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Heroes, Demons and Hellfire – Trump and Kim Jong-un – Headlined on OpEdNews.com

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Suppose heroic global grownups, take seriously the balance of power now in the hands of White House and North Korea?

What if Iran-Contra saint had blessed Donald Trump’s invocation to advocate the art of the nuclear deal between the Soviet Union and Government is the Problem creator?

Imagine a self-serving Congress, dominated by men terrified of a shady dealing vengeful dictator of an Obstruction of Justice email, hellbent on launching a missile attack on congressional healthcare, erected a firewall of invested investigations to cure ALS, Alzheimer’s and Medicaid for America’s human bookends:  children and Seniors.

Maybe Frank Capra’s DC existed periodically, but World Wars and a Cold War produced a New World Order with a Foggy Bottom evacuating with abnormal frequency, a Military Industrial Complex.

So who wouldn’t be concerned about an ‘unpresidented,’ president sipping ‘covfefe’ atop the throne of our Democratic Republic – evidently 30% of us!

After 1917 and WWI Mustard gas, a call for morality, even in war, began its long journey on the, we can’t beat God giving, road to glory.  A hundred years later, however, Good Samaritans are out gunned and every hero, demon challenged — nonetheless, we persist.

Even in the age of, Swamp Thing, we have heroes:  Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski; Congresswoman Maxine Waters — Sally Yates, Marilyn Nance, J.K. Rowling and Ida B. Wells.

However, knowledge is still Intel:  In July 1950 of The Unknown War, American soldiers killed hundreds of Korean civilians near a village called No Gun Ri — and throughout Truman’s Police Action, over two million North Korean civilians were killed – thus, as the Treaty of Versailles created Hitler, we created Kim Jong-Un.

Arguably, we hold these truths to be self-evident:  a nation’s Moral Code is only as strong as its people’s weakest link…

  • Alt-Right, hellfire bent on spinning Obama global view off our world stage
  • Those insisting America is for only white Christian men, honor flags that dishonor our Constitution, while genuflecting America before statues of anti-America Americans – savoring memories of the inhumane owning and defiling of fellow human beings
  • Denying ratification of Equal Rights Amendment; twirling Elizbeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul like trinkets on display, then laid to rest in gender inequality
  • Diminishing LGBTQ while they preserve, protect and defend, non-existent full citizenship, income parity, voting and pursuit of loving happiness privileges
  • In a land where prisons are for profit, from classrooms to cells is too great a student debt – and banning former felons from voting booths, an American defining moment

Yet, for a century, life at war with itself has tried to bestow this wisdom upon us:  there is little sustainable profit in the business of anger and oppression, but where there is individual fear and envy, anger and oppression cannot be silenced – merely inconsistently, contained

Whether Wall, K or Main Street; rich or poor, rural, suburbs or inner city, gay, straight or undecided — Americans, citizens and non, have been herded to the pinnacle of, Trump ordered brutality Bluff – and staring back at us across the abyss, are Kim Jung-un clones, toeing the line for suicide by dictate.

Vision blurred by pride and miss-placed loyalty, each side has forgotten, world history is replete with shortsighted leaders threatening all life on earth — each side shadowed by real and imagined demons, risk being thrust into the void, to control a planet we’ve rendered, out of control.

Imagine our moral call is the last call to save us from a hell fire inflicted by demands for, unchartered waters, while denying the warnings of melting icebergs and rising oceans.

In 2017 America, who can we expect to make the moral call, American Mayors or Trumpcare?

Timing is Divine and often, auspiciously, makes heroes, even saints, out of mere mortals…

PS:  Rest in the peace of God which passes all understanding, Sam Shepard.


ISIS – Iran/Netanyahu GOP – Fundamentalists – End Times: Headlined by OpEdNews.com 3/15/15

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Porcupine DisconnectSupreme blood in elections, minority blood in the streets, shooting blood in schools, and religious intolerance bleeding out God’s Holy Temple – America is in danger of festering hate for real and imagined police state.

So fearful of brown people invading from the south, we allow real Homeland Security threats:

  • Not caring for him who shall have borne the battle, and for hiswidow, and his orphan
  • Not providing dependable protection for POTUS
  • Media frenzy purchased by Corporatism distracting & ignoring We the People.
  • Electing writers of ill-advised letters to foreigners, talking to email or not to email and on & off again Benghazi
  • New industry of stolen tax refunds.

And it’s all a board game for the boards behind the towered smoke and mirrors outsourcing Cottonmouth Tom aligning his 47 with Romney’s 47%, gaming their failed system with a preemptive one way ticket to Mars.

Having gambled away the lives of our grandchildren, playing aces and eights against time, each tick tock harvests melting icebergs, ferocious hurricanes and ultimately, salt-water waves in city streets.

If too late to avoid Soylent Green option, returning to nature to decrease tempo, may provide manna from Rain Forest.

We can continue to shoot each other or we can become keepers of the flame, purging man’s inhumanity.

We can continue sexual assault on college campuses and in military, or we can choose to give our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and aunts equal pay and ERA constitutional ratification.

Growing porcupine quills to resist climate change information, global warming knowledge, Open Carry dangers and The Hunting Grounds education, swipes our thinking with the disconnect of being overly connected.

We can chant racial slurs or accept that America will not overcome without Immokalee farm workers picking food for our survival.

An infant sleeping on a symbol of freedom doesn’t desecrate freedom.  We can worship Old Glory or practice the true democracy and equality it symbolizes.

Justice for All is desecrated by Wall Street, K Street and Madison Ave poop shoveled on us in the name of Stars and Stripes.

That’s the excrement that taints our national soul!

To self-possess obesity, feeding at the troth of bigotry, cutting taxes for the wealthy and equating Open Carry with manliness is what self-fulfills The End Times.

We can welcome all into the land of opportunity with malice toward none regardless of income, street address or uniform and propel ourselves into the United States of Peace that passes all understanding.

We can multiply an educated self-preservation of earth and all that lives upon it with renewables or ignore that our weather has changed for whatever reason – and clone Ferguson throughout The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, as New American Dream.

What we do between 2015 and 2040 determines the future of the world and the fate of all children born in the 21st century.

We don’t need death on a horse to destroy the earth with famine, for we have already dangerously depleted earth’s resources.

We don’t need a devil to destroy us with plague, as we ignore Ebola across the same rising oceans that we thought would protect us from 9/11.

We needn’t fear being eaten alive by wild beasts of prey, for we contribute to their extinction every day.

It’s our choice to elect or not, those who arm domestic prejudice in uniforms, as CIA funded foreign hate of Al Qaeda for perpetual corporate oil wars.

 I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell followed close behind him.

Fear is not the only enemy:  Ignorance and Denial are enemies — especially when we choose to be fooled by their promoters and lose to their electorate.