With a Song in My Heart

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If America is to be an unchained melody of our Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address and I Have a Dream we’re going to have toReady for The Fog of War do a whole lot better at, Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

Virginia, the Mother of Presidents, wasn’t Virginia is for Lovers, for Richard and Mildred Loving, nor yet loving women enough to ratify the ERA.  Curious how Supreme Court seemed more loving during Massive Resistance to school Integration in the 1950s, than the current Roberts & Scalia Court of private opinions.

Notwithstanding The Affordable Obamacare Act and Same Sex Marriage decisions, choices in Bush v. Gore and Citizens United mar American claims of Justice for All, just as Baltimore’s City Jail whipping post did between 1885-1938.

The loving equality chiseled above the Supreme Court entrance in our nation’s capital is now a cliché of justice denied, even to those trumped by un-presidential republican candidates – rendering The Wind Beneath My Wings, as hollow as the Right Wing’s, Support Our Troops.  Great sentiments, but, What’s Love Got to Do with It?

It’s time we realize, true patriots don’t speak as a child, but have instead, put away childish things, like Second Amendment rewrites to profane militia.  Grownup patriots save a child’s future from

  • Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Flint Water
  • Duke Energy Dan River Coal Ash Spill
  • Gushing greed rippling from January 10, 1901 Spindletop Hill Texas
  • SoCal Methane Gas Leak in Porter Ranch Estates
  • Decrease in Rain Forest and increase in extinction of earth’s inhabitants
  • The myriad of fruit from our denial: Fracking, sinkholes, mudslides, floods, tornadoes, El Nino

It’s increasingly difficult for the multitude of consumers, homeless veterans and minimum wage earners to, unlike Mozart, stand muted in the jungle of Wall Street’s monkey business, harmonizing to, I Will Always Love You.

However, Our Love is Here to Stay could be more, Love Actually, and potentially as timeless as, The Age of Adaline, if only we stop treating the promise of the Statue of Liberty like a New Year’s Resolution.

What if every breath we take is potentially full of, I’ve had the Time of My Life, we Whistle a Happy Tune, while ignoring the Climate Change, Chipotle and snowball Congress we leave our children?

Our 2016 election results need to conduct the world’s melodies in a refrain of, Can you Feel the Love Tonight, or we’re no better than the Florida residents of The Villages, who threw their children and grand-children under the Paul Ryan bus.

From elementary school to voting booth, all our children need a love that enables their moving forward, shaking off the dust of our over consumerism – a love that lights their life’s journey away from TPP, to the truth of a world at peace with the earth.

Whether a Nation Under God or Out of Many, One, we either bequeath Free Will & The Bill of Rights, or Inherit the Wind of the Money Changers.

The time is now.  Our 2016 votes need to wake up all politicians, especially members of Congress, repeal Citizens United and reverse the unloving results of tax cuts for billionaires, secret international trade deals and Trickle-Down food deserts.

Let us hold a mirror up to shameless K Street Lobbyists, GOP Governors, Republican Legislators and Banksters, by leading, by example, our Congress and U. S. Supreme Court — fixing our thoughts, votes and actions on what is true to the common good

Love is a Many Splendor Thing, but tomorrow is no longer just another day, for we are already late to The Good Fight to preserve, protect and defend the America of thee I sing.  Or can we yet see, In Your Eyes, You Make My Dreams, come true?

Artistic Edge Lisa Phillips Small