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Camelot is Our Good Deeds

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Truth’s past and path can be distorted by the inventions of rewritten history, revisionary biographies and redundant documentaries. American history is more than our individual lives, hometowns or political views – and no matter how fast we talk or write, we’ll never overtake the making of it. Kennedy Official Portrait

Fifty years ago we mourned a televised presidential funeral.  Today let us celebrate the recapture of the promise of our potential.

As Americans we’re into having the biggest and best, too often taking the measure of friends, spouses, siblings, teachers, presidents and ourselves by how much, how often, even how tall.

Believing how many times you repeat Founding Fathers, The Constitution, The Second Amendment, Family Values and Right to Bear Arms proves patriotic prowess – deflects how and why our Declaration of Independence influenced the author of a two minute address given in November 1863.

Neither repetition nor longevity measure the man or his time.

Thousands of history books tell us there were four Kennedy brothers whose wealth could have freed them from any public responsibility, but sometimes the character of a man is called out, beyond the warm light of friends and family into the darkness of war dead, the uncertainty of the Universe, even the dangers of segregation.

Some remember where they were on December 7, 1941; some where we were on Friday November 22, 1963, as children will, September 11, 2001, yet sometimes memories blur the moments of who we were, before and between journeys through historical wounds. Not being able to go back to before, does not mean forgetting who we were.  Sometimes ashes are the only foundation available on which to build a House of decent quality and people of broader vision.

We were better after Thursday, November 19, 1863; resolute after Sunday December 7, 1941; devastated after Friday November 22, 1963 and duped after Tuesday September 11, 2001. Torn apart, wounded or killed; tarnished or rebranded; sold a crock of weapons of mass destruction bull hockey; sometimes sold down the river as damaged goods – America survives – not because of the tallest building or lowest Wall Street.

The measure of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was never the accumulation of the most things — it’s our daily good deeds and association ripples that define our lives. Do you remember where you were Tuesday November 19, 2013 when a good Deeds was stabbed multiple times by his only son, before losing him to a self-inflected gunshot?  It only takes a moment for a life to change forever, but our full measure is discovered in the truth of our history, friends, family and prayers, and like Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds, we rise up for the journey forward, yet again.

What Lincoln fought to preserve, FDR to retain, Kennedy to idealistically reignite, Deeds to share in hugs, and Obama to recapture – is our American Camelot.  Most conservative political and media leadership are too blinded by conservative corporate currency, to recognize this truth, but you David Brooks, know better.

Camelot didn’t begin with a young widow’s personal attempt to imprint her dead husband’s legacy.  Yes, our national Camelot was reborn January 20, 1961, when we accepted a rich kid’s challenge to, Ask what you can do for your country, and joined in his evolution from Hyannis Port to the Universe of Space, World Peace Corp, Nuclear Test Bans, Attack on Poverty, Civil Rights, Racial Equality, the Medal of Freedom and the ARTS.

America’s Camelot pre-dates Government is the problem and Bush/Cheney treachery, and now with Senate Filibuster realignment and an Iranian first step, we may recapture the essence of what was known as Camelot.

For a thousand days, our reawakened souls, were the full measure of our devotion to a New Frontier of Justice for All and good Deeds.


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Oh No You Didn't Obama…Tamron Hall, tell Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy media is not responsible for choice of headlines…..OH, no you didn’t say it’s not a fair assessment that media chooses the headlines — OH, yes you did – knowing that media chooses headlines, storylines, writes copy/text and often determines how many repetitive times it chooses to encore.  So yes Tamron, like Chuck Todd and the public that laps it up, we all choose – OH, yes we do.

OH, no you didn’t NY Times and Sunday MIA George Stephanopoulos, suggest Obama ACA internet CGI rollout is like GW Bush flyover response to Hurricane Katrina – OH, yes you did.

John Boehner:  OH, no you didn’t lie to American youth about your true anti-Statue of Liberty plot to make Emma Lazarus as big a liar as the war for oil administration of liars:  lied to death thousands, demoted government honesty to a new low in American history – no, not for the first time misusing our military – but for the worst modern abuse of support our troops.

Wisconsin Legislature votes time limitations on early voting – OH, no you didn’t, join the parade of Republicans marching to their Zion of Zealots against equal voting rights for all —  Oh God, yes you did.

OH, no you didn’t imagine what attention we could pay Midwest tornadoes, Princeton Meningitis, Typhoon relief and affordable healthcare for all if, Health Insurance companies paid as much attention to the best plan for Americans, as they pay for partnership with pill pushing Pharmaceutical Industry.

President Obama’s consensus building compromise with the Health Insurance Industry to create an Affordable Care Act was no more saintly than agreeing to Fast Track corporate Wall Street attempts to dominate global trade at the expense of America jobs.  The former, however, was the act of a pragmatic politician trying for The Greater Good.  The latter, arguably, the President’s real healthcare “fumble:” choosing to be more Statesman than Partisan, abandoning Single Payer to Insurance giants (like CIGNA, WellPoint, Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield), in alliance that compromised America’s healthcare – OH, yes it did.

OH, no you didn’t Jonathan Karl: Corporate goals are quite different from Obamacare.

While most watch feeding frenzy from the sidelines, President Obama continues the good fight for our ACA, though riddled with political wounds in the shadow of hundreds of millions of dollars invested in making him fail – aided and abetted by too many Americans swinging back and forth, like accelerated pendulums, between media produced opinion polls.

I firmly believe most Americans are not as stupid as ultra conservative radio talk show hosts and politicians think they are, but I wonder if most of us are as historically connected as our electoral system, and national survival need us to be to recover.

Barack Obama, like Lincoln, FDR and JFK before him, can only lead us as fast as we are willing to lead the branch of government that makes the laws:  Congress.  BTW, OH, no you didn’t Mr. Speaker.  You continue speaking with fork tongue, like former VP encore of “so,” and 9/11 used lies for privatized war; dissolving truth into loss of life and morality; waterboarding both morale and morals of a nation.

With maiming, killing and destroying mental health of those who served serving as your weapons of mass destruction, you stole our young and our national honor – OH, yes you dicked us, Dick – as now does protégé Boehner.

Remember, like Halliburton, it’s a Contractor Corporation that is responsible for mal-functioning ACA website.  Have you considered who benefits most from Obamacare failure —  OH, no you didn’t.

Despite the screams of a book selling Chris Matthews, sometimes there are battles that are more Insurance Provider/Media hype vs. We the People, than black or white.

So, make them hear you – OH, Yes We Can.

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