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Corporate PACs Projecting Poison on Planet & People – Headlined by OpEdNews.com 5/13/15

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People Demanding Action Poster SmallIt’s not necessary to love a person to find some areas of agreement and common experiences:  NSA spying victims, under-employment, unregulated Wall Street Banker caused recession, and our First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution guaranteeing all Americans

  • the freedom to be stupid or informed
  • to be an inhumane bully or give a voice to the voiceless
  • to be a billionaire terrified of gullible consumers transforming into informed voters or to champion the unity and equality of Human Rights, Civil Rights and Voting Rights

Whether faith or politics, earth steward or climate denier, ostrich or prophet – the needs of humanity, power grids, infrastructure and the earth have reached, the level of urgent time limits — and those resisting an American renewable transformation, tend also, to be against much of what is good for earth and its human inhabitants.

However, there is one universal mantra they chant:  no matter how we vote, who we marry, what our color or gender – we don’t matter.

The world’s population is consuming more food and water, faster than the earth can produce it.  And when supply and demand intersect the crossroad of scarcity, who shall be the first served life giving water and who, left to die fighting in the streets, over an aluminum can of artificial sweeteners?

The connection between California drought and an ocean encroaching on Florida beaches is clarity: Climate Change denying is Energy Apartheid and with our ballots we must unite against Governors, State Legislatures and Congress, for being unfit to govern.

Want to occupy something, Occupy this:

  • Even Bangladesh is installing solar panels at the rate of 70,000 a month
  • Fracking and Keystone pipeline have united cowboys with Indians and farmers with ranchers, against both
  • Americans use more energy between midnight New Year’s Eve and noon on January 2nd than the continent of Africa uses in a year.

The World Health Organization reports, there is massive migration in the Pacific as people race against death by Climate Injustice, but western Corporations create new Climate Refugees, every day.

Sixteen thousand Americans in Richmond, California having to go to the hospital, because Chevron repeatedly ignoring the humanity of remorse in favor of the laws of profit, is no accident of nature.

Who is it that insists oil dependency and fossil fuels are better for America’s financial, physical and mental health, than farmers and communities creating their own renewable free energy from corn cobs and batteries?

Who is denying our weather has changed dramatically for millions of Americans and Global Warming, whether due to Climate Change or not, will enslave our next generations if not deny them, their very existence?

Who’s fighting against The Clean Power Plan, an extension of the Clean Air Act?  And Why?

Historically, America’s energy sources have evolved, wood, coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear.  Why not in the 21st century take the next logical step to solar and wind energy?  Answer:  Fortunes will change from Wall Street board rooms to Main Street roof tops, and Corporatism’s Koch heads are petrified at the potential loss of their power over us.

This, not patriotic fervor, is why billionaires like Norman Braman and Sheldon Adelson spend tens of millions of their free speech to squelch our free elections.

Now, hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. In revenge for the 1960s Civil Rights movement, we’ve inherited inequity in housing, incarceration and Food Desserts. What will those born in 2001 inherit?
  2. There are fewer gangsters on our streets, than in the suites on The Street
  3. All our social and financial issues erupt from our insatiable rape of earth, water, air and food-chains.

If keeping a job is so important you’d continue to work for the very company polluting your family’s drinking water, then consider the employment opportunities available to us, IF, instead of investing tax dollars in corporate welfare for recession creating Too Big To Fail Mega Banks, We The People invested in transforming America into a Solar Energy Powered, Super Power; controlled by local communities, instead of the Corporatism of Koch heads determined to dominate government on all levels and puppet string 99.9% of all Americans.

The most essential advocacy for Americans in 2015:  connect the dots connecting us, for truly all roads, Pinched Prosperity Place, Police State Street, Gun Violence Highway, Mass Incarceration Ave, Voter Intimidation Interstate and Bullies Boulevard – all lead to disappearing Florida, Mid-West tornado destruction and California drought – on the Climate Injustice Beltway.

Solutions for social, financial and employment challenges begin with ceasing our denial of Climate Change, for the cry of Mother Earth is increasingly urgent – and it will be too late if our grandchildren are left to dry her tears.

Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.

Joining an all-inclusive Climate Advocacy, we can recharge America and power up all Americans:


Religion OMG! Headlined on OpEdNews.com 4/5/15

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Church Central PointBeliefs, unlike Faith, can be seen in just how well we personify Free Will, The Golden Rule and The Bill of Rights.

Believers are free to believe Free Will is God’s gift of choice to love Him or not — to believe, or not, in combo Bill of Rights and Ten Commandments as gospel, trumping each other as needed, or serving as bookends in support of personal beliefs.

However, whether we believe Free Will comes from a supreme being or a Supreme Court, it means believers and non, have freedom of choice limited only by the prevention of our beliefs infringing on the equal rights of others.

I am Roman Catholic believing in Justice for All, who in most cases, opposes Abortion, and in the Land of the Free, I am free to express my personal belief as my right, but the Constitution does not guarantee me a country of Catholics only, or an abortion free nation.  In fact, it guarantees quite the opposite

Further, post-Civil War Amendments make clear, when we open a public business of any kind, our private personal beliefs take second position behind the laws of the land – some of which were created following the 1960 lunch counter sit-in at Woolworth’s Diner – which, despite Rand Paul’s national TV tongue twister, is pretty much the predecessor of the recent Memories Pizza in Walkerton Indiana incident – except…

  • there was no GoFundMe to help save discriminatory lunch counter owners all over America in the 1960s
  • in 2015 we’ve replaced the right to refuse service to ni**ers to The Right to refuse service to LGBTQ community who desire, like most Only Chickens fear the RainbowAmericans, the freedom to marry whomever they wish, minus mutual trauma of Loving vs. Virginia

Sometimes it seems hard not to believe the more things change in America the more 27% of Americans change to another target to discriminate against.

No word yet on Constitutional equality for women.

If we insist on the liberty to call ourselves, Exceptional, then we must stop defining ourselves by the wars we keep:

  • War on Women – Conservatives refusing to pay women the same salary men are paid for the same work while denying ratification of the ERA
  • Racial War – Although most acknowledge that 95% of police serve and protect law abiding citizens from the not so law abiding, Conservatives insisting we should not question the overzealous military equipment and disproportionate police shootings of minorities by 5% of police, caught on camera — defines Conservative beliefs
  • The Money War – Class warfare rained down upon 99% of Americans from the Trickle Down 1% wreaking havoc on America’s Middle Class – including Americans who believe they have a Constitutional right to discriminate against other Americans

When in the name of religion, cowards attack and kill 148 defenseless college students; when 27% of America’s population, gerrymander little minds to high office to dangle as puppets from zealots of discrimination and greed of money changers; when we find Moses in Netanyahu; when we preemptively condemn a possible peace treaty with an enemy our CIA created in 1953 – we are endanger of reaping in street morality what we have socially sown in smoldering burning crosses.

In a post Hobby Lobby America, perhaps it’s easier to deny weather has been unmercifully changed for millions; ignore our increased consumerism, at the expense of our infrastructure, has increased toxic waste, gas explosions, train wreaks and embarrassing Christianity with the rhetoric of the least Christ like.

If we believe there was once a living breathing example of love thy neighbor as thyself, walking among us, convincing many to believe, let him who is without sin cast the first stone – then believing your beliefs make you superior to others, gives Jesus a bad name.

Easter Sunday 2015, let’s resurrect our Faith, Hope and Love — give Obama a chance to earn his Nobel Peace Prize — remembering the greatest of these is Love.