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I toll for Thee, Who Toil for Life on Earth, in Purple and Acid Rain – Headlined on 4/23/16

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Climate Navy & Polar BearsFor man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.  President Kennedy could have included all life on earth.  Why?

Why do corporate conservatives deny the threat of their nuclear products simmering deep in the earth?  Because we increase dependency on Nestlé’s privatized water and faith in Clean Coal, Fracking and Exxon didn’t know?

Could the hyperlink connecting two dozen GOP senators cutting off hundreds of millions in contributions to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund and billionaire hatred for Collectivism be, terror of our connecting the dots between west coast drought, Texas floods, mid-west tornadoes, radically vacillating temperatures, post Congress careers and corporate bottom-lines?

Why do Republican Senators vote against aid for Flint children drinking lead laden water, while bringing snowballs to Congress in support of Climate Change denial.

Are they really so oblivious to the clones of Three Mile Island, Flint and Baltimore?  Is not the degree to which Koch heads change the earth, determining how Climate Change accelerates income disparity, social instability and catalysts for conflict?

Did you know, while Conservative fears focus on invasions of privacy, Climate influenced weather changes are changing depths for U. S. Navy in Virginia?

Why the sting between the EPA prepping for major protections for bee populations and grumpy old men, like Senator Jim Inhofe attempting to block any such bank-like bailout for bees — denying any science linking neonicotinoids to bee deaths?

Whether a ninth Supreme tips to the late Scalia or doubting Thomas, or toward Justices Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, We the People hold earth’s life, in how we live our own.

Though Too Big to Jail puppeteers have tugged their congressional puppets too far Red to avoid an apocalypse of their own making, it is not a time for suicide or withdrawal, but rather reactivated rejuvenation!  Replace old white men who’ve raped earth, with women, artists and those on whose flogged backs America was built.

We are at the very pinnacle of potential and evaporation — of recapturing the essence of existence or succumbing to the Pride of human failures to see we are but one piece of the mosaic.

Risking national destruction by the wrath of religious zealots, politically succumbing to the envy of mob-rule and wallowing in selfie gluttony, we give into the sloth of social media, lusting after Likes & Followers.

Even before director Jared P. Scott’s The Age of Consequences, makes its world premiere May 1, 2016 at Hot Docs Film Festival, Executive Producer and Director of Outreach, Sophie Robinson gave us hope — insisting while we can’t yet imagine what can be done to save us from Abrupt Climate Change, every potential calamity faced by humankind, was faced not knowing how we would conquer it, until we did.

So why, even before the Atomic bomb dropped August 6, 1945, has humanity repeatedly chosen to follow the loudest, rabble-rousing, inciting to violence, angry men, like Hitler, Joe McCarthy, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump?

We now live in the Age of Consequences, the time of The Bomb, but still in denial, we dare Global Warming to accelerate Climate Change.  Isn’t it smarter to preserve a more harmonious relationship with Mother Nature?

Truth is, though historically silenced, women have led humanity with reason and accountability, inspiring social awareness, social justice and social change.  Perhaps before the changes made to earth by men, change the order of all life upon it, we need to kick off the dusty ideas of angry old men and face our wacked world’s woes, revitalized with the spirit of our feminine side.

Shall we not finally let go of our past mistakes and try emulating women, like, Mary Magdalene, Native American Apache priestess Lozen, Saint Hildegard von Bingen, Christina de Pizan (who influenced women like Catherine D’ Medici, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I), Irish Pirate Chief Grace O’Malley (who negotiated a peace treaty one-on-one with Elizabeth I), Roxelana of the Ottoman Empire, Jane Austen, Harriet Tubman, Alice Paul, Anne Frank, Myah Angelou, Meryl Streep, Oprah, J. K. Rowling, Viola Davis, The United States Women’s National Soccer Team, Nancy Reagan, Huma Abedin, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressional candidate Jane Dittmar, Hillary Clinton and twenty-seven year old, Sophie Robinson.FILM Sophie Robinson 300


When Ignorance Leads by Example – Headlined on Mon 4/18/16

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Craig Climate Dogs & CatsThankfully we have the example of Peter — A man called Pope Francis I, leading by following the saintly example of love for all life upon earth, reminiscent of a universe as great as clean flowing rivers and as small as the pollinators of our dwindling food chain.

When peaceful protest is met with violence, is not our American rainbow stained tea brown with a confederacy of hypocrisy, ending not with gold but, thirty pieces of silver?

How can an under informed mob led by myopic example deliver us from the wide gate and broad road to self-destruction — when, like herded sheep, we’re hell bent on reincarnating the dust to ashes of 1431 flame throwers consuming a listening saint for winning.

Must we continually follow examples that embed McCarthyism in our DNA?

Leading by an example of denial, feigning the parting of our GOP Red Sea, don’t we risk staining our true blue American desire for all-inclusive exceptional opportunity, by phasing out Lincoln’s preserved nation with KKK Pride, Bailout Envy, Oil Wrath, Pharmaceutical Gluttony, evangelical Christian House Speaker Lust, Koch Governors’ Sloth and Wall Street Banker Greed.

When nature is last up at bat, will earth be struck out, or hit away into the bowels of the great Red dragon of a Feudal Grand Old Party?

When ignorance leads by example, are not mob-rule, fear and hate its clarion in hot pursuit of an enslaved past as prologue for abuse of reasonable thought?

Perhaps if we could but touch the hem of His garment, Revelation would be humanity’s Enlightenment.  Shouldn’t wisdom transform our knowledge into a balance of the trinity of national security, individual happiness and global sustainability?

Each dawn inspires expectation, promising, with human cooperation, fulfillment through a harmonious earthy ensemble.

At the end of our days, if having lived as a Good Samaritan example, we will have earned the right of passage to the ultimate freedom:  the peace that transcends our hearts and minds with mutual acceptance.

Although nothing is guaranteed, especially when those claiming to be Right, think it’s good to deny different POVs the freedom of making choices, like speech not money talks, how to die, non-repetitive media gossip, voting in elections, Ten from Moses or Ten from Madison or both or neither, giving birth or not, peaceful (as in non-violence against protestors) assembly – dare we dream income parity, sexual preferences allowed, gender self-identification, equal economic opportunity, and the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances concerning any of the above.

So what leads are we following for peace on earth and a piece of earth surviving Corporatism, Global Warming and human over consumerism?

We have more choices than the extremes of CIA Bay of Pigs and Tibetan Shangri-La, but not as much time to make them, as climate injustices march ever closer to abrupt loss of clean and plentiful water, food and air, with the immediacy of vanishing species.

This planet is the last remnant of a kingdom entrusted to our stewardship. So is life to be both metaphor and reality of global potential at war with individuals missing the point of our existence?

By what example shall we lead:  disasters at nuclear plants, Russian planes buzzing American Ships, TV peddling talking Koch heads, mass appeal for media hype of papal handshake, new nukes for new cold war or, even if unable to avoid or reverse — leading by multiple examples of human kindness.

Let us choose to lead not by ignoring and denial, but by being the solid rock, on which all living on earth can build a life of liberty in the pursuit of happiness.

Humankind is not alone, but if we continue acting like we are, we soon will be.