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Q&A:  Can we Keep Our Republic despite Trump Administration – Headlined on

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May we consider:  Life is not a movie, America not a reality show and the FBI neither tainted nor in tatters.  The GOP, however, is, off the rails – because we, aided and abetted by media redundancy, are entering our third year of being mesmerized by a court jester whose greatest lifetime achievement reward has been using other people’s money to gut possibilities, rape potential and escape prison.

Can’t we admit:  There are more immigrants like Father Edward J. Flanagan than patriotism in, Make America Great Again; more Americans like Pope Francis I, than the moral decay of gun violence, Roy Moore and Cardinal Bernard Law.

Is it possible:  There are more Transgender Americans in the line of fire, saving lives on American streets and foreign soil — asking not what their country can do for them — than there are phony holy-rollers molesting our children, political opportunists creating more turbulence than policy, and WWII enemy caricatures trying to claim our Gone with the Wind ante-bellum heritage as weapon against those, to whom less has been given, but more sacrifice expected?

Isn’t it probable:  Our expectations are too low when invested in the cable TV obsessed and world-view of an ambassador’s failing in basic conceptual understanding of both Mission and reality of the U. N.  FYI:  via the General Assembly, The United Nations is more than a triad of buildings on, but not of, American soil — it is the global union of sovereign states – arguably the greatest modern peace initiative of humankind.

Don’t we know:  Allowing the ill-chosen to prove America is a recurring nightmare of duality locked in animated battles between right and wrong, with good and bad angels robocalling our brain regarding resurrecting our dividing wall, to enable a renewed rise in struggles for supremacy, obscuring this universal truth – all humans are dreamers, dreaming about, what’s next.  However, when nurtured on what is trustworthy, we fulfil the dream of an America which, having chosen the road less travelled by, courageously lives out its creed – albeit, an unknown tug of war venture between sharp reactionary swings, left and right.

So, what are The Right Questions:  Why aren’t Congressional Republicans flinching at Flynn poopooing the Logan Act of 1799?  Is it because they are too pre-occupied with robbing the poor to give to the rich, or guaranteeing their post congressional employment after embedding rising Pharmaceutical wealth from Opioid epidemic, as a family value?  Has government of, by and for We the People become a nasty Norquist ring around the toilet bowl?

In 2017, American voters of every color, reaffirmed the Biblical reality of putting ourselves first — the first shall be last and the last first — to insure Justice for all.  Now, as the new homeland for Meghan Markle questions the wisdom of sharing classified information with Trump’s America, tis the season to question ourselves – can we recapture our national character and renew our international credibility:  Can we Keep it?

Truth and Consequences:  Koch brothers, members of Congress, nor any president need high polling data, media exposure or millions of Americans to diminish our U. S. Constitution and our Democratic Republic – yet even Wall Street CEOs, surprisingly more honest than Gary Cohn, sat on their hands regarding any Trickle-Down promises.

Can we do the math:  In America, there are more good Republicans, Democrats, Independents; more honorable Muslims, Jews, Christians; more loving LGBTQ citizens than there are members of Congress living off the silver pieces of Rove’s Red Mapping, ALEC corroded government or Koch Census motivated Gerrymandering preventing nonpartisan Redistricting for a truly representative America.

Has our Oasis been a mirage:  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all, of every hue and persuasion are created equal in opportunity and promise – unless fear of losing when others gain, swamps our Star Spangled Banner in the Slop of The Republican Bond.

So, what’s next:  Ultimate victory over foreign hacks, generals and domestic quacks requires the union of courageous thinking, evaporating the inevitable self-inflicted terror spawned by our falling for false prophets promising simplicity over substance.

How can we keep our Democratic Republic:  fire those trying to dismantle it!

Nixon 18 Minutes – Trump 18 Days – Moore 14 to 16: Staff Pick

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When I first arrived in Manhattan through Port Authority, the biggest worry was making certain no one snatched your suitcase, but that was before consensual oral in the Oval and 9/11 were used as weapons of mass destruction by Compassionate Conservatives to launch endless war.

It’s not just our Southern anchor and Religious pillar, it’s how leaders lobbying for divisive politics, Trickle-Down economics and Church & State combos, manipulate our love of country into fear of differences, to divide Out of Many, One, and conquer Gettysburg Address intent.

Only we who award the reins of power, have the power to rein in leaders who inspire an increasing chasm between Left & Right, young & old, rich & poor, Obamacare & careless Trump – all while elevating the wall between the educated and deserted.

So why is it, GOP leaders, religious conservatives, and many Alabama women, see only the speck of sawdust in the eyes of Moore/Trump accusers, but pay no attention to the gender insulting plank of sexual offenders — choosing instead, to penalize targets of bullying and abuse:  women, girls, LGBTQ citizens, men and boys?

We can emulate inept &/or corrupt leaders, or insist bankers stop financially raping aspirants to higher education.  We can tune in to those who espouse fake news, while projecting a lack of fair and balance on redundant and imperfect pros, or we can disavow risking our freedom to think, by derailing Pied Pipers, willing to say and do anything to distract us from the differences between Bannon power fantasies and the realities of life in both the Middle East and Middle Class.

As nation and people, we again face another Y in the road and must choose, for what shall it profit We the People, if Republicans shall gain the Evangelical vote, and lose our Justice for All soul.

We’ve lost our balance:  California Hell fires largely ignored by Washington — The Silence Breakers of #MeToo inflamed by men akin to both America’s 45th and his Roy penis extension — and also good men rudely awakened to, enlightenment:  off-color jokes, suggestive coupling comments, groping gesticulations – even some flirtations – have damaged lives.

If we elect a child molester to consolidate political power, isn’t it easy to pardon colluding with a foreign power and rekindling Moore’s good ol’ days?

Perhaps, The Mortal Storm, shouldn’t have made my list of movies to watch during, tis the season to be jolly.  However, revisiting the 1940 film starring Margaret Sullavan (who overdosed in 1960), James (before becoming Jimmy and Brigadier General) Stewart, pre-Father Knows Best Robert Young and the Wizard himself, Frank Morgan, reminded me, we didn’t know, failed as an excuse, seventy-two years ago.

Are, support our troops, Love Thy Neighbor as thyself and our thoughts and prayers meaningless clichés or calls to create heaven on earth, with climate justice and gender equality?

If America chooses to follow leaders willing to sacrifice truth for the exhilaration of personal gain, trusting homeland security to our historical tendency to hero worship, doesn’t our very identity become a welcome mat for blaming the victims.

It’s not just, innocent until proven guilty, it’s the repression of healthy romantic intimacy creating the rapists of human decency.

It’s not just powerful men abusing power and women.  It’s those armed with the power to vote, denying Domestic Terrorism, while doing the bidding of gun violence provocateurs, phony patriots and religious extremists.

It’s, we the marketed by political spin, who’ve succumbed to a rape culture, enticing us to ignore the domestic violence of Bullies and Friends.

Perhaps, a comedian’s farewell to Congress, is the wisdom needed, to avoid bequeathing the height of irony and depth of hypocrisy to our children – especially, our female children.

It’s not evil that makes us in its image, but our American Dream, challenging us to let go of our past nightmares, and embrace the hope and love of justice, that reinvigorates, America the Beautiful.

Acknowledging we are the architects of the trumped world in which we currently live, empowers in us this joyful refrain:  we remain the harmony that lifts America from the ashes of discord – rebuilt and renewed.