The Patriot Act

When Death Knocks Twice – Headlined by 6/2/15

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Taming The Kingdoms SmallSlavery stops trade deal, broken leg nuclear deal and Republicans New Deal.  Alzheimer’s under-funded, Middle Class under-employed, women under paid; Death asks why.

Both mind and brain are precious gifts to be cherished body and soul, yet we let our fingers do the walking, confusing texting and tweeting with connecting – while death seeks reunion.

Have we become a finger pointing nation of activists, advocating petition signing; protesting, boycotting; social media pontificating; postulating prostrating honesty on the altar of K Street’s Wall of false communications.  Death knocks again.

Far too often tone deaf beyond 140 characters, we celebrate being connected while media noise makers drown out life’s heartbeat:  listening long enough to be informed; learning there’s little difference between pretend patriots and opportunists marketing opinion for fact, half-truths as reality, and religion as the right to ridicule or murder.  Death demands a hearing.

When a candidate seizes the Sunday, seizing the floor to cease The Patriot Act protecting financial interests of warmongers since 2001, then he’s fourteen years too late and an election too short – for it is not death who sends us to battlefronts, but rather suits remaining behind.

Have we become a people easily distracted by leaders not blessed with the gift of leadership, or just half citizens who, never voting, elect us into it’s not my job – when the death march reunites veteran and family.

Surviving Millennium, has Koch inheritance hooked us on conservative media ignoring, while preaching, ignorance of Coal Ash showers, Great White Waters and Las Vegas basement dwellers dealing in candidates who elect to drain the earth’s life giving – expecting death’s, a passerby.

Are we not convinced by corporate commercials and political ads that we’re living Heaven on Earth, without asp or asses?  Why then torture us with Mushroom Cloud gang revival, aided and abetted by bankers and their favorite Foggy Bottom stars, with Ron Paul gloom and doom refrain of imminent stock market collapse, without the slightest hint that, it may be the cause and effect of stockholders paying DOJ fines for Too Big To Fail Street club – risking Great Recession brush with death of a nation.

If not when rushing to be polled by Frances Rivera in MSNBC real time, we’re distracted from melting polar extremes; if not the antagonism of anti-bipartisanship estranging us from equal economic opportunity; if not the call of the wild making house calls in backyards and shorelines; if not cause of oil slicked Pacific marine life and beach tar balls, then to what are we giving our undivided attention, when indiscriminately, death beckons great and small?

Trolling Right or Left, Voter & Non, ultra-conservative or Progressive Dreamer, with every Food Desert, every pound of flesh and every polluted breath we take — death inches on.

Are we so media fixated on NSA surveillance, perpetual war tactics, and uniformed bigots, we can’t see through Corporatism’s tube, to the truth decay in remote killing abroad and at home, without claiming it’s God who turned off western rain to drown Texas in it.

Death sees every wink and nod:

  • Shall we not judge Obama administration by the quality of its Corporate and Congressional enemies, even when they buddy up for TPP
  • Could racial violence frighten independents into the arms of conservative white presidential wannabes, with Sanders & Warren goring Hillary as Nader did Al
  • Will banks supporting first female president, reap return on Keystone investment
  • Is Rand using patriot acting as Bush/Cheney used 9/11

It’s gut wrenching for family and nation when parents outlive their children, whether political assassination, oil wars, police state in city parks & streets, gun violence in schools, movie theatres and parking lots — or brain decease with the power to steal memories and potential, succumbing to death’s relief.

We can’t save all those living with Alzheimer’s or dying from Brain Cancer, without first, trying.  The parade of financially lubricated fossils flushing our elections, trading off our economy and oil slicking marine life, is not on Death – Only the living choose to commit, or prevent, these patriot acts.

Bullying: Race, Religion, Rape and Police – Headlined by Sun 4/12/15

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AppromatoxWhen I recapture the buoyant sculpturing of humanitarian dreams of grandeur — nothing as miniscule as Reagan’s borrowed City of Light Upon a Hill, but rather a majestic, magical refuge, an international resort of equality for all under the sun — without daughters consigned under sons — there’s America:  the gem of the oceans, doctors and parents keeping the entire rainbow of children safe from the pot of gold greed of the money changers.  But…

When I witness skewed visions of patriotism or trivializing that which our mothers, grandmothers and teachers filled our childhood;

When I hear California drought blamed on Environmentalists; or loving God and Country claims while hating Americans of different POV;

When governments, overflowing with tax collectors, fail peace but finance war, while cutting taxes on bankers weighing down our future with student loans – I hope forward — to when news media is immersed in investigative follow the money reporting, devoid of repetitive “We Don’t Know That Yet,” but we’ll be right back after this indoctrination from Corporatism owners of Media truth, to tell you again what we speculate about, what we just discovered, has been going on since 1865, when the second phase of Civil War began.

And yet, I see through a glass darkly the light of our possibility:  when big brothers include equal sisters on city councils, a social media embracing both friend and foe as close as tears and laughter, fusing Left & Right to Center.

Yes, I see us in

  • wearing yellow for Seth
  • the face of both inventor and child recipient of 3-D prosthetic hands
  • a black looking President (when he’s not fast tracking TPP)
  • police officers caught on camera helping citizens in need
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • The life of basketball player Lauren Hill

See:  because we are involved with mankind, any disguise, feigning freedom laws, diminishes us just as a Land of the Free, because of the Brave cliché is no more patriotic than, The Patriot Act.

Bravery is not found in billionaire bombs blowing up the Middle Class for perpetual bottom line battles.

Courage is in the pursuit of ever renewable renewables, like transferring our sweat shop dollars from ignorance to freeing higher education.

Heroism is found more in a single creative artist than a Cheney corporate cover up of human torture and environmental oil rig murders.

America is exceptional to the extent it produces We the People like Deborah Samson, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Alzheimer’s Association Sue Friedman & Maria Shriver, Senator Elizabeth Warren, People Demanding Action Andrea Miller, Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center Andrea Douglas, ERA Eileen Davis, NOW Diana Egozcue, Lauren Hill and Maya Angelou.

Because of them, we have decreased American lynching, shackles, and state sponsored murder, but we have yet to overcome voter intimidation, private prisons, and the bullying of our children and rape of women, by those unable to self-control the adrenaline of a little power is a dangerous thing.

We are America The Greatest Generation fought and died for, when CEOs, CFOs and Directors on both Main and Wall Streets, stand united in support of Constitutional Gender Equality, affordable healthcare & education, a livable minimum wage, All Lives Matter Due Process — in addition to LGBTQ Separation of Church and State — for this is both definition and challenge of “….government of the people, by the people and for the people….”

Like the 1991 LAPD news at eleven of Rodney King beating, we have video of a suspect on the ground, hands behind his back, handcuffed after being tasered, being beaten by a number of California police.

What happens next is our answer to, Do you think the country is moving in the right direction?