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Boldly Marching from Trump, Putin & NRA Darkness into The Light: Headlined

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Saturday 24 March 2018 is the day #BlackLivesMatter, #WomensMarch and the #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives, united in common cause for the greater good of all Americans — not only to advance the change President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and President Barack Obama championed, but to reignite American Exceptionalism:  government of, by and for all of, We the People!

Unfortunately, after the Greatest Generation saved the world from those wishing to be our masters, too many Conservative Baby Boomers forgot why my father’s generation fought WWII.  Time and complacency whitewashed our 1950s with a perfect preamble for financial puppeteers to twist the Marshall Plan into their journey to undo President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights and New Deal for all Americans – into the creation of an American master race.

Is it now more overhead camera shots, through snowy East Coast weather and foggy thinking — a West Coast police helicopter flyover targeting a lite up fence jumper in a hoodie — or is Trump’s White House diminishing our vision, international stature, to void empathy?

Nonetheless, snatching civic duty from the jaws of 60’s Dallas, Memphis and Los Angeles gun violence, our children have risen to the task of raising America out of the darkness of Cheney torture, NRA owned GOP and our 2016 elections.  Knocking at the door of change in Washington, DC, NYC, Miami, Boston, St Paul, Atlanta and Detroit, our pathway to unity, civility and reason is again shimmering with promise.

Reined in by special elections and American judicial system, some golf, scapegoating Pentagon with military Transgender discrimination.  Others elected to serve, elect to desert their responsibilities, before truth heard round the world, came to town from around the country.

With all due respect to all grieving parents of children lost to guns too easily accessible for violence — the change we need, comes from Millennials saving Generation Z by registering Millennials to vote – not in arming teachers, and certainly not in increasing school resource officers who handcuff and slam students to classroom floors.

If it weren’t so tragic, the unmitigated gall of anyone running for president to salvage his morally bankrupt Brand, claiming GOP and his ICE pick care about DACA would bring laughter and tears closer together than ever before.

So, after chasing Congress off The Hill, Trump out of Washington and Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch off camera, what’s next?

Do we demand greater transparent integrity from Facebook and all Social Media?

Do we increase the number of NRA members and GOP donors courageous enough to listen to those who inherit what Conservatives bequeath?

Do we reject religious hypocrisy, uniformed bigotry and political inaction spawned by ALEC & Koch Gerrymandering and Karl Rove GOP Red Mapping and roar, No More?!?

Will the golden silence of Emma Gonzalez seal our path forward – to save America’s life, in voting booths Tuesday 6 November 2018?

While the whole world watched, state and federal government, like NRA avarice, cowered off camera – believing, like the past, passion would evaporate before the 18th hole.

It won’t, but know this, while we cheer the speeches of students thrust by violence into #VoteThemOut, for the safety of an all-inclusive society — the demons of death for profit are not limited to the NRA, Red State Governors, Congress or the Trump Administration.

This destructive culture resides in corporate offices of American Financial Institutions and Boardrooms beyond Wall Street’s International Corporatism.  It thrives on city streets, in suburban neighborhoods and the rust belt.  It’s Putin poisons embedded in our electoral process aided and abetted by Right Wing corrupted election computers – feeding off the desperate for anything.

I’m a Baby Boomer and Veteran, who has for decades, longed for a resurrection of our 1960s spirit.  Finally, The Torch has been passed to a New Generation – again!

So, will we continue to allow those who allow arms extended by an AR-15 to silence youthful dreams, generational potential and senior fulfillment?

Or, will America if we can keep it challenge, and a Child Shall Lead Them protest marches transport us to higher voter turnout?

Because, that’s What Democracy Looks Like! 

Questioning Brief History of Our Trump Time Before his Date with History’s Dustbin – Headlined

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What change happens to America when we lose a Hawking savant and gain a Cabinet packed with Trump loyalists?

Should, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer, tax gift to super wealthy, boost our faith in an administration replete with unrequited trust and vacant government positions — leaving a wasteland of empty government offices, approved, if not confirmed by averted, Advise and Consent, deactivating government agency missions by nemeses encouraged to ignore protections for, We the People?

When caught between corporate greed and government inefficiency, will 40% of American voters, like Russian and North Korean citizens, lockstep with the criminality of too big to jail power?

When a political fawner, after receiving repeated public verbal lashings, seeks approval from, he who holds the leash to corruption of millions of FB profiles misused by un-presidential Campaign Data Firm – is our national character defined by an Attorney General, targeting an FBI Deputy Director on behalf of braggadocios twit twittering away the best and brightest in government?

When he who is oft touted master of rapid fire baiting Fourth Estate with chaotic induced switching of coordinated scandals, shouldn’t Media talking heads revisit investigative reporting to help remedy his administration’s threat to our national security – instead of aiding and abetting his turpitude 24/7?

Following questionable Nunes behavior, Gowdy display of too little, too late repentance and a White House staffer leaving the password to his encrypted email account at a bus stop in Washington, D.C., how much more parading of systemic wannabe emperors clothed in phony patriotism is required, before grownups join students in, Enough is Enough chorus?

Aren’t career professionals exiting government service to purge themselves of an administration worshiping at the altar of personal aggrandizement, heroic, while nebulous characters punishing students for exercising, peaceful assembly anti-Constitution?

What happens when we forget the lesson of, not even God could sink Titanic and ignore warning signs of cracks in prefabrication:  neglected infrastructure, aging Grid and foreign and domestic hacking trolls, descend upon our failure to prioritize — crushing innocent passersby, and echoing naivete of low information voters, looking to shake things up.

What happens to Robert Kennedy’s, our right to moral leadership of the planet, when our global example yields to billionaire cravings to budget for wars against all life on earth, while causing death of land, sea and air for profit?

When Too Big to Fail Wall Street Bankers create our next Great Recession, will banking employees still keep their jobs, because avarice CEOs write off mortgages on the backs of tax payers and shareholders, while laughing all the way to McMansions, free to repeat the process, at the expense of the foreclosed?

Are we, faux Alienists, failing to lift all boats in an ocean of back flippers diving into the Trump swamp, to back-stoke confirmation of, what is past is prologue?

If those in private enterprise continue to forget, we reserve the right to refuse service, is no longer the law of the land, will we finally admit, all of us own this shame?

Can all championing equality and justice for all, now go beyond individual issues and seize the wisdom, indeed, the common sense cause of, love thy neighbor as thyself?

What happens when church and NRA state insist God gave us mental illness as scapegoat for intentional misrepresentation of Second Amendment, for a conscious profitable excuse to destroy lives in schools, churches, night clubs, open air concerts, city streets – and ultimately, committing national mayhem with gerrymandered computer election corruption?

When will those, assuming superior dominance over us, be boycotted or fired by us, for imposing a de facto caste system – categorizing our consumer value by physical appearance, religious and sexual persuasion – and arguably worst of all, treating mental health issues with jail time?

Whether we choose to revel in past grandeur hyperbole or transform ourselves enough to transport all out of the age of me first, 2018 and 2020 will elect our next chapter, even if we fear the change we claim to desire.

Will we write it with an unimpeded Mueller investigation, or succumb to those more loyal to Trump than America?