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From Dog Whistling Birtherism to working DIA, the madness of the Donald baits us to switch from Russian Probe to Korean braggadocios fire and fury competition – but his Alt-Right support evaporated his smokescreen and now a backlash of peaceful assembly for freedom, is becoming a national movement.

On Saturday August 12, 2017, in the city of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia, thirty-five Americans were injured, nineteen of them assaulted by a twenty-year-old Ohio man driving into them to preserve and protect our history of slavery, racism and second-class citizenship.

While this summer Charlottesville Virginia reaped what Donald Trump has sowed, America, and indeed human decency and potentially humankind are being raped by the perversion of patriotism by Right Wing white supremacists.

In response, an Attorney General who thinks the KKK is, OK until I found out they smoked pot, is a joke, is launching an investigation into the Paris-like vehicular murder of a thirty-two-year-old woman – the incident in support of an administration offensive to the Constitution and truth, colluding with a leader who fears saying the very thing he incites — Domestic Terrorism.

Our Founding Fathers, U. S. Constitution and we ourselves are not perfect, but choosing ongoing educational expansion on a journey of Constitutional Amendments, striving for equal opportunity, is the perfection of mutual respect.

The Ugly American truth is, historically, Conservatives have failed to accept that every person, place and thing matters — Words, Medicaid, Black Lives, Women, Medicare, Native-Americans, Mexicans, Asians, Seniors and Transgenders matter!

It matters that in 2016, we elected a small, thin-skinned excuse of a man, lacking intellectual curiosity and tolerance for differing points of view, whose Bannon/Gorka/Miller appointments excel at staining American character.

Attacking honorable Americans, like Judge Curiel, James Comey, Charlottesville’s Gold Star Khan family and LGBTQ citizens courageously serving America in uniform — what can an isolationist president, incapable of all-inclusive big picture vision amass, but white nationalists?

Since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock, white supremacy has dominated America, imposing self-serving prejudice not only on Native-Americans and people of color, but Jews, Irish Catholics, women and our ancestral immigrants processing past the Statue of Liberty, through Ellis Island, into the Land of the Free.

However, if after 241 years, under white Christian male management, we’re still electing a boy’s idea of what a real man is, perhaps what we should be resisting is our tendency to recklessly swing our electoral pendulum — Flip-Flopping between silence and violence will never penetrate the hypocrisy of Pence pretense, Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right or Trump’s Make America Great Again.

President John F. Kennedy was not only infinitely careful not to back Soviets into a Cuban corner, but was equally emphatic that, America was not going to nuclear war.  Our current 1600 occupant, however, craves the evaporation of all life on the Korean peninsula, in exchange for a macho media image.

It is within our power, to deny him this power, by refusing to play the cards neo-Nazi’s deal, and instead, making it necessary for him, like Nixon, to resign.

Men like Trump, David Duke, Steve Bannon, Jason Kessler and Tom Bossert have proven power to bring out the worst and best in us – the worst, clones of themselves — the best, the rest of us:  Valley Forge militia, Lincoln, women risking lives for 19th Amendment, the American Baptist Home Mission Society, nonviolent responders to violent Jim Crow era — we who defend Mexicans and Muslims from presidential prejudice.

True American patriots, as in the Civil Rights movement and the Women’s Marches, January 21, 2017, exercise peaceful assembly in civility when demonstrating.  It is vital that we are ever vigilant not to become what we’re against.

Instead of responding to radical extremists in-kind, let us embrace the civic ideal of, petition the government:  By the millions, stand tall in DC and regional GOP offices, admonishing Congress to, at the very least, call for the application of the 25th Amendment – or Fast Track Robert Mueller’s investigation, in expectation that Donald Trump has indeed committed Impeachable offences.

And make certain they know we’re there because Trump’s rhetoric caused the death of an American citizen – whose life was snatched away for defending equality and justice for all — paralegal Heather Heyer


First, Carpe Diem, then Seize the Year!

