Month: January 2014

Our New American Pastime

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Columbia CarouselYou people refuse to understand packin’ us.  We’re the victims thrown under your Harvard bus.  Going through beer and the motions, most drowning in tea, staying high on hate’s repetitive notions; telling it like it isn’t, like Gary Southern hiding in plain sight from Northern slogans, we need arms extension to complete our cold dead hands.

Matters not, urban blight concrete hard beneath our feet, or people and elk alike succumbing to plight of West Virginia Forest cheat.  We are bankrupted victims needing to bust out of smoked filled rooms in roach motels, or treading backwater to heroic sin, finding those our guns tell us have done us in.

Tell it to the children, of our sisters and brothers, just another twisted chapter blowing in a Connecticut wind like streaming education prejudiced by if only, when.

Our vision blurred by big screen TV news or tiny screen devices, we seek final solutions in a Navy Yard crisis.  Tell it to the Koch heads who pretend patriotic friendship from within, plying us with The Street’s drug din, or sheep dung scented moonshine promising no government is best for our kin.

In lock step with millions blind and deaf to a world all a swirl, both squinting and wide-eyed at smart phone Ed, or stooped over half eaten pizza bread; so militia drugged in our head, feeling deserted until someone ends up dead.

Tell it to nine year old Christina Taylor or twenty-two year old Jaren Loughner, united in a Tucson parking spot, by an NRA absent of shame yet overflowing in commitment to gun shops selling a lot.  Gun in hand, whether Wall Street traders or street gang baiters blurred by hunting pot luck, we take the mall shot.

Some have bully power to close big bridges, others, money for clichéd politicians paving public office connection toward exempt private tax collection.  Knocking at left behind doors to be sure, are greedy hogs and corporate whores, pushing gun power into our right hand, promising salvation in hunting humans like the Klan.

Tell it to the families from Columbia back to Columbine, LaPierre and other swine assure no background checks at gun shows, is just fine.  Until once again, “Gun!” rings out in our head and ears, not TV but the sum of all our fears.

Now living by the gun, the slaying done, those needing to comfort their powerlessness with powerful arms at their fingertips, we holster for replay of sharpshooting media quips, with nothing new to say.  Divided we descend ever further below, contributing to corporate profits for those in the shadow.

Tell it to the carrying crowd so sanctimoniously Second Amendment proud, hawks defiantly gnawing parents and teachers of the dead, heads now resting in public shroud.

Tell it to Aurora movie goers, texting or not, guns are not the only solution we’ve got.  But as long as guns are the marketed accessory of choice, backwoods myths, education void and computerized devices are our only voice.

Accessibility to weapons busy dealers sell and too little accountability for masculinity marketing puppeteers as well, makes easy access for us all to be shot to hell.

With an average of one school shooting from university to Sandy Hook age every other day, not counting malls and theatres by the way; may be what blows us all away.

Tell it to the NRA smiling over increased sales of gun supplies, making their Happy New Year over our dead eyes.

Tell it to Moms demanding action armed only with dreams of what might have been and tearful foreshadowing passion.

Tell it to them with boycotts at Wall Street towers.  Tell it to government with rings of parents and teachers encircling corporate propped powers.

Telling truth is simple:  guns don’t kill people; but people with guns do.

Columbia Mall SignSandy Hook One Year Later


The Winter of our Discontent: Climate Change Jokes, On Us

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You must remember this:  We pay more for a lack of knowledge than we do for university, church, firing range or street smarts.TPP vs. Environment

Not being immune to Japanese Tsunami, terrorists’ bombings, or corporate corrupted politicians, we must remember to follow the breadcrumbs discarded by the greedy, to find the sources that profit most by destroying our resources as easily as, adding chemicals to West Virginia water.

To pick up the trickle down trail of cold Pennsylvania coal mining executive Cliff Forrest, bankrupting people’s health before attempting to bankrupt his way out of town, we must learn to want to connect the dots….

…..between international corporate greed and Jersey bridge bullying; Three Mile Island’s 1979 Nuclear accident and 2011 Fukushima Japan’s nuclear disaster; Nazi concentration camps and Roaring Twenties plantation housing for black cotton pickers…..

You must remember this:  knowledge is Democracy’s greatest ally.

We are not immune to Chinese smog, Sarah Palin deck of race cards or fast food addiction.  Connecting the dots, reveals link between our incorporated environment, our corrupted EPA and our increasing vulnerability to diseases, including cancer.

You must remember this:  the smooth talking salesman of Ayn Rand, joined by Mom for visual credibility, cheered in 2011 by the over 70 crowd at The Villages in Florida, for a Medicare grab that would not inflict cuts until their 50 year old children and 30 year old grandchildren needed affordable healthcare.  Connecting the dots, we will remember not only to think outside the boxed in Fort Lee, but beyond the immediate needs of just you and me.

You must remember this:  bullies are cowards with power, like Governors on the nutritional or Rockefeller take.  Still re-electing the imperfect, somewhat corporately compromised Barack Obama to a second term, We the People proved Koch head bullies, despite donating billions to detonate American democratic will, the power of the crowd to wake up and take notice, is still our David against Goliaths.

You must remember this, however:  re-electing a man under pressures from corporate globalization to Fast Track Trade Partnerships, just because he takes less corporate money than the really bad guys, and wants to change America by building Non-Christie Bridges of consensus, with those who have already sold out Main Street for Wall Street futures, is not enough.

You must remember this:  If we keep lying to ourselves about the lies of power seeking more power on the backs of each of us less powerful, we have a lot more to lose than we have lost already.

So please connect the dots….

Obesity & smoking…..addictive additives in fast food and cigarettes…..Corporate controls;

Cheney’s secret meetings with Wall Street CEO’s…..2008 Recession;

Income disparity, poverty…..Bush Administrated Too Big to Fail Bank economic takeover;

The Rich get rich, the poor get poorer…..47% We built it Romney…..class warfare…..discrimination…..schools to prison pipeline without restoration of rights…..Private Corporate Prisons;

Blue, White & Red collars…..underemployed…..disappearing benefits, diminished salaries…..corporate slavery;

NYC star envy shopping spree…..Star Scientific…..supplementing Governors

Secret FISA court…..using 9/11…..freely sweeping data mining NSA…..Obama;

Government branding whistle blowers traitors, spies… plots of lone hero fighting against corporate controlled government’s world domination;

Obama’s secret meetings with Energy Resources’ CEOs…..Fast Tracking TPP… corporate globalization, American in name only.

Power & wealth duping less informed Right & Left…..Fast forward Congressional six figures… quadrupled Wall Street incomes;

TV numbing to gun violence…..NRA profits from fear…..Corporate owned Media message;

Old illegal Marijuana… legal marijuana…..alcohol…..profit corporations;

Cancer  is the cause of one out of five deaths in America, and you can connect the dots to Corporate poisoning of our environment…..

You must remember this:  an EPA kiss is just a kiss off.

Connect the dots.