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People We’ll Always Remember and those We Can’t Wait to Forget – Headline

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We’re always making memories, whether numbering refugee children seeking asylum before interning them in camps or, sharing in our annual effort to be the person our children, dogs and cats believe we are — despite our shoving others out of the way for, the art of the deal.

While I love the Fantasticks of Robert Frost, after witnessing crowds fighting to get to a wall to capture Holy Water in Madonna shaped, plastic bottles, at The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, I believe walls bring out the worst in people.

Understandably, during seasonal, making room at the inn, when we temporarily revitalize, it’s more blessed to give than receive — let’s remember, Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing — as Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood and Climate Change Paris Pact, painfully hang like fingernails sliding down a blackboard — aided and abetted by national governments too reluctant to fight the good fight, and international corporations too fearful of diminished revenue to invest in good, in its eternal struggle with the root of all evil.

Perhaps we need more than three wise men to save us from forgetting global issues that make Americans global citizens, whether for humankind, stewardship of all life on earth or preferring Santa deliver neither.

As descendants of our immigrant heritage stream America’s airports, shores and borders, still believing our Land of the FreeHome of the Brave, Give me your Tired your Poor self-promoting press — We the People, are slipping further away from Aretha & Benjamin Franklin and our unifying Old Testament and, of, by and for the people, Abrahams.

Memorable greatness breeds the courage to accept responsibility for pain we’ve allowed to be inflicted upon us: Dallas 1963, Kent State 1970 — such memories save us from being cloned in a reality show rising again like a, 1939 Poland invasion, 1941 day of infamy and 1945 mass human annihilation retaliation.

We didn’t know, is no longer excusable when building a house on Saudi sand and ignoring lessons of Berlin and China walls. America’s liability to regift wisdom to the unreasonable walled-in at the insensitive altar of isolationism — is past due.

For all our talk of greatness, where’s peace of mind, in believing the mightiest military on earth will protect the homeland from

  • Climate Change and Global Warming invading our weather patterns
  • Water shortages caused by corporations fracking the Middle Class
  • Trade bans diminishing viability of family farms
  • Increasing automobile and food recalls
  • Chemical companies infecting us with cancer from Trade Secrets

Free Will is best nourished in a free society flourishing on full disclosure, and the transparency of complete information — not secrets causing self-induced addictions to obesity, drugs and dishonest family foundations bankrupting American dignity.

Remembering every season bears gifts of commercial lies and product liars, shouldn’t we return to sender Russian hacks, wrapped in the commonsense to not place our faith in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts?

Celebrating holidays by bridging the gap between who we claim to be and what we’ve settled on becoming, gives the gift of exposing:

  • Goldman Sachs Money Laundering
  • Judge shopping impacting health insurance of 17 million Americans
  • Trump/Pence 2018 Hoovervilles for 15,000 Refugee kids languishing in limbo

Perhaps, the most illegal act in illegal immigration is, Trump/Pence, in defiance of a court order, continuing to illegally imprison children — without proper medical treatment, a nutritional diet and professional caregivers.

Our best gift: pricing power for those culpable, in insulting our intelligence and profaning our character, so the cost is too dear for recipients, attorney Kevin McAleenan, DHS Chief Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley and Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller — who blame children for their immorality.

Experienced memories are our best defense against, What is Past is Prologue — when laced with new vision that passionately ignites new blood, with skin in the game.

America’s tremendous promise potential now falls on deaf domestic ears. Yet, refugees come, asking, seeking and knocking — still believing, The American Dream is the dream worth living and dying for.

Perhaps a, Joy to the World, season, would deliver more Santa spirit if we give like, giving giants: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Helen Keller, Senators Jeff Merkley & Tina Smith, Rachel Maddow, Penny MarshallRobert Redford & Sissy SpacekSally Yates — remembering, seven-year-old, Jakelin Caal Maquin whose only crime was believing in, Memries of the way we were.

This holiday season, regift to, mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor — until American greatness is for all seasons again.


Trump Locked in by White Supremacists He Reloaded – on

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From Dog Whistling Birtherism to working DIA, the madness of the Donald baits us to switch from Russian Probe to Korean braggadocios fire and fury competition – but his Alt-Right support evaporated his smokescreen and now a backlash of peaceful assembly for freedom, is becoming a national movement.

On Saturday August 12, 2017, in the city of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, thirty-five Americans were injured, nineteen of them assaulted by a twenty-year-old Ohio man driving into them to preserve and protect our history of slavery, racism and second-class citizenship.

While this summer Charlottesville Virginia reaped what Donald Trump has sowed, America, and indeed human decency and potentially humankind are being raped by the perversion of patriotism by Right Wing white supremacists.

In response, an Attorney General who thinks the KKK is, OK until I found out they smoked pot, is a joke, is launching an investigation into the Paris-like vehicular murder of a thirty-two-year-old woman – the incident in support of an administration offensive to the Constitution and truth, colluding with a leader who fears saying the very thing he incites — Domestic Terrorism.

Our Founding Fathers, U. S. Constitution and we ourselves are not perfect, but choosing ongoing educational expansion on a journey of Constitutional Amendments, striving for equal opportunity, is the perfection of mutual respect.

The Ugly American truth is, historically, Conservatives have failed to accept that every person, place and thing matters — Words, Medicaid, Black Lives, Women, Medicare, Native-Americans, Mexicans, Asians, Seniors and Transgenders matter!

It matters that in 2016, we elected a small, thin-skinned excuse of a man, lacking intellectual curiosity and tolerance for differing points of view, whose Bannon/Gorka/Miller appointments excel at staining American character.

Attacking honorable Americans, like Judge Curiel, James Comey, Charlottesville’s Gold Star Khan family and LGBTQ citizens courageously serving America in uniform — what can an isolationist president, incapable of all-inclusive big picture vision amass, but white nationalists?

Since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock, white supremacy has dominated America, imposing self-serving prejudice not only on Native-Americans and people of color, but Jews, Irish Catholics, women and our ancestral immigrants processing past the Statue of Liberty, through Ellis Island, into the Land of the Free.

However, if after 241 years, under white Christian male management, we’re still electing a boy’s idea of what a real man is, perhaps what we should be resisting is our tendency to recklessly swing our electoral pendulum — Flip-Flopping between silence and violence will never penetrate the hypocrisy of Pence pretense, Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right or Trump’s Make America Great Again.

President John F. Kennedy was not only infinitely careful not to back Soviets into a Cuban corner, but was equally emphatic that, America was not going to nuclear war.  Our current 1600 occupant, however, craves the evaporation of all life on the Korean peninsula, in exchange for a macho media image.

It is within our power, to deny him this power, by refusing to play the cards neo-Nazi’s deal, and instead, making it necessary for him, like Nixon, to resign.

Men like Trump, David Duke, Steve Bannon, Jason Kessler and Tom Bossert have proven power to bring out the worst and best in us – the worst, clones of themselves — the best, the rest of us:  Valley Forge militia, Lincoln, women risking lives for 19th Amendment, the American Baptist Home Mission Society, nonviolent responders to violent Jim Crow era — we who defend Mexicans and Muslims from presidential prejudice.

True American patriots, as in the Civil Rights movement and the Women’s Marches, January 21, 2017, exercise peaceful assembly in civility when demonstrating.  It is vital that we are ever vigilant not to become what we’re against.

Instead of responding to radical extremists in-kind, let us embrace the civic ideal of, petition the government:  By the millions, stand tall in DC and regional GOP offices, admonishing Congress to, at the very least, call for the application of the 25th Amendment – or Fast Track Robert Mueller’s investigation, in expectation that Donald Trump has indeed committed Impeachable offences.

And make certain they know we’re there because Trump’s rhetoric caused the death of an American citizen – whose life was snatched away for defending equality and justice for all — paralegal Heather Heyer