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Fix SocietyLike most people when one year evolves into another, I’m reminded of those full of promise for our future, and those now relegated to our history.

I miss all those who left us in 2014, and one who stayed just long enough to share a son’s achievement and remind us to go Liberally into 2015.

I especially miss those still here, but only on camera, and those activists only death could deactivate, whose lives are our education of how to advocate for each other.

I miss Mom & Dad, as I do my Grandmamma and Uncle Gino who crossed the bar long before.  I miss how they could educate with such magnitude in a single phrase — no adjectives or adverbs needed for this quintet, except Mom of course and later her protégé, me.

For my family it was, out with the old and in with the new, while others, complain, “Why should I have to push one for English?”

I know letting go is scary especially for conservative hearts and minds, but like indicting war criminals, it may prove to be our only hope to succeed at breathing healing life into a conflicted America.

I miss all those gone much too soon, because a toy gun was just too enticing, and a real one too handy.

With the faith to dream, arms spread to embrace, minds open to truth and our mind’s eye focused on the horizon where, barely visible stands the glory of Justice for All, waiting for us to grasp it, as our weapon of choice.

What of past promises for a day, a life, a planet where new ideas, even thinking for ourselves is restored?  For that, peace and hope need be liberally spread to evolve the nation.

Until then, the lies we tell ourselves will keep some in denial:

  • Seeing homes buried in feet of snow, as disproving Climate Change
  • Watching towns and lives tornado twisted thinking Global Warming is a hoax
  • Antagonistic partnering of corporatism and those in government using militarized law enforcement to protect cash flow status quo
  • Believing there is no need to fix a society that cannot embrace American diversities as enlightening universities
  • Denying our nation the natural benefits of immense historic contribution from hyphenated citizens we continue to deem second class in nature: women, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans – we descendants of immigrants forgetting, most of our ancestors chose America to make a difference, as did Native Americans, before us, and African-Americans after Emancipation.

I love our country and cherish our U. S. Constitution, particularly when we don’t practice what it preaches, but abusing it for profit reaches the darkest depths of hypocrisy, and manipulating The Bill of Rights for political gain, the very underbelly of patriotism.

Our National and Coast Guards are our 21st century “Well Regulated Militia” Minute Men, and not Tea Party extremists sanctioning an Open Carry wannabe Police State.

On the rise, are Flu and corporate greed infecting politicians with corruption, yet we elect those who think the poor and less fortunate should be exterminated.

American Ebola, gas prices and morale are down, yet we vote for Wall Street’s Keystone bottom line, rather than love thy neighbor as thyself.

America isn’t too big to fail, while we accept top heavy Too Big to Jail re-construction of Capitalism.  Our future can only stand its ground when the responsibilities of freedom, liberty, justice and paying taxes are supported equally by all pillars of society’s foundation.

Now in harmonious declaration, can we, in thanksgiving celebrate the memories of lives that still impact America….

  • Governor Mario CuomoPDA TIM Memory
  • Gun Control Advocate James Brady
  • Progressive Democrats of America Tim Carpenter
  • If I had a Hammer Pete Seeger
  • Watergate/Post Ben Bradlee
  • Master Poet, and Master human being Maya Angelou
  • Peacetime Hero Veteran Louis ZamperiniRobin Williams Remembered
  • Immigrant Mike Nichols
  • Fashionable Oscar de la Renta
  • Robin Williams & Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Elaine Stritch & Lauren Bacall
  • Mickey Rooney & Eli Wallach
  • Ruby Dee & Shirley Temple
  • Harold Ramis & Bob Hoskins
  • James Garner, Ann B. Davis, James Rebhorn & Edward HerrmannJoan Rivers Remembered
  • Comedians Sid Caesar & Joan Rivers
  • Eileen Ford and singers Joe Cocker & Jerry Vale
  • Boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter
  • Maya Angelou Remembered