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Trump Quotes + Blackface Dolts = State of Our Union? Headline

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The moment we acquiesce to labeling then ignoring, hearing then forgetting – consumed with connecting without human communion, we’re herded onto the proverbial bandwagon by repetitive hyperbole attacking low hanging fruit, forgetting, how perpetrators – like our president, thrive on the superficialities of a surface to air-time media – target our focus.

More than Trump and Commonwealth trio, it is their past path pavers and current enablers that have earned our, buyer beware scrutiny:  David Sorensen, Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell’s Kavanaugh, Devin Nunes, bookends Mike Pence & Steve King, NRA & Paul Erickson, Alexander Acosta and systemic institutions of sexual harassment and racial degradation like, arguably Penn State, USA Gymnastics, and Eastern Virginia Medical School and Gucci – seemingly oblivious to recycling shame, betraying innocence and demeaning the humanity of all not Caucasian, Protestant and heterosexual

With the possible exception of the sleaziest of sleaze it should be no surprise that Catch and Kill can be a two-way street; nor that minds acquired in the know find nothing particularly note-worthy of one vainglory peckerwood wading in the swamp of an Access Hollywood pecker-in-chief, whose length in lies belies his explosive fantasies of greatness.

Nonetheless, truly inquiring minds know what happens when willful extortion, blackmail and habitual distortion of truth, hit a potentially wounded, but potent post, rising higher than a DC wall of shame, flexing its creative founding muscle as formidable foe against loud mouth duo complicit in deceit and reputation destruction.

Karma teaches, those who seek salvation in good ol’ boys’ paleface government and male-dominated Wall Street secrets, will suffer much of the same fate as the less fortunate, they seemingly can’t resist abusing.

Is not the answer we’re denying:  hate, like that which attacked Jussie Smollett, Frank Robinson, Anita Hill, and Valerie Plame lives on just under our national consciousness, ever waiting for a little prick to release its load of anti-American venom – poisoning the very ideals found in Constitution, Bible and a radiant Winter Solstice promise?

  • Is President Trump a foreign agent
  • Is, The South Shall Rise Again, the only real Southern Strategy
  • Is Media that traded its independent investigative reporting for regurgitating conjecture our Fourth Estate
  • Is traditional masculinity defined by sexism
  • Is wearing Blackface a joke or anti-Emancipation Proclamation

Indeed, we are in turbulent waters, navigating challenging waves of self-destruction, but if we can just manage, to rid ourselves of all anchors to a hateful past, all denial of what we’ve wrought on ourselves and all negatively labeling others for what we cannot abide in ourselves – we may just discover enough light within to enlighten our world.

We are more than a tea-stained American Dream, white-washing our Black-Face nightmares and restricting our national ID to ICE, Red, Blue and Purple States, Black v. White and LGBTQ v. straight.

Choosing Stacey Abrams to respond to SOTU was a pragmatic unification gesture.  Not just because she is a woman of color, but because she is a woman who stood tall for her right to be treated equally – and proving herself superior to the corruption of opponents, won the national acclaim, audience and admiration of all Americans who like John Dingell, exemplify true patriotism:  the courageous honesty to help, the Home of the Brave, find its way home.

I wish we didn’t live in a nation where one’s political leanings, sexual persuasions or hue of skin aroused any need for discussion.  I wish we hadn’t diminished that for which we were called to be stewards.  I’m sorry our equality and justice was ever determined by physical body parts – instead of those whose examples we follow, to whom we bestow the batons of power and whose company we keep in our aloneness.

But when a loved one is assaulted, and our first concern is the skin color of the assailant – is she any less raped if the penis is white?  It is we ourselves who have failed to recognize, that the power of our demons within withers, when we let go of them.

I wish no humiliating poverty on any human being; no rape for man, woman or nation; and I hope revenge, rage, justice and equality will one day be blind enough to see setting our table for eternal, internal peace.



Zoo Fence for White Supremacists facing FBI and Americans Wise to Them – Headline

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For those for whom Angela Lansbury’s 1962 Manchurian Candidate and Kirk Douglass’ 1964 Seven Days in May weren’t the euphoric and tragic bookends of an American Presidency that was the light of the world, this week’s revelations from The New York Times and Washington Post regarding the possibility of a sitting President of the United States, being an agent for an enemy of the state, must be particularly shocking.  However, for Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation, this, Breaking News, resurrects reminders of both The Green Book and, we choose to go to the moon.

Nonetheless, as with Nixon’s resignation, now is not the time for either cheering or jeering; nor time to expend energy ridiculing those so frantic to hold onto a whitewashed history of their place in the world, that their votes have placed nation and future on the altar of a sworn foreign enemy of all earthly democracies.

It is a time to contemplate how we must channel the wisdom of Lincoln, compassion of Bobby Kennedy and judgment of RBG – in order to preserve, protect and defend America from the men who believe they, and they alone, are America’s greatness – and a political party willing to destroy America as it self-destructs.

In 2012 when U. S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was twenty-three, Paul Ryan took his seventy-eight-year-old mother to a Florida campaign event – to assure Florida residents that Medicare wouldn’t be sliced and diced until the generations after theirs.  The retirees living at The Villages, seemingly forgetting their children and grandchildren, as well as those of others, applauded thunderously for the Wisconsin Republican, using his mother as a political prop.

As Americans, we tend to be in a more satisfying comfort zone when we can name a thing, label a place or categorize a person, but before we jump the smoking gun and incite a violent rush to Supreme Court judgment of an unjust administration, let’s be mindful:  if we make 2019-2020 about allowing people like Dick Cheney, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Chuck Grassley and all who tarnish American Exceptionalism, in order to abide in the inner-circle of power, define us – we lose opportunities to deserve those who sacrifice for our collective wellbeing, safety and country – especially those who show up, without being paid.

Indeed, we are in another historical chapter, though a different leaf, where America’s Green Book needs to be carried, for the walls that have historically haunted America remain both antecedent and foundation for the hate, fears and violence of those possessed by greed, and a need to feel superior to others in order to see value in themselves.

Aesop warned, we are known by the company we keep – true also for nations and their financial institutions.  So, let us forever beware:  in a land mesmerized by Selfies and herded by Social Media, traitors can hide in plain sight.

For American democracy surviving and thriving in a post-Trump/Pence era, we must find within ourselves, Lincoln’s compassionate reconstruction – and be the authority legitimizing America as an ongoing diverse conversation, all-inclusive agency and kindness to all strangers – especially children seeking asylum at our borders, only to be locked in ICE cold cages.

The world is not our oyster, and every time we pry it open with violence, bigotry, Opioids, insufferable health-care costs, climate change denial and government shutdowns, we invite, me first pride to go before our nation’s perilous fall – even as, Times up for people like Donald Trump Jr, Mitch McConnell and Steve King.

As with William Wyler’s Ben-Hur, America’s challenge is to recognize true enemies of the state and not succumb to, Where there is greatness, great government or power, even great feeling or compassion, error also is great.  We progress and mature by fault.

Our best defense:

Remember, wisdom and reason are always whispering to those willing to listen.