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After being trumped 24/7 for three years, in what state have we morphed?

Time to believe what Trump tells us of his mind-set – a state of new low in American moments; then, cease and desist dancing to his power point distractions.

Let’s get past media not knowing difference between, new or normal, and realize, the size of un-presidential hands is not as important as where he puts them; a limited vocabulary is less dangerous than a commander-and-Chief of nuclear destruction, surrounded by generals who think they can control him, and congressional lackies who think him immortal.

Arguably, the most telling, indeed, threatening revelation of Trump’s state of mind regarding our Democratic Republic is, I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people – for this vague veiled pitch for power won’t stop with either Robert Mueller or the FBI.

For two hours and forty minutes Mon 29 Jan 2018 American EP-3 Aries was trumped by Russia over the Black Sea, but Trump punts on new sanctions against Russia.

Are Trump enablers, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Chair Lisa Kidd Hunt and mega Wall Street firms’ attorney Jay Clayton colluding to set adrift 99% of Americans, in a new sea of red ink?

Do we believe post Trump/Pence, we will be absolved, and all iniquity dissipated in the ebb and flow of Dreamers out, neo-Nazis in?

Is an ally offender the best choice for choosing America’s friends:  That is why, tonight, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign-assistance dollars always serve American interests, and only go to America’s friends.

Does a trumped America shake up human development or demean our global calling, into ravenous Hominini tribalism?

Have Conservatives divided us into gerrymandered pockets of divided we fall isolationism, or independent of reason, are we selectively abandoning the United States of America?

The old large church, near August 12, 2017, was energized with standing room only of women and men of all ages — but too few people of color populated, The Haven.  On stage, in a straight and narrow row of chairs, sat the new Democratic Party, professing in their city suits, to be farmers and vets — but only one in four, was female.  This is how The Left elects, The Right.

Are we not yet convinced, it’s not just Trump?  If not by repetitious standing ovations from Congressional Republicans during his teleprompter recitation – then when?

The state of our union is served better by ending false positive that, Progressive Democrats are better Liberals than Liberal Democrats – unless of course, the point is mutual destruction.

America has always engaged more than two political parties.  This flexibility of multiplicity got anti-women’s right to vote, Progressive Reformer, and bigot, Woodrow Wilson elected in 1912, and George W. Bush elected by a well-meaning environmentalist aided and abetted by Evangelicals hating, oral in the Oval.

Our union is tragically wounded when any segment of our population deems their cause of greater importance than the common good — whether the Tea Party & Freedom Caucus or Bernie or Bust, Liberalism is left bleeding in the streets below Trump Tower.

America’s crucial Mission is now, balance.  However, until we pull our multi-immigrant act together in favor of what we’re collectively for, we remain equally capable of losing ourselves in the villain du jour, as we are in finding our truth in worthy Cause Celebre.

Isn’t it for us, in revelation, to dispel the archaic acidic, who erode our moral infrastructure, dividing us from rational thinking, pragmatic accomplishment and listening to every reasonable person asking to be heard?

If instead of trusting after verification, we prove too unsuspecting of embarrassed conservatives who seem palatable primarily by comparison to their Nixon, Cheney and Palin extremist extension, we may lose ourselves in voluminous PC, or anti-people of color diatribe — for the greatest danger to America’s greatness is, self-division so derisive, when Trump/Pence tragedy has past, we won’t recognize what we’ve become.

What then, will be the state of our union?


The Language of Denial: Alzheimer’s, Climate, Trump and The Bomb –

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Wandering in the shadow of the past, wondering if our Hancock sun is rising or setting, misses the point:  like a total eclipse, the blinding beauty of nature’s power is in the eye of those who’ve learned to behold – whereas denial leaves us defenseless against time and ignorant of evolution.

Few of us recognize, a life changing event, until it consumes us.  For some, it was the exceptional ideals of a We the People Constitution.  For others, a head-on collision playing football, or texting while driving.

Life changes as unexpectedly as a Gettysburg Address or Ferguson shooting.  For some, the rise and fall of stock prices, or cash machines investing in voting machines transforming a Voting Rights Act Main Street dream into, dreamers go home.

Institutions don’t lie, but often, the people who run them, do.  Post WWII financial, political and religious institutions used communications and educational institutions to convince otherwise intelligent adults that atomic power would bomb war into a deep freeze – but the missiles of October 1962 proved, denial precedes meltdowns.

Listening to Nikki Haley read to the United Nations Security Council was like streaming reruns of decades of American students being assured Duck and Cover, would save their lives from the Atomic Bomb; that they could be educated reading texts that, all but excluded female heroes, role models of color, contributions from Hyphenated Americans – tossing truth of Thanksgiving and Native Americans, into a spiraling white squall.

Shall we continue the self-delusion that dilutes world peace, or embrace the heroics of sincere dialogue:  Listening graces brain power with the potential to overcome nuclear power.

Renewing our foundations in unconditional goodwill, enables equal opportunity and injects denial with the pre-existing condition of truth:  our national security is inevitably intertwined with earth and all life upon it, so…

  • First, do no harm
  • Speak truth about the power of our leaders and ourselves
  • Emulate those who believe character is the real measure of success
  • Freely give to others what we ourselves wish to receive

Not only are we the change we’ve been waiting for, but we are the climate change we fear, the atomic bombs we’ve dropped and forgot — and those in need of affordable mental and physical healthcare, we ignore.

Any effort to take back, go back or hold back, incites our unwinnable war with destiny, because, with or without our permission, time moves ever forward – leaving in its wake, with every breath we take, an invitation to surpass the past, by achieving, what’s next.

Nonetheless, regardless which path we choose, we’ll attract friends, create enemies, periodically encounter sustainable leaps forward and alternately, battle addictive life changing denials:  Opioids/Alcohol, Terror Cells/Smart Phones, iPods/iPads, Social Media/Television, DC/Wall Street Koch-heads – constantly challenging our electing principle over greed.

Much of life is a casting call:  bully or bullied, caregivers or not my problem, but choosing progression over evolving into the company, habits and presidents we keep, shatters the denial of malice aforethought.

Language is used for both truth and falsehood – by heroes and deceivers.  Being human is the life changing responsibility to learn the difference:

  • No Child Left Behind – or – Global Warming
  • Political neophyte – or – morally bankrupt self-serving bigot
  • Gas pipelines & offshore oil drilling – or – Solar panels
  • Trump Towers laundering money – or – Wind Towers real air power

When we can, in an embryo, replace the bad gene of one parent with a good gene from the other parent, can’t we also prioritize finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, for what will it profit humankind if we gain cures for Cancers, heart decease and strokes, but lose our memory of the choice between war and peace.

Both Silence and violence are welcome mats over which narcissists enter as existential threats magnetizing voter fears to the denial of Demagogues among us.

Language, poetry or prose, oral tribal history or constitutional parchment, communicates and inspires, but only we can determine direction, interpretation or cause and effect.

So, shall we be a gerrymandered people easily distracted by a misanthrope – or – seize the day, cease Sinclair local news takeover and be Indivisible, before we’re not here anymore?