defining our manhood.  It’s about needing cold water in our faces to warm our hearts and awaken our brains:  Zika Virus, ISIS, and Climate Change denial are the real potential pandemics.

The fear of being left behind, oppressed and forgotten, can only be defeated by our collective spirit of reason, denying denial of truth and dismissing from power, the powers who need foreign wars and seed domestic violence.


  • Instead of allowing 24/7 Media to program us into believing America is a polarized nation, attend meetings of diverse local groups, and listen
  • Know that bullets will never defeat the powers that steal our hope – but ballots can
  • In peaceful assembly, start walking in city streets; silently, allows the non-violent presence of your numbers to be the message
  • Make certain all races, ages, ethnicities and sexual preferences are encouraged to walk with you