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Our Choice: An America in the Lane for Good or the Lane for Evil – Headline & TREMR Staff Pick

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Words have the power to inspire both good and evil – whether, I Love You, increasing harmony and human decency or, the hostile venom spewed by fraudulent political leaders repeating, Migrant Invasion.

Hate has no place in our country, except, it seems, in the words of our 45th president, turned folk hero for those fearing the loss of perceived supremacy.

Those who worship those who incite violence and those who empower them to kill, make a hard right with Russian trolls, Social Media addicts and Conservative Republicans into, The Lane for Evil.

America’s parallel racial highways have been destined to crisscross again ever since the sixties intersected Jim Crow with nation bending assassinations.

Now, in an era where elected officials are more problem than solution – intimidating our Fourth Estate into hyperbole inciting a Home of the terrified empowering mass appeal domestic terrorism gun play for Caucasian survival, We the People are duty-bound to hold accountable all local, state and national lawmakers who have either forgotten, or simply ignored their duty to preserve, protect and defend the innocent against historical festering hate, explosively reawakened by the permission of averted Republican Congressional eyes and rallying racist rants reviving a Trump second term, rising on a whitewashed foundation of civilian ownership of AK-47-style rifles.

Facing the rising horror of a third of us assuming violent dominion over all others, Conservatives must join those calling Trump inspired and NRA enabled mass murders, a cesspool of hate, with discussions that glorify shooting massacres.

The longer Mitch McConnell succeeds in corralling Congressional Conservative Republicans, the more America’s shining beacon of light on a hill, will be a blaze of gunfire blinding freedom-loving people to a reelection strategy:  terrorize voters into cowering in their homes Tuesday 3 November 2020.

The Lane for Good is peopled with Americans standing in long lines to donate blood, not those who defend their bottom line by blaming mental health and video games.

Mental illness isn’t main driver of mass shootings except perhaps when:

  • Republican Senate prefers vacationing over Medical Professionals offering to help identify shooters before they snatch away family lives
  • Holding Sacrosanct a rifle association that launders foreign money to sway USA elections
  • GOP gives Acting Agency heads a pass without confirmations
  • Caging asylum seekers
  • Assuming impunity for committing murder on Fifth Ave

The Lane for Evil:

While our Media smirked, believing Trumpism an anomaly – a one-off shot across our Constitutional bow – The Lane for Evil, readies the win, lose or draw arsenal for Trump now, Trump tomorrow and Trump forever – purchases for bulletproof backpacks for kids going back to school, shoot up.

The foreign forces and domestic finances who placed Trump in power to dismantle American institutions and environmental protections have no intention of allowing what motivates their agenda to be defeated.  And with Steve Bannon’s minions returning from Ukraine training in violent overthrow – we cannot expect to vote reason into the hearts and minds of the unreasonable.

So, America’s best lane forward may be a green median path of humanity, saving lives from those who make our laws, enforce our laws and disobey our laws, knowing:  all nations face the challenges of mental illness, with or without internet connections, but few can match America’s murder record.

Second only to Corporate money, the quickest way to get politicians to, Do Something, is for all of us to act first:  peacefully, but actively demand we divorce America from Mitch McConnell’s revenge plan for our Judiciary Branch, and replace it with a legal mindset more akin to the advocacy of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League – because the reality we face now is:  there are among us Americans who will resist a peaceful transfer of presidential power.

First, we must admit Trump/Pence/McConnell did not make us – we made them.  Fortified by this wisdom, The Lane for Good empowers non-violent peaceful assembly passionately advocating for justice for all in PTA meetings, Town Halls, police precincts, engaging with First Responders, polling military to confirm, Americans in The Lane for Good, far exceed the violent lawlessness in The Lane for Evil.

Second, in 2019, those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war, and like Puerto Rico, provide Trump/Pence/McConnell a Ricardo Rossello exit strategy.

One day the last victim will be killed in the last mass shooting, if we choose to live in The Lane for Good and Do Something.


The Company Trump Keeps – Headlined on

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One guilty verdict down and one to go for Paul Manafort!

Michael Cohen implicates Donald Trump in Campaign finance violations!!

If hush money was paid by either Trump Campaign or Trump’s company – then infamous June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower for dirt, is just the tip of the iceberg for a titanic Trump family!!!

What if from Nixon’s GOP to Omarosa, following the money reveals the truth about a U. S. President stashing Rubles, Wall Street Corporatism raping American family finances – and, our 2016 presidential election was a fraud of, by and for Trump’s team of at least seven deadly sinners?

Can we handle such truth?

Perpetuating a reality of truly Fake News, people like conspiracist Alex Jones, RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are dismantling the very infrastructure of founding American principles:  Separation of Church and State, Checks and Balances and the privilege to vote – if not Gone with the Wind – blinded by the chemotherapy of Conservatism.

Truth is, regardless of what we believe, how we think of ourselves or what we’re willing to do unto others, 95% of Americans are on GOP enemies list.

Snatching the American Dream from, I Have a Dream, trumped men and women have resurrected a chaotic babbling tower inhabiting, The Peter Principal, financed by foreign wealth – while destroying refugee families, and disappearing innocent children.

The current nightmarish truth:  America is being programed to be an also ran, by elected hacks fortifying pressure, engrossing us with normalizing tyranny, that releases as indiscriminate street violence, spousal murders, children dying alone in over-heated cars – arguably, all the radioactive waste of a government of the greedy envious of Obama, by the wrath of power lust – all for the pride in gluttony.

Truth is, what’s rotting America’s state of mind, is implementing a mayhem façade to coverup Trump’s raison d’être.

Nonetheless, misinformation destroys in all directions – and truth is both its primary and ultimate target.  Our diverse character is most courageous and enlightening when, we hold these truths to be self-evident:  all are created equal, is the only truth that makes America a, Home of the Brave.

When we discontinue the lies we tell ourselves, we’ll see the value of focusing our energy on exposing the impeachable offenses of the Trump/Pence Administration – because, democracy is an endangered species when a POTUS encourages rigging, foreign and domestic.

In truth, there are no guarantees that Trump won’t pardon Manafort, that priests are the only pedophiles in America abusing all of God’s children or even for a miraculous, Blue Wave.

Reason, however, recognizes Trump’s malice aforethought and divisive mastery of derailing news cycles with extreme diversions from truth.  Nonetheless, we can’t make Mueller America’s comeback without journalism engaging in a balanced approach that doesn’t entrench every life in our distressed nation with relentless Trump projectiles.

America’s truth is in the answers of our leaders and ourselves:

  • Isn’t there reasonable doubt regarding the wisdom, indeed danger of the Trump/Pence agenda for America?
  • With so much gun violence targeting mental illness instead of Russian liaison NRA, is it not prudent to amend our 25th regarding a president’s mental health?
  • Did America’s truth, like the frog in a simmering pot of water, have its heat increased for boiling on January 20, 2017?
  • Aren’t bullies, like our president, just cowards craving recognition?

My Grandmama always said, the best apology is to never repeat the offense.  So rather than labeling Trump voters stupid, legally condemn the Trump/Pence gathering of lawbreakers, and make our 2018 mid-term elections a resounding Nessun Dorma vowing never to give our power to, me first men like Sessions, Gowdy, Nunes and Trump again.

Let’s vote, embracing this truth:  America’s current distress is imposed from within from those who deny that truth is real, discernable and absolute beyond, rude perjury traps.

Truth is, despite growing pains, America is changing and Trump’s Kavanaugh can’t stop us from answering The Call with a reinvigorating Left turn.