What is Past is Prologue

Knowing What We’re For:  Bullies, The Beast or Beauty – Headlined on OpEdNews.com

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Bullies often create media mania to camouflage agenda to overcome popular inventions with lobbied states of mind, ensconced in vainglory.

The Beast, gutter slithering, bogged down by needy supremacists, like clichés anchored in clans of false hope, secret international one-off duet and lies frauds tell themselves — unable to comprehend a world passing by, creating in its wake, rainbows and cracked glass ceilings.

Yet, Beauty in the eye of the beholder awakens CEO potential to generate employment, exposing hubris of politicians chanting, jobs, jobs, jobs. 

Having knocked ourselves down, what will we ask of roof overhead angels seeking to resurrect earth’s future?

If what is sought cannot be clearly articulated, perhaps it is the desire to rise above all else, alone.  Beware, powers of the universe require we share what’s received, if indeed, granted.  However, the transparency of good, will never bestow the highest human glow to those defining success, prosperity and happiness, as reward only for, a solo.

To have life and have it more abundantly, heavenly stars shine on the sparkle of harmonic rhymes in willing mosaic ensemble.  So, again we’re asked, what is it we desire from all that life is?

Beasts crave survival of financial fittest; bullies conceal through intimidation that, the greater of two evils hasn’t the foggiest — the beauty of it is, accentuating a healthy unity for what we’re for, affords us the will to disable the gridlock of bullies and disengage from political games of torturous beasts within.

So, America the Beautiful, what are we for?

  • A president who knows the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and holds, On Camera press conferences twice a month?
  • A Congress whose pre-existing condition is to serve all the people all the time?
  • Insuring Mental Health is as important as physical health?
  • Defining America as a team playing for all to win?
  • Eliminating Iran-Contra, mistakes were made, from our political list of excuses?
  • Confessing love for God and Country while denying faith in differing opinions is anti-American?

Yes, America the Beautiful, what are we for?

  • Personifying The Golden Rule?
  • Discovering unity and peace begin with equal quality education?
  • Generating a vision for a hopeful future and together, providing necessary foundations for it: improving wages, training for 21st century employment and lowering taxes for those who need it most?
  • Acknowledging connection between a traumatic childhood & early death?
  • Voting to save future generations from past injustices?
  • Protecting the innocent from the NRA’s good men with guns?

Yes, America the Beautiful, what are we for?

  • Admitting increase in public mass violence & numbers of easily accessible weapons both creates and defines our national insecurity?
  • Accepting responsibility for both earth and Climate Justice for all?
  • Forming human life-lines to those in need, whether trapped in a Rip Tide or poverty?

Yes, America the Beautiful, what are we for?

  • Regulating Corporate empire building endangering life on earth?
  • Exposing banks as more responsible for high interest student loans, than universities?
  • Exposing Congress, Lobbyists and Insurance & Pharmaceutical companies, as leading causes for rising health costs?
  • Inspiring political and parental will to save beauty from Opioid Addiction?
  • Contributing to cures for Alzheimer’s, Cancers and Heart disease?
  • IDing agenda of new Voter Fraud Commission Panel for what it is: Voter Suppression?

Solutions can’t be found while pointing fingers of blame at those who differ, for We the People are empowered to choose mob rule or the rational resolutions that accompany thinking of each other before ourselves – for without this change that alters the recycling of, what is past is prologue, we are the beast producing swamp.

However, in application of our diverse beauty, we triumph over the beast, for the excellence of truth and strength of compromise cool the hot-air of bullies, into silence.

If the power of the universe sees fit to interject into the flow of our reality show, to save us from ourselves, then 60% of us need consider leading the remaining 40% by example:  firing the beast and replacing the governors and congressional bullies who are its bloodline.

Living as mutually helpful equals, is how we master our individual fate — and captain our national soul.

For Audio, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLHv5TzOVao-lR6DJBXL2YdIANTNzg75wy&v=whPNMtPVmh4


Reason for Hope

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rockettesThe land time can’t forget:  between election day 2016 and Inauguration Day 2017.  Is it High Noon or 12 0’clock High meets 140 characters in search of an author, but settling for a hack chocking on denial of Climate Change, conflicts of interest and the Russians are Coming, in real time?

Caught by surprise Electoral College victory – hiding in plain sight, using thank you tour for, lock her up encore, as cover up:  intelligence briefings on the necessity of taking up governance scary for one with only an eight second attention span.

No denying launch codes in the hands of a Twitter caricature is not a movie you want to watch before lights out, but if we want to keep the home fires burning, we need go beyond, the inmates have taken over the asylum and, have a come to Jesus moment:  America is not dead, but maybe we should be getting a second opinion.

Why can’t we find comfort in the assurances of a heartless Halliburton oil addict, and his co-Mushroom Cloud gang member confirming the common good will be served by Time’s Person of the Year nominees?

I mean, where’s our faith in lead water, gas pipeline leaks, bought politicians and coal ash?  Have they not proven to be ready, willing and able companions to food deserts, factory farms and rusty memories of the good ol’ days?

As the tomfoolery reality of our potential 45th sets in on the road again, we could all use some coffee pot time among friends with an appreciation for what is past is prologue.  So, celebrate holidays knowing, though fractured, we still stand gifted with the freedom to think — and the wake-up call to do so.

Hope is as near as dusting off our ability to turn off the self-appointed self-important, like Chuck Todd and Hugh Hewitt, blaming President Obama for not breaking through the constant barrage of Breaking 24/7 competition between Trump Free Press and Trump Fake News.

The Russians, weren’t the only ones, cyberspace invited to invade The Left for an inner circle placemat on The Right side of the table – sad.

When did browsing become swiping in a hazy flash-by pretense of communication?  When did manufacturing, in depth research and personal development succumb to failing to question authority, embracing, not my problem and ignoring the wonder of wandering through the mysteries of, are we there yet?

Yes, we can still see how words poorly chosen in nincompoop bravado and buffoonery can disappear our comprehension:  Chinese ships in the China Sea, returning Drone amidst mixed signals; Russians toasting laughable nonsense, not at the world’s shifting perception of dependable American prowess, but at our being so easily distracted by a carnival barker wearing a carrot and tweeting his stick for the wild beasts of his own casting.

Unlike the glitter of fool’s gold, reason anchors us to the true communion of hope, which then invigorates our will to go on — but deciding what to contribute, requires more thought than text from a tweeter.  So, let us not misplace our willpower to hope, for both world and time are abundantly clear, it is for us to create a life space for both oyster and pearl.

Car keys can be found more easily than truth, and hope eludes reality check in rallies that evade questions about tax returns, but despite murderous attempts to steal our peace on earth, are we not the designated survivors inheriting, love thy neighbor as thyself, — even when too much information is not enough knowledge?

We are stewards of nothing, if putting faith in Goliaths, we forget we are the masters of our fate and the Davids of America’s soul — the very instant we keep hope someplace safe, where our children can find it.

Like Heaven’s brightest star, hope guides us forward on paths wiser than now imaginable — to learn to live beyond self — but even an open mind filled with the better argument, is but half the journey, to having the wisdom to use it.

Hope in our future is our proof of life today.