Month: April 2012

Hardcore Band for Secret Service all atwitter over Chaperone Employment Opportunities on Facebook for Double Dipping Fee Disputes

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And that’s just the title of this rant and rage compilation of raw anger at opportunistic, holier than thou, hypocritical “mad as hell” venting.

YES, finally an American institution is held accountable for last call profiteering behind closed doors, where there’s more going on and coming in than jilted call girls.

Sad that both civilian and military in positions of authority, responsibility and power need ‘free will’ limitations imposed in order to do their duty without doing the deed; Who among us need ‘prohibition against drinking excessively’ without an asexual chaperone: GSA, NRA, Wall Street and all entrusted with important stuff, like national security, public safety and law enforcement.

Truly America would be far less bed ridden if we keep the weak from greed for power out of ‘disreputable establishments’ like Congress, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and The Supreme Court.

And travelling or not, I think the fewer foreign objects in hotel rooms the better – though it’s a little late to reject foreigners, already deserting the mental and physical deserts of Arizona, faster than we can ‘papers please’ them with the desires of secret servicing in privatized prisons.

Power seekers are lured into the intoxicating delusion of even fleeting power.Everything from forty minute school cafeteria supervising, to back room deals with K street walkers, to coaches and priests checking into rear entrance ways, corrupting the way, the truth and the life, waving their old glory around in shower rooms after the games of Mass destruction and in Congressional chambers between the pages.

Those suffering from the illusions of grandeur’s superiority over the minions, come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and political & sexual persuasions, though most not yet registered sexual offenders, they are nonetheless perverted by a belief that one’s character is scored by how often one scores.

Such humanitarian deficiency exists even beyond the red hot state houses of disrepute asking, seeking and knocking for vaginal probes so religious hysterical hysterectomy can beat off abortion in the climatic revelation of Bush worshippers.

Let’s face it, no matter how often we’re rear ended by bonus bowel movements of banks, insurance companies, pink slime peddlers, license to kill lice filled diseased chickens for an all American Sunday dinner or pharmaceutical pill pushers, we’re secretly servicing Koch dicks Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and John Boehner because, like Mitt Romney’s ignored King, those who would wield power over us, tend to be the negative of our positive image thrown back in our faces, while on our backs.

Some slip through stop signs and exaggerate on time sheets; others deny equality for women and financially rape education’s providers and seekers.

Some cheat a bit at tax time; others contractually commit to inequitable tax code. Some arrive late and leave early; others rape their own in uniform, empowered by superiors who wink looking the other way.

“Can we get along,” needs our child within saying “the darndest things” we once dared to dream. Celebrating life between birth and death shatters the myths of war, crushing highs of student loans & DMAA and America’s loss when our pledge of “…Liberty and Justice for ALL,” fails minorities and women.

Uncompromised character in private and public institutions begins with teaching the enslaved how not to be slaves.

The Power of Your PUBLIC OPINION

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What’s your opinion regarding your family, community, schools, political party and government’s priorities? What are you for, for the good of America? Are you for ALL Americans or do you pick and choose? What’s your opinion about Secret Service, Military and Wall Street Traders’ involvement with drugs and prostitution? Which is your priority: who you’re against or what you’re for?

Are your priorities, Education, Women’s rights, an equitable tax code, stopping American sex-slave trafficking, OR Scott Walker, government vaginal probes, Paul Ryan’s budget and anti-abortion without exception?

What public opinion frightens the elite white guys’ Viagra club most as they reach for the Depends, fearing an aromatic future that fails to fertilize maximized Wall Street priorities that crush Main Street thinking? Your opinion? The good ol’ boys should reap what they’ve sown for the multi-ingredient 99%: we the mixture of the complacent, the duped and the enraged, OR that Corporatism’s post WWII money making machine is so ensconced by our fears, vigilante gun toting is our new normal?

Corporatism: The elite protectors of Romney’s financial masters of war manufacturing or GW’s “so called rich?” Are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi-Group, GMAC, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs Dylan Ratigan’s “Greedy Bastards,” or GW’s “job creators?” Extreme conservative capitalism at its self-serving worst, oppressing the Middle Class into the depressed poor; akin to the straight and narrow world view of C Street House; OR leftover Reaganomics trickling down blessings and prosperity from the puppeteers behind smoked glass board rooms atop skyscrapers of the power addicted?

Myan opinion is, time’s running out to be all we can be, so if not now in this 2012 election year, when will we prioritize human decency over corporate personhood, and resurrect our “Out of Many, One” opinion to let freedom ring again?

Twitter, Facebook and email are today’s Town Criers, Telegraph and Paul Revere, but abusing “The Marshall Plan” to create what Eisenhower warned was a dangerous “Military Industrial Complex” is as un-American as war profiteering from their new and improved product: financial empire through perpetual war.

Between Nixon and Reagan we were lulled into expecting less of industry, government and ourselves, so “Government is the Problem,” could then easily dictate opinions. Thus “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” became wed locked to Corporatism’s priorities: rigged elections, voting machines and U. S. Supremes: the dawning of the age of America’s diminishing returns.

Perhaps if we tempered our opinion of being the world’s best in every way, we might learn the Titanic lesson: nothing’s too big to fail, and recapture our path to glory, instead of settling for being all of the people sheep herders Rush, Rove and Kochs can fool some of the time.

Uniformed or civilian, President or wannabe, 1% super rich or 1% volunteer warriors, those who wave the flag to raise the finances to fool “some of the people all of the time,” are neither patriots nor American. Fortunately most of us have little in common with the wealthy few who “had other priorities” when American sons and daughters were maimed in battle, spilling their blood in desert sands to fill the opinionated coffers of Conservative Oil Men.

If the insulting lunacy of “Guns don’t kill people, people do,” proves anything, it’s the bottom-line: personhood of corporations like the NRA creates lobbyists, CEOs, CFOs, Boards and politicians who are the people who kill people.

Your votes, boycotts, bank withdrawals, petitions and blogs set national priorities, express personal opinions and define your humanity.