Donald Trump is “the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Americans” – TREMR Staff Pick & OpEdNews.com Headline

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As William Barr mounts his already shame stained DOJ throne to squat on the rear receptacle crusted over with Trump’s executive order to defy all Congressional subpoenas, his stream of spying spin, from Russia with Love through a media too lazy to look beyond surface excrement, adds another slick of jaundice to our current seat of government.

By comparison, our 2000 coup d’état aided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and abetted by Reagan’s ultra conservative appointee, Justice Antonin Scalia – preemptively striking out Florida’s Supreme Court, was more blunt force trauma than takeover by Trump/Pence/Bolton/Mnuchin/Pompeo/McConnell – by a thousand cuts.

Domestic spies heavy laden with Koch and Deutsche Bank dirty laundry, coming in from the cold to warm their feet on ever increasing GOP, boil, boil toil and trouble for, of, by and for the people government – the Trump syndicate flips an AG middle finger not just at one co-equal branch but to the entire Land of the Free tree, including Founding roots.

Perhaps another reason to un-elect Donald Trump in 2020, is to be able to walk along 5th Ave without fear of being shot by a President of the United States – or at least, deny absolution to Trump’s Global and pre-pardons to go – as Conservatives amass attack from the female Right flank, in state legislatures’ push to pit lower courts against what they expect in a Kavanaugh v. RBG SCOTUS.

Imagine being both poor and female, whether paleface or tanned out of history:  post tax cuts for super wealthy, twisting poverty standards to adjust for fewer Americans qualifying for Food Stamps.

The Non-exonerated investigated excommunicating justice from the Department of Justice, now investigating how his private foreign parts got probed without facilitating any hired urinating sources.

Trusting Pharmaceutical Opioid pushers and health insurance ravens is as dangerous as believing in peddlers of fear herding us into desperation that settles for any ol’ unqualified leaders.  As a result, we’re being Saturday Night Massacred, again.

While many well-meaning parents remain whirling under the pressure of those who teach fear of vaccinations, fear of affirmative action and fear of true patriotism:  the courage of, first do no harm – even when thinking for oneself, remember America’s greatness has always come from collectively caring for the common good.

Repetitive Republican talking points have made an unquenchable cliché of, I’m not a scientist, so when Science Guy Bill Nye goes ballistic on those who refuse to hear the truth about what they see, is it any wonder that logic is sacrificed on the altar of needing a stimulated political Base?

Smarter to, full stop conservatives trying to pry out of our grasp on reason, the birth of a new onslaught on women’s Constitutional rights – eager to clone Alabama, Georgia and Ohio reverberation of eleven Republican dominated legislatures, with their MAGA on, for another round of:  the Trail of Tears, Slavery, police beaten Suffragettes, McCarthyism and Jim Crow.

To the peril of America’s humanity, we’ve Right-Winged patriotism, deserted the less fortunate, scorned human kindness, whitewashed dishonesty and betrayed our Constitution so much – finding our way out of the quicksand of a trumped GOP bog seems as insurmountable as defeating a raving, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, maniacal demagogue, whose practiced charisma incited in an otherwise sane and industrious people, the willingness to allow the slaughter of more than six million human beings.

Nonetheless, despite this incredibly unimaginable horror, human decency overcame, and devastated families prevailed.

Collective self-delusion emboldens lawless executive action, whether emanating from Wall Street boardrooms, bankers banking on bank induced recessions or a foreign agent occupying the White House.

Change for the better never follows voting against the best interests of union members, small businesses or farmers oppressed by the side effects of violent white supremacists and executive privilege’s trade wars against patriotic voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

It’s not the color Tim Russert emulators paint our States, but the lacquer with which we ourselves stain our souls.

It’s descendants of lynch mobs – Alt-Rightness wrongly hijacking, do the Right Thing – and the vulnerable to quick and easy fixes of false prophets without a plan.

It’s falling for the showmen of over-simplification spouting lies camouflaged by promises of coal reruns and manufacturing returns – only to recycle Blue-Collar workers, and women, to their 1898 place.

It’s failing to internalize these self-evident truths:

As conservative Republicans trumpet refueled War on Women, reason responds:  Lady Justice, blindfolded and not, our Statue of Freedom atop DC’s Capitol Building and our Statue of Liberty — are all women.




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Free Will empowers us to emulate The Greatest Generation or be Sovereign Citizens with an open carry domestic D-Day Bloodterrorist agenda; to be defined by convenience store owners cheating Florida’s Lottery players or, like Flight 33 passengers, heroically save potential gun violence victims from Seattle to Atlanta.

But do we have the D-Day guts to defend the rights of Americans who continually demand our Constitutional rights, while distorting the sacred honor of the nation defining words written therein, AND to reach out to true Conservatives who are being discriminated against by Koch funded Governors, they elected?

Have we D-Day guts to be Republicans that make Eisenhower and Reagan proud by liberally defeating Governors who are anti-teacher/voter/citizens in Wisconsin, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, Kansas, Iowa, Arizona and anti-renewables Koch Heads’ anti-Middle America Legislatures?

However, before redefining ourselves as America the Gem of the Eddie Solvik firing squads dispatching deserters as traitors, condoned by General George Washington in 1781 to deter potential Federal Hill mutineers, let’s acknowledge, in our Civil War, though both North & South executed deserters, they usually waited until after a Court Marshall.

Dare Conservatives and Liberals together, honor D-Day 1944/2014 by giving innocent until proven guilty another shot?

D-Day ‘44:  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower send 150,000 of the Greatest Allied Generation to take back Europe from the Nazis.

D-Day ’14:  For seventy years the French, despite the insulting Old Europe Rumsfeld and Ugly American arrogance of Freedom Fries, have returned to The Normandy American Cemetery to tearfully thank America and Americans, for coming to thank Lafayette.

We can transform Support Our Troops into a cliché of political convenience to cover up an appalling lack of medical treatment for Veterans or we can support the Bipartisan Veterans Affairs Reform Bill by ejecting a congress that has Supremely failed both American civilians and those who’ve served them in the military.

We can choose to Love Thy Neighbor as thyself or closet our neighbors in Brownback stained states in favor of lower taxes for the wealthiest enabling legislatures to disable Medicaid expansion for the neediest, AND force legislative conversion on gay Texans.

We can honor what veterans have fought, suffered and died for:  the sanctity of one person one vote or we can host 2am tea parties behind closed courthouse doors, and like executive Republican chair, use Hinds County Sheriff to ignore campaign staff alone with private ballots cast by Mississippi voters.

We can choose to take or save lives – protect votes or steal elections:

  • Do better in 2014 election than imitating Watergate & Jim Crow with Photo ID abuses of Justice for All
  • Put bank executives’ backs against the firing wall with legal investigation, indictment, and trial by jury or
  • continue duped by Bush’s Brain damaged empty promise, No Child Left Behind
  • Fail diplomacy in favor of 1941 like pre-emptive strike
  • Continue the second American concentration camp, where legal counsel, trial by jury, parole and judicial sentencing is outlawed or
  • Risk being impeached for executing an end run around a do nothing congress of hypocrites, to close maleficent Guantanamo, a stain on America’s fading reputation for human decency with conduct unbecoming…
  • Wolfowitz – Addington – Cheney – Treason.

We can, as Lincoln’s past, borrow and return Habeas Corpus, or be Mushroom Cloud gang, stealing and preserving it for growing Police State.

Yes We Can, like tornado destroyed Greenburg, Kansas, rebuild with renewable wind towers – IF only in 2014, as we did in Operation Overlord, we reignite our United States of We Band of Sisters and Brothers, seize the torch of Lady Liberty and muster the guts to outvote Citizens United, temper Climate Change and bring ALL our people home.

Veteran homecoming







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