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Celebrating American Independence or Free Passes for Trump? Headlined on OpEdNews.com & PoliticusUSA Feature

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Unlike the carelessness of the thoughtless abuse of constitutionally guaranteed, Free Speech, there have been shining moments of Exceptionalism.  However, it only takes a few Members ignoring to death, the future of seniors — willing those under 40, demise by Opioid addiction, second class education, crushing debt, self-doubt induced suicide and a planet in the throes of being overwhelmed.

It only takes a few short-sighted, self-serving, knee jerk choices to seek and destroy a nation – for every secret thought & spoken word; each decision & vote cast; full-throated cover ups — whether choosing weapons of vile, despicable behavior or willingly playing games with team of Grovels – we are settling for the summit of the worst in ourselves.

Even as a congressional few ignore foreign disregard for our national sovereignty, trumpet puppets are, State by State, instituting institutional theft of personal data, voting information – a colossal invasion of millions of Americans.

A helter-skelter nation needs to embrace unity to reestablish its Gettysburg Address vision of civic responsibility.  However, it will likely be governors and Secretaries of Red States, who will profane Lincoln’s example, by relinquishing unmitigated exposure of its citizens’ privacy.

To reaffirm our Independence, it is for us, on July 4, 2017, to recapture the essence of The Golden Rule, for it is never too late for the Exceptionalism of self-rule, mutual respect and living lives that practice what we preach.

For our Independence, let us proclaim, there is no last time for war when it is declared endless; no last time for violence when we’re married to it, acquitting both mass murder in public places, while good men with guns shoot good men of color; no last time for Arlington ball-field, when Little Rock shots ring out in echo of a Bronx Hospital.

When the proudly despicable violate the honor of the highest office in the land, clearly The Home of the Brave is being run by the cowardly.  Regardless of Party, all Americans are being mocked with a smirk having no more depth than 140 characters.

Yet, this is not a nationwide choice, nor a national great divide.  It’s the sum of people who can be fooled most of the time by the few repetitiously casting a bait and switch, and gossip dominating investigative reporting with hyperbole, seeking ratings.

Nonetheless, like heroic first responders, it is on us, to get out in front of stampeding mob rule, with sheer numbers, votes and boycotts proving we mean business, to the business of Koch heads owning politicians and government at every level.

The challenge is not too many fires to put out, but too little Independence thinking, to resist false prophets and puppets of industry currently occupying too many State Houses, Legislatures and our current three branches of federal government.

If the super poor will always be with us, it is not because the bible told me so, but rather, since ushering in the second Gilded Age in 1980, the super-rich have perpetuated it so.

America survived Valley Forge, Lincoln/JFK/MLK/RFK assassinations and The Red Scare because of dreamers & the young at heart, farmers & lawyers, students & educators, preachers and sinners – and again, America needs human decency to overcome the small minded and hateful – especially elected leaders who are the greatest dangers to our national security and international integrity.

Like Paul Revere, women road to warn of invasion and The Greatest Generation included females, African-Americans, Latino and LGBTQ.

However, where there are narrow-minded men, there are abused women & minorities; where easy access to guns, mass shootings; and when We the People act like kittens chasing a laser of a Fourth Estate led around by a Pinocchio nosed President, we are accessories after the fact.

Yes, Donald Trump’s behavior is not presidential, but more importantly, his conduct is unbecoming a Commander-in-Chief, and absolutely, an unacceptable example for fathers, husbands and children.

So, we can choose to be responsible for continually giving free passes to someone intellectually, psychologically and mentally unfit to be President, or like 1776 American wannabees, pick up the gauntlet of reason and be Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.




Independence Derailed by Denial and Alternative Facts – Headlined by OpEdNews.com

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People get ready, there’re trains a comin’ – one from Station Realization and the other, the madness of King Trump’s McConnell Courtiers.  One fueled by self-righteousness, the other empowered by the foundation of hope – each destined to trigger signaling switches, at our national station in life.

On the left track, the Express train, pulling in somewhat disabled, but on time.  On the right side of the platform, the Local, running late, in support of Congress debilitating Medicaid, while serving up hacking passes on a Gowdy Trey.

This is not a railway do-over race against billionaire pharmaceutical and health insurance Hot Shots (for each train clickety-clacks along its track of choice, with independently designated time tables for transporting and transferring passengers) – but it is a journey to the Township of Truth Be Told.

How many more will choose to get on board, Left or Right, and how many will continue to opt out — to straddle the third rail — is up to Free Will.  But increasingly there’s room on the right, to elbow through the crowd of boisterous wingers.  Across the platform, however, the Express line, increases capacity for healthy realization:  the hypocrisy of politically protecting those without economic needs punching truth with extreme projectiles from podium of real Fake News — is too much baggage for the trip to Reason.

Ultimately destination for both trains is the same, but, like, Bull Run and Manassas, labeled alternatively, Home of the Brave and MAGA.  Nonetheless, when each train reaches their Base of the Y on track to Future, the direction chosen can foreshadow the life journey yet left to live, reflect a life destined for the rails, or just reveal how much time one chooses to be taken for a ride.

Passengers bombing foreign children, denying needy American children, or emulating money changers of old, be prepared for blinking lights ahead, warning:  conductors may yet demand, show me the money whether in your PAC suits, off-shore accounts or MIA tax returns.

Instead of election draining change, constructive compromise was annihilated and independent investigative thinking exposed evolution of re-cycled disabling disgust for differences.

On the Express, all are welcome to share nurturing through curiosity and enlightened perception and preparation, for the bullet trains a comin’:

  • Disabling of America by Opioid Addiction


  • Denying health equality for Medicaid Expansion


  • MIA Executive Orders to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America from hacking by foreign & domestic powers

Both known and unknown Malafort and Kushner travel mates sway 60% of Americans to detrain at stations assuring benefits for, Pre-Existing Conditions, Opioid Overdose Prevention, and Medicare for All.

At the Deborah Lipstadt v. David Irving Avenue stop, passengers can transfer to the Local for Alternative Facts on Track 45.  However, switching too right, expect delays in The Trump Tunnel of Secrets, where preyed on infrastructure is endangered from Flynn-flam and Russian Roulette.

Boarding for the Land of the Donald Free, however, passengers can ADAPT for more positive options to secrecy and polarizing resistance, because all the Express stops, Left, support Mueller’s probe for truth and accelerate focus on issues that unite us:  family life, economic liberty and the pursuit of personal happiness.

Isn’t this why we boarded the train to Independence?

Nonetheless, when very nice people put their faith in those faking out all of us, truth and justice appear as a blur flashing by our window seat, unless, trained by the mental health of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, we, hang together.

Passengers respecting justice for all, don’t need a ticket to board the Express to Progress, but Caution:  since European immigrants invaded Native Americans:  choosing between being a citizen voting for responsibility and ethics on all railroads to Washington vs. heading the wrong way on the Right track, has too often required a disproportionate sacrifice by hyphenated Americans – particularly women, LGBTQ, the disabled and economically disadvantaged, blessed with color.  Yet it is not enough to redundantly media headline political podium puppets, without streaming, we are the engine driving the train.

As a nation, for all our devices, too often we choose to ride the rails most attention deprived, but denial is more a Magazine cover delusion, than solution.

For the Union, you just get on board.