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For Pompeo, Giuliani, Nunes, Trump: America was Never First – Headline and Best of TREMR

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Don’t let it be forgot that in November 2019, the gauntlet of American Exceptionism, gender equality and justice for all, was the prize in a tug-of-war between calculating presidential puppets and a Constitutional Carpe Diem.

What happened to make so many knowledgeable career government officials need to define real American patriotism on national television and make Americans uncomfortable with the dishonesty under our skin?

For whom is Impeachment really – And can it purge our sins?

When did our American Dream reality begin its nightmarish transformation – with sixties assassinations?

Where did America slip into the simmering pot of Dissociative Identity Disorder?  Was it an April 1861 attack?  And why didn’t we realize we had come to a multiple personality disorder boil before Tuesday 8 November 2016?

Whether Diplomats testifying before Congress inspire pride in how far our truth has progressed, or incite worry that White Supremacy will never be normal in America, our character traits are exposed to friend and foe alike – and like caging children, injected into America’s DNA, for our children.

Why did it happen?  Was it too much vain complacency after WWII success or when non-Caucasian Jonnies come marching home, again were reclassified, from, Over There, to Jim Crow fodder over here?

How did it happen?  Failed 1935 plotting anti-democracy money changers reinvigorated by April 1945 stroke of luck, plotted anew:  Military Industrial Complex coup or did our collective and individual strategy for character, simply, like Cheney, have other priorities?

Our American life experiences are overloading on internalized disinformation just when we need each other and color, more persuasion than coercion, more visionary compromise than cookie-cutter talking points.

Now to recapture our abandoned art of communication, our capacity to be inviting, and willingness to not merely hear, but listen intently to each other – rather than Russian hackers, Putin trolls and high placed carnival barkers hijacking our highest places in the heart.

Will a kinder universe, aid and abet the resurrection of our talent for civil debate, so essential to our nation’s survival?

Perhaps if we weren’t so completely convinced, what we know, do and live is best for, one size fits all, we wouldn’t elect to swing from extreme to extreme.

The chink in self-serving armor, however, is historical:  most pre-WWII Germans were good citizens, indeed good people, who happened to be mesmerized by someone so captivatingly charismatic, their sense of being betrayed by the Treaty of Versailles, and their hero worship twisted them into inescapable accessories to massive death and destruction.

One WWII lesson is, millions of mostly young Americans died so we would never succumb to the fear fueled hate that breeds a blind desire for revenge, assuaged only by oppressively dominating others.

At the end of each day, do we really believe Putin could hack our 2016 election without being Gerrymandered assisted by American voter suppression?

Where do we go from here, losing our temper in backyard bigotry, Town-hall brawls, school murders?  Do we choose the path of Jim Jordan or former National Security Council senior director, Fiona Hill?  Just how best do we demonstrate patriotism?

What should the people who feel government has left them behind say to those blinded by Citizens United’s flood of Billionaire corporate money into our electoral process?

Are the Liberal Media and Conservative Republicans correct in accessing that most Americans don’t know the meaning, and by extension, the impeachable significance of Quid Pro Quo?

How do we teach successful Wall Street Barons the value of respecting their client/customers?  Perhaps by encouraging our entire world view to personally redefine success; but first realize, whether president, teacher, Religious or skeptic, the company we attract and how we treat the less fortunate are better measures of accomplishment, than bank balances and myopic politics.

Why are we so afraid of intelligent women?  When will we accept that as long as sex is between consenting adults who are not married to you, then their sex is not your climatic business?

Whether Putin’s agenda of divide and conquer Americans or impeachment witnesses switching out conspiracy theories with the truth about our 45th – whether unknowing stooge or calculating desperado – individual character determines our ability to communicate, rather than alienate.

All of us know, no one is a perfect specimen of perfect thoughts, feelings and actions, so why then do we continue to only do things our way – some even favoring absolute denial over compromising for solutions to, gun violence, tribal nationalism masquerading as patriotism and running scared of Climate truth.

Greatness, whether State or individual, requires dissonance as well as harmony, for it is through Citizen Journalism that makes John Bolton woman-up, protects females from harassment, exposes anti-American hypocrites and enlightens America’s rediscovering, the ties that bind us together, in remembrance and thanksgiving.

Impeachment:  When President Trump tweets it, that means that it is Not illegal?!? – Best of TREMR & Headline

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Artist: Akemi Ohira

I stopped laughing at Conservative Republicans when they elected Nixon twice, didn’t celebrate Nixon’s resignation to avoid Impeachment, but now, it’s about more than a president.  It is a movement encouraging armed fear to rise again in repetition of sins against humanity.

Primed by men who are redefining America in their own image, speaking language designed to incite our violence against each other, confirms, it’s not just Trump, his limited worldview, nor the narrow mindedness of his VP, Mike Pence.

Long before our Civil War and for decades after our saving the world from Nazism and Fascism – following 1963 Dallas assassination, our Fourth Estate glued itself, and us, to repetitious myopic reporting aiding and abetting America into, a nation divided.

Enter the money changers, men like Adelson, Koch(s), Robert Mercer and our unknown unknowns, cashing in on their post WWII investment to assuage their colossally uncontrollable need to curb our freedom at all costs to us – reducing our lives to their chump change – from Dulles brothers, Joe McCarthy, Kent State, Watergate, inaugural delayed release of fifty-two American diplomats and citizens, Trickle Down, Iran Contra, Bush/Cheney, perpetual oil war(s), Kavanaugh – to a House of Ms. Stefanik, Mr. Conaway and Jim Jordan deserting their oath to the Constitution, in favor of a pledge of allegiance to the 45th president and his executive house of ill repute.

No, not just Trump, but his administration, advisers, deals, and his family; consequently, impeaching Trump will not make America what we thought America was, again – as long as lying to We the People in order to get elected, to elect personal gain, is not a high crime or at least, misdemeanor.

Those denying Trump’s divisiveness has awakened a legion of haters fueled by the fear of losing their inglorious supremacy, are the alliance chiseling away at the vital pillars of our potential for a free society secure in its faith in, justice for all.

So, Trump/Pence is hardly the first time America has been knocked down and counted out, only to rise again above the fray of mob rule, worshiping a new demagogue du jour.  Sadly, we’ve been here before, glazed over, willingly reelecting leaders who allow themselves to be rented by America’s worst systemic hackers of our Constitution:  both greed of Corporate Boards of Directors directing our branches of government through puppetry, and what was never defeated in 1865 – now released to turn off our affection for each other.

Wake up:  America is caught in the web of a political party that long ago abandoned the statutes of Abraham Lincoln, turned its back on Theodore Roosevelt’s environmental dreams, deserted both Veterans and our children’s climate future – all for a president sacrificing Ukrainians and all our allies, to preserve, protect and defend Vladimir Putin.

We need spare another generation of young Americans the over the top-heavy oppression of powerful older white men prioritizing profit over people and planet – remembering most under thirty-five don’t vote, and those who do, State Governments, not Russians, suppress the votes of College and University students.

Being both embroiled and enthralled with live coverage of Nixon-like conduct unbecoming, on steroids, let us try to see through the thinly veiled hypocrisy of trumped Republicans with the civil unity of Middle Class families, the working poor, descendants of America’s immigrant forebears, Dreamers, the fallen we memorialize every May, Veterans who need our thanks and support beyond one November day and finally – through the creative challenge of a thirty-five year-old, Francis Scott Key.

According to the New York Times, the Trump White House is a toxic stew of personality disputes, policy differences, political rivalries, ethical debates and a fundamental rift over the president himself.

Worse still perhaps:  when an Exxon CEO and a Marine four star General think the embodiment of The Peter Principal is America’s best hope, you’re in danger girl.

Might I suggest we remain vigilantly focused on the welfare of all the Trump Administration has sacrificed:

In the midst of self-serving, reelect me please, political rhetoric, most Americans retain more in common with the heroism of Marie Yovanovitch, than increasing gun violence.

Remember too, our Declaration of Independence from leaders abandoning, the consent of the governed – choosing instead to be a destructive government, We the People have the right to alter Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate, abolish the Trump/Pence anti-American Administration and re-institute a renewed government of, by and for the people – in solidarity with:  You can’t promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing off corrupt people